Watchs SALE All about watches Crazy New Rocket League Mechanic | Hel-Jump Tutorial | Jump Off The Ground With A Flip Reset

Crazy New Rocket League Mechanic | Hel-Jump Tutorial | Jump Off The Ground With A Flip Reset

Ground Flip Reset which has been named Hel-Jump by the Reddit community

Music by Joakim Karud

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33 thoughts on “Crazy New Rocket League Mechanic | Hel-Jump Tutorial | Jump Off The Ground With A Flip Reset”

  1. Cryptic says:

    You probably should've mentioned how you shouldn't hold accelerate

  2. Seth Larcomb says:

    Its buggy bs it should tether you back to the ground for it. People are abusing this in ranked hoops to get to the ball before you can because it doesn't eat your boost and accelerates you faster than the flip.

  3. does it still work now? (after the update?)

  4. This is kind of useless. By the time your high enough for an aerial shot, you're out of boost?

  5. Azboy4God says:

    Hmm, I just tried this with the newest update (beginning of season 9). Seems it's been patched?! Please correct me if I'm wrong (cause I kinda hope I am).

  6. It's not called hel jump, it's called hel chump😂

  7. ChaoTech says:

    I wonder how this affects wavedashes. Do you get more speed?

  8. Systolic_RL says:

    if u do that in ranked u dont have any boost to do something cool x.x

  9. i was literally trying this for 30 min and couldnt get it

  10. I saw this post on the subreddit the day you posted it. Needless to say, I was hyped. I really hope this becomes a popular thing because I’m seeing it develop!

  11. rocket says:

    the jump reset gets so short, am i doing it wrong if i still have it maybe 2 secs after the actoin thingy

  12. AltijdGaming says:

    it doesn't freaking work bullshit

  13. im thinking a viable use for this mechanic would be possibly catching the ball on the volley, and starting an airdribble. Towards the end of the airdribble however, instead of just boosting into the ball like how 90% of all airdribbles go, the extra flick at the end can surprise opponents, since no1 will be expecting the extra flip at the end, especially if they werent watching your car from the very beginning, or even would know if you had a flip saved in the first place

  14. This is the easiest way discovered to do this at the moment, however, not the first posted in YouTube.

  15. Fusion Zee says:

    I can't do it on PC with keyboard and mouse…

  16. I going to teache how to do it come to my chanell

  17. Space Boy says:

    i feel like i'd have to change my button configuration to achieve this, because trying to press X, A, and B all at the same time is not fucking happening.

  18. ink says:

    That other probleme is that, you fly at high altitude slowly than a normal aerial, so using this will be very situationnal but worth for the free jump

  19. I dont think this is very effective, because the bounce already costs a lot of boost. So the additional time you get by this mechanic is almost equal to the normal time of a 2nd flip. I think the only spot in which this is very effective is if you have a big boost right in front of you so you can reload your boost before you start flying.

  20. Its Fate says:

    Hey I have found a new mechanic and I want to show you but idk if you will respond and I really would like to show you

  21. How do you get off the ground?

  22. Finaly ❤ After 3 Hours of practice… I made it✋

  23. Steven992Al says:

    did they fixed it? i can manage to take of but i have no jump left in the air

  24. Louis Zoll says:

    Yeah we got to play again bro

  25. DerUhleR says:

    Hetter bös vil Views fürs Video becho chillig :DD mach witer so den tranier ich still und heimlich bin in de esports bisch u de besigi dich hehehe nei spass ;D xD

  26. Louis Zoll says:

    Hey Luca you remember me one of your First subscribers we played back in the day in your stream

  27. Pretty cool, but like you said it isn’t boost effective. Someone will find a way tho

  28. Matt Fadista says:

    i can get off the ground but i dont get my flip, can someone help 🙁

  29. Its not your mechanic, you didnt find it xD

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