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Credit Repair Dispute Reason Cheat Sheet

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Use this Dispute Progression chart (cheat sheet) to craft your dispute reasons when writing your dispute letter for credit repair purposes.

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Stop using TEMPLATES! Start thinking logically and create your disputes based on “factual” information. This means that you take the info on the credit report and base your disputes on it.

This covers ALL negative item types and falls into 6 categories:

Late Payments
Identity Theft
Judgements/tax liens

*all negative items fall into these categories, including foreclosures, student loans, repossessions, etc.

charge-off with 3 different dates listed under “date of last activity”

dispute reason: remove this account immediately due to the fact that you’re reporting 3 different dates under “date of last activity” and this is inaccurate

This PDF will show you the progression that your dispute reasons should take and provides examples per each dispute type.

unknown account
remove this account because it’s unknown

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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20 thoughts on “Credit Repair Dispute Reason Cheat Sheet”

  1. If you want another one created for something specific, let me know and I'll see what I can do (and then do a video)

  2. Cindy C says:

    Is it possible for your score to raise with negative inquires i had great credit never missed a payment, paid everything on time etc then i allowed my parents to put something in my name i know dumb and it screwed me over in the end my score dropped a lot..that’s the only thing negative on my report and i can’t get it off so will i just have the same credit score until it drops off my report in 7 years or so… or is it possible to still raise it? someone please answer i’m not to familiar with this stuff at all

  3. Jay b says:

    very informative

  4. Tyrone Byrd says:

    Great video Kristin lol, I can see that what you are going to be doing on my one late payment dispute with transunion get them queen and happy new year.

  5. kensulli86 says:

    The original credit card company has a charge off  balance ($100) listed on my credit report. If it's a charge off the balance should be 0 correct? When I called them they told me they did not sell it to a collection agency because the balance is low. Can I get this removed off my report? And if so how?

  6. Cincity King says:

    You are always giving back such valuable info and the price point is amazing! Keep up the fantastic work.

  7. On the credit report does "closed account" mean the same as "charge off"? I have an account that says closed but does not say charge off

  8. Jennifer says:

    Can you have a monthly payment on a transferred/sold account?

  9. lakendra1979 says:

    This was great. I just purchased.

  10. how would you dispute the items attached to BK? please make a cheat sheet for this? what kind of dispute would it be charge-offs , Collections?

  11. Cedric Carr says:

    OHHHHH! I Love You For This.

  12. Dware says:

    It always throws me for a loop when they send those stall letters. (thank you for your question on inquiries, we're not sure it's you, we got a dispute similar to this already etc.) I never know whether to send the next round or to respond bond to the stall letter in some sort of way.

  13. Thanks 100% !!! Blessings!

  14. D Smith says:

    can medical bills that have been turned over to a collection agency be put on your credit report or is that a HIPAA violation?

  15. Chris holmes says:

    Hello my name is Christopher how much u charge to remove collections

  16. Felix_233 says:

    You're the best, no hype. Real results.

  17. You are the best doing it! Keep it going! I just purchased!

  18. I’m having problems with Equifax. I disputed accounts that was negative and it was deleted but they also deleted the good accounts as well, then I added a secure card account and a self lender. Now I’m trying to have Equifax to report my 4 good accounts on my Equifax report. So I can try to purchase a home, what advice can you give me

  19. Please send me the link of the cheat sheet

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