Watchs SALE All about watches Colombia v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 56

Colombia v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 56

Jordan Pickford is the hero as England defeat Colombia on penalties to book the last quarter final spot.

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22 thoughts on “Colombia v England – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 56”

  1. PUPPYLOVE says:

    Goid job


  2. あれが入らなかった瞬間、「もう終わったんだよ」と確信した

  3. Charlie says:

    hv ugyv
    2 months ago
    1) Maradona is a fat coke head. Ronaldo is better than he ever was.
    2) Colombia are dirty, cheating bastards who deserved to lose against england.
    3) It's Coming Home

  4. Astro K says:

    Yes Columbia played dirty and England won but like barely in penalties, stop acting like they are the best team ever that don’t deserve criticism, I get that it has been so long since there last big team but come on Columbia wants the same prize too, England will deserve it when they play good and beat the final team in the finals, not because you say so.

  5. xAfroHokagex says:

    1:36 Pickford’s celebration😂

  6. No wonder england won, kane scored a pen

  7. For you people who keep saying Colombia played dirty, then you are hypocrites. England dived in 5 minutes against Croatia which allowed them to score. Also, when the Croatian played tried to get the ball, Pickford knocked him down and didn't even help him but instead curse at him. Glad they got knocked out by Croatia in that match

  8. One of my favorite games this past world cup. I'm neither English nor Colombian but I kept wanting them both to win. Well deserved after a great match.

  9. i love pickfords little celebration after he saves that penalty

  10. I think England didn't deserve anything. They are so fuc*ing rude, they told Croatian team is bad,and they loses from us💪❤ Ne mozete zaustaviti Hrvatsku 🙂

  11. Davis Walker says:


  12. I like England so mach

  13. Wtf colombia you guys are so much better than this

  14. steven abreu says:

    Fuck the England team if Colombia didn’t score at the end they would of got away with their bullshit. Penalties is lottery anybody could win.

  15. Gaming Maple says:

    Carlos Sanchez, who has a lot of "fair play" point

  16. 0:57
    would have been the goal of the tournomant

  17. Only an english team cant save a result. This nation is useless in modern football. They went in the semi finals only because they faced weak teams. BTW the world cup is french so when the english say "its coming home" they are liars. The Jules Rimet cup aka the World Cup went really home in 2018 …. : France

  18. Se le escapo la clasificación a Colombia en los penaltis.

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