Watchs SALE All about watches Dan, Mechanical Engineer at Tesla Motors: Advice to Engineering Students

Dan, Mechanical Engineer at Tesla Motors: Advice to Engineering Students

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Dan, a mechanical engineer working at Tesla Motors in the Powertrain Test Lab, shares some advice to current engineering students at University of Florida as a part of the STAY WITH IT speaker series.

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17 thoughts on “Dan, Mechanical Engineer at Tesla Motors: Advice to Engineering Students”

  1. Do mechanicals engineers write programs in c++? Can a mechanical engineering degree get you as a programmer without having a Computer Programming degree?

  2. JEFF LYN says:

    Work experience through internship. Study abroad!?? really!!??? talk about putting you in further debt.

  3. Saubro Boro says:

    He should be a computer engineer rather than a mechanical engineer.He is just a joke for real mechanical engineer.I doubt whether he can build any machine with his own😜😜😜😜😜

  4. Md Ali Ahmed says:

    which college did u attend?

  5. 박기훈 says:

    Thank you much of your nice advice

  6. Stan M. says:

    Go gators 🐊🐊

  7. I appreciate you advice!!!!!

  8. Dustin Korpi says:

    Getting previous work experience should have been on his list. It really helps with getting the job you want. 

  9. Maurice Long says:

    This is bull shit. Truth is, you can hit all the points and more and still wont get a job you want or even in the field you want to work in. Guess what, there are ten other appicants for the same position with the same credentials. Most of the points are more of a prerequisite. At the end of the day, you either get the job or not. More to do with luck, who you know, then what you can bring to the table.

  10. Dude is dead on. I can relate. Being a "late bloomer" my only regret is taking so long to do what I'm doing now. Wasting prime years of my youth.

  11. toe nail says:

    hopefully holland in 2 years for me

  12. university of Florida bro… the descrip

  13. what school is he speaking at

  14. I too hate the english system

  15. This is right! You should be productive during your summer! It will help you in the future so greatly.

  16. scasey1960 says:

    I agree, good advice.

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