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Cyborgs Cybo-invader missile launcher repair – Toy Polloi – Denys Fisher

Having just managed to get the Cyborgs Cybo-Invader I was lucky enough to find some missiles for it as well. But when I went to fit them I found the missile launchers didn’t work.

And I couldn’t leave it like that. So it was time to take them apart and see if they could be fixed. On such a rare toy, it’s always risky doing a fix like this, but it’s worth a look.

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18 thoughts on “Cyborgs Cybo-invader missile launcher repair – Toy Polloi – Denys Fisher”

  1. Chris Mayer says:

    AWESOME! (But I still say that spaceship looks like something from LOST IN SPACE)

  2. Hi Dave, great video. out of interest were did you source the missiles as i need to get some, purchased a Interceptor on weekend. 🙂

  3. GALAXIE 67 says:

    That same method should work on star wars toys as well?? Excellent video 👍☯️👍

  4. Those missiles look almost identical to the ones from the 1979 Microman Rescue Base:
    What's cool about most Cyborg parts is that they're reverse-compatible with Micronauts/Microman. 5mm connectors bevame a standard on most Japanese toys of that time. Those missiles would probably fit in the Hydra or Galactic Cruiser cannon.

  5. Have you tried getting a hold of the Adventure 2000 range of toys from the 70s. Absolutely great looking and well built toys. I have the whole collection-hardly scratched at all, love them!

  6. thezaps back says:

    Would it be better to use some epoxy putty to sharpen those edges in order to file? Both would do the same job but for the restoration i choose minimal touches.

  7. I'm so glad that the launchers came apart so easily for you. Simple is always such an elegant fix. Great video, yet again.

  8. Paul Strong says:

    I’ve learnt so much from watching your videos, not least of which is a respect for your use of very simple tools, as someone who has a million screwdrivers but can never find the right one!

  9. So simple! Yet so amazing 👍🏽✌🏽

  10. Thanks for this one! I really appreciate your videos, keep it up

  11. Those hooks, a bit like the Tie fighter wing clips, good job they were not snapped.

  12. COMIXREL8TED says:

    In the 1970's my Mum used to let us browse through her Gratton catalogue for Xmas toy ideas. These figures popped up and I loved them. I wish I had had the chance to buy the Invader space ship back then what a wonderful toy to play with. BRILLIANT FIX mate.

  13. Great video love watching your vids

  14. Danz McNabb says:

    When your insomnia has you up far too late and maple syrup just isn't doing it~

    Awesome. Glad you got those parts because this thing is epic~

  15. Gwen Mollo says:

    Excellent as usual ! I'm waiting for your ghostbuster repair 😉

  16. Horror Fan says:

    Can you please do a video on how to fix the death star droid legs

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