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Coolest guy at the boat ramp

Combo rv and boat! Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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31 thoughts on “Coolest guy at the boat ramp”

  1. I remember seeing this years ago…

  2. Bobif Bofjxg says:

    Not going to lie, kind of surprised the boat could float

  3. Thanks you, recommendations

  4. Tyler Hughes says:

    Ok so…. am I the only guy that thought this was like the truck-boat-truck off squidbillies and he was totally gonna just back into the water???

  5. Bina Mistry says:

    So when your on land would the be a RV? I want to say yes. SO this is a RV and a boat and a boat trailer FWD truck van thing. Why do I want 1 so bad. I don't like fords but I want to empty by bank account on this Fooord?!

  6. My brain cracked when the boat detached.

  7. Чё за гавно у нас две панды на прокате а тут такое

  8. Jacob M. says:

    This really subverted my expectations

  9. whyCubey says:

    The guy coming out of the water with a bikini woman at the front and back of his boat is cooler

  10. Rajan Sharma says:

    1:34 "that is craaŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

  11. OMG   THAT   IS   AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is not even my final form

  13. adam doran says:

    what a fucking powermove

  14. Jack Daniels says:

    Mind blown…. so 😎 cool.

  15. Quz Y says:

    This video is fascinating, i liked it. Thank you Youtube for recommending me something interesting and cool.

  16. Levi Burns says:

    That's one way to blow a million bucks…

  17. The Dred God says:

    now that guy can kidnap kids while we works on his tan

  18. Paul Arce says:

    Hands down the coolest thing I’ve seen today. Awesome!!!

  19. I either passed this or one almost identical to it every day on the bus to high school. I always thought it was so cool. Figured it was amphibious tho. Lmao 😂

  20. Una Moala says:

    I thought it was half boat half truck awesome guys

  21. Billy West says:

    Holy boats Batman!!!

  22. Dan Strayer says:

    another day of absurd excess at Lake Mead

  23. Soi11 says:

    Now you can look like a child molester in the water too. Lol

  24. Money + Imagination = Cool

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