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Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK

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Captain Disillusion examines the concept, design, execution and fundraising of the Cicret Bracelet while trying to develop his own revolutionary invention.

The views expressed in this video are personal opinions, based on information publicly available at the time of posting.

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31 thoughts on “Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK”

  1. Noob DM says:

    Keep debunking, you're saving YouTube from shitty click bait

  2. Ali Masud says:

    Have you got it yet lol

  3. Ankush Gupta says:

    3.4k dislikes are from people who invested in the product.

  4. The Circle says:

    The newer one is sexier, but I'd prefer a buckle strap like a normal watch

  5. The Circle says:

    Why would any idiot want a phone on the arm..

  6. The Circle says:

    Silver face? Looks stupid as fuck….

  7. Mr, Snake says:

    its 2018 aand still nothing…

  8. SkeL says:

    the details of the bracelet shall always be a Cicret

  9. Nikko Logdat says:

    Finally YouTube I watched it! Are you happy now?

  10. GameMagma says:

    I wonder if he ever got that bracelet.

  11. DanDaMan says:

    Whys his face painted

  12. HA that was my local news on the tablet

  13. Munjee Syed says:

    When did this get a million more view this was the second most viewed video just 2 months ago

  14. its 2018 did ya get one or not

  15. jntj says:

    Such a device probably DOES exist somewhere, but this ain't it.

  16. Shadow Gamer says:

    This is the first video I watched from this guy
    Intro=cringe=???=I'm never gonna watch this channel again
    Sorry but it was just confusing when you were in a flying thing at the intro

  17. Hay Lê Miu says:

    The black son was unexpected lol, i love this video

  18. When this actually works, I are really hit the grave.
    And I 15.

  19. Drew G says:

    You remind me of that computer virus from are you afraid of the dark.

  20. Mats James says:

    Um… So are we just going to ignore the fact that people wear clothes with sleaves and in colder places, thick woolen jumpers?

  21. Ahril Abd says:

    If it fades in broad day light, Perhaps they should also create a mini retractable darkish projector screen to wear with the bracelet. Maybe that will work. Just suggesting ;D

  22. sniff sniff I smell a lawsuit

  23. This is the first video I've seen from this guy. Extremely high production quality.

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