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Classical Mechanics | Lecture 1

(September 26, 2011) Leonard Susskind gives a brief introduction to the mathematics behind physics including the addition and multiplication of vectors as well as velocity and acceleration in terms of particles.

This course is the beginning of a six course sequence that explores the theoretical foundations of modern physics. Topics in the series include classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, theories of relativity, electromagnetism, cosmology, and black holes.

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Stanford University

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49 thoughts on “Classical Mechanics | Lecture 1”

  1. محاظرات قيمه بس لو مترجم الى العربيه سيكون افهم

  2. 12:28 I guess {sigma}_n x (t) = {sigma}_n+1 x (t+1)

  3. I’d really love to get into mechanics but I’m worried I’m getting lost I’m going into grade 10 this year.

  4. I wish he would stop paceing up and down he makes me dizzy.

  5. @23:57 sigma(x) = sigma(x+2) iff x is an integer.

  6. @12:28 sigma(t) = sigma(t+1); t<=5, when t>0.

  7. ripperduck says:

    from what i understand, these student's aren't enrolled at stanford. they're people in the area who have an interest in the subject. and don't pay anywhere near as much as conventional students. but susskind isn't treating these lectures differently than any other undergrad class, though i doubt he's taught undergrads for quite some time….

  8. You can download the book series related to this courses by Leonard susskind for free from here

  9. at 19:03, the laws of evolution for die world are categorized by number and TYPE of cycles, e.g. there might be three cycles: one 1-cycle, one two-cycle and one 3-cycle, like his example but there could also be three 2-cycles, so it is more than just the number of cycles – as he hinted.

  10. For those, who are starting this course….. It's very slow and a bit dull, But it's THE best. He won't show you experiments and stuff , but all your common questions and misunderstanding will be addressed in this course. Really it's the best.

  11. Jatt Prime says:

    does anyone know when he goes to cross product?
    I don't understand why we take away the j-component…

  12. 46:00 he almost has a mental breakdown

  13. His forehead wrinkles have their own zip code and prove mgtow.

  14. honestly no says:

    Wow my attention is bad, I'm gonna have to watch this so many times.

  15. Harsh raj says:

    What is like to multiple a vector by a complex number

  16. This guy teaches classical mechanics in one class and can teach string theory in the other, hat's off to you

  17. He is always extraordinary..he always find the simplest version of explaination!!if anyone don't understand him,he never understand physics.

  18. State of systems
    Conservation of information
    Dot product

  19. Did I hear him wrong or did he say centrifugal acceleration?!

  20. rose rose says:

    ı'm 16 and I dont go to unıversity but I want to learn mechanıcs 1 is this the right class ı dont have any clue?

  21. Is part of Mechanical Engineering?

  22. These lectures have changed my life! Watching this feels nostalgic!

  23. I am M says:

    According to this source, dice was once the plural of die, “but in modern standard English dice is both the singular and the plural: 'throw the dice' could mean a reference to either one or more than one dice.”

  24. May anyone tell me what's the Text Book used in this wonderful lectures

  25. offi offi says:

    Very nice explanation sir

  26. bummel hose says:

    I Dont Understatement the equations for a conserved quantity

  27. Ayush Goel says:

    sir, i want to ask one thing:
    what will be the past of the initial conditions?
    like if we consider the second law of coins then,
    history is:
    HTHTHTHTHTHTHT….. if we start with heads
    what will be the past of the first head?
    what existed before the first head?

    please answer it sir
    thank you

  28. Ayush Goel says:

    thanks alot for free content

  29. [Paraphrased] "There are some things you only want to experience once, like a book. You don't want to read the same thing over and over again. But there are other things, like music, that you'll want to listen to continually because it just feels good. I hope my lectures are like that… (paraphrased)." Why yes, Professor Susskind, your lectures are a treasure to listen to. Stanford for the win. 🙂

  30. thank you the way that tought me thi lesson !!!

  31. kozodoev says:

    Hah, 53:28 – suddenly quantum mechanics.

  32. Jack Smack says:

    who said nazism is dead

  33. I have a question, is this a graduate or undergraduate course?

  34. i relly like this video u smart boi

  35. sadouki nouh says:

    in 16:54 why it doesn't have a conserved quantity ???? someone can help me plz

  36. Dammit, I was doing fine until he started using Calculus.

  37. I want to become a mechanic this help me learn more thank you

  38. Can you believe he used to be a plumber?

  39. What courses do you need in order to understand this lecture?

  40. welovfree says:

    What's the book that this lectures follow?

  41. Samarth Sai says:

    Is it appropriate to follow the theoretical minimum book written by Prof. Leonard himself for completeness with these lectures

  42. Patrick says:

    Ten years old watching this wanted to get into Stanford my whole life

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