Watchs SALE All about watches Cordless Drill Battery Pack Rebuild for $20 or Repair for $0

Cordless Drill Battery Pack Rebuild for $20 or Repair for $0

Nicd Battery Pack Rebuild
Total cost at time of rebuild was $22.54 to rebuild the entire 14.4V Pack with better than original batteries.

Here are soldering tabs:
Here are great cells with tabs pre installed:

16 cells= 19.2 v packs
15 cells=18volt packs
12 cells =14.4volt packs
10 cells = 12volt packs

If you need a soldering iron:
This is my favorite 140watt:

“Sub C” are approx 1-11/16″ or 43.1mm tall
“4/5 Sub C” are approx 1-5/16″ or 33.4mm tall

Both are approx 7/8″ or 23mm round the same as a C size battery


Combining Packs:
I didn’t want to go too much into the theory of load testing the cells. You can charge the pack and let it sit for a few days/week. Then put a flash light 3v bulb onto a individual cell and measure the voltage as the bulb is attached. You’ll be able to determine the strong cells vs the weak. The good cells should stay around 1.3 volts or more. You’ll see some drop right under a volt immediately(those are really bad). Letting it sit for a while shows you the cells with high self discharge rates.

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23 thoughts on “Cordless Drill Battery Pack Rebuild for $20 or Repair for $0”

  1. I have 2 Hilti NiCd batteries that are SFB 121 and are 12 volt. They do not hold a charge and need to be rebuilt or replaced. Do you repair these or do you know where I can replace them?

  2. Ed Thaxton says:

    Nice video. I want that shirt!

  3. hi i did it and have the a god finel volt no the battery top /but when inswert it to my makita charger it blink red/i know it coz tempature
    but battery after 1 day still blink n chrger
    nave any idea?

  4. Ted Garrett says:

    I want to thank you so very much because I looked at up and you were the first one that came up and you explained it very easily. Thank you so very much again and you rock!

  5. sil ron says:

    hello,good video.where to buy the new battery cells?

  6. This was a very useful video! I was just thinking about buying and reviving dead batteries for my Makita, right now I have just one battery and new ones are pretty pricey. Thanks!

  7. wardell1518 says:

    Please show how takes one takes a Makita pod battery apart (no screws).

  8. badger0888 says:

    Thanks for this. How's it running after 2 years?
    I did the same. The key is finding good quality Sub-C.
    I rebuilt my 14.4 NiCad with advertised '3000' mAh Sub-C batteries. They felt a lot lighter then the OEM. In the end they work. Strong driving, holds a charge but it charges in 1/2 the time which was telling… The run time is about ~50% compared to the factory battery.

  9. Thank You from South Africa.Will replace my own batteries.I now also know how to test for dead cells.

  10. John Pierce says:

    This was probably a useful hack 5 years ago, but I don't think so now. A person can now buy a two-pack of NiMH complete replacement battery packs on line for less than $35 including shipping. Since this hack depends on buying no-name batteries off of ebay, and since those no-name batteries will be of questionable quality, a person might as well buy the no-name complete battery pack for less money which will come with at least some short return guarantee even if the return window is only 30 days.

  11. Traci Scott says:

    ANYBODY here know who the YouTuber is that would send folks the metal tabs needed to contact cells together while soldering? Please reply here!!! Thanks So Much.

  12. Hello Sixtyfiveford, I really like this video. I have bought sets of the 19.2 volt Craftsman drills and other tools over the years and almost all the batteries will not hold a charge or just will not last too long.

    The price of the batteries is about the same as buying one of those battery packs now as opposed to buying the batteries and building a new pack.

    My batteries are the 2000mah but I also saw that one company has the 19.2 volt battery packs in the 3000mah for about $15.00 more, the 15 pack of batteries are $28.99 plus one extra battery for about $2.00 then $15.00 for shipping will be $45.00 if they don't charge sales tax.

    There are some great prices on new battery packs right now for my tools, 2 batteries ready to charge and use from $33.00 on up to about $40 and they have a free freight special right now.

    I hate to throw away those battery packs that I have because I think maybe I can take some of the cells that are good and combine them to make some packs that might work for a while so I have plenty of batteries to use when I need them.

    I see you used wire to solder to the batteries but did not hear what gauge of wire you used. I don't know if you need something thick like 12 gauge, thicker or if 14 gauge would work. What gauge wire did you use to solder to your batteries?

    Thank you.

  13. Great video. Still, after all these years.
    Nowadays, nearly everything new is on Li-ion. But older tools are nearly all NiCad. Are these NiCad batteries still possible to buy?

  14. Answered my questions. Have replacement batteries ordered. Once upon a time I would not have attempted this, thanks.

  15. Chip Clarke says:

    Good video, nice editing of unneeded work time, only problem was the volume level was a bit low. Thanks!

  16. Tom Culley says:

    i have a craftman cordless drill 18.0 volt where do i get cells and what kind ona howmany do i need

  17. funnytech says:

    good one, thank you…

  18. 713tubeit says:

    I'm actually using my drill as a trolling motor on a kayak. My question is should I go with the nimh?

  19. great video, ive dismantled the battery and all looks straight forward. Im starting with an old dewalt 12v 1.3ah can i replace these batteries with 9 NiCd 4/5 SubC Sub C 1.2V 2200mAh, so the volts are more or less the same but a higher mah? thanks!

  20. is it dangerous to get too much heat on the batteries? i had a bat pack that wouldnt charge, i took it apart, noticed one of the straps had detached from one battery, the only way i could think of to fix it was to solder but was worried about heat causing something to explode. i may take another stab at repairing it after watching this

  21. not a bash on ya.. It's milliamps, Not Micro amps… just trying to help ya. great video. thumbs up. I gotta do the same to my 14.4 snap-on drill. the charger will no longer even except it. plus when it does the batt. only last about 2 mins. or less = Junk batt. thanks for the great info!

  22. Nadeem Kalim says:

    Thanks, you look like a tough guy in this video, but when you speak you're a soft-spoken guy, the way you explain the steps you could be a good teacher. btw, I'm in Canada, where can I buy these batteries?

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