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DavidSW Rolex Pepsi sale

Yesterday online dealer DavidSW’s sold a new Rolex Pepsi GMT for just under $22,000; well over 10k above the MSRP. Does David deserve the vitriol for the sale, or should we not hate the player for playing the game when ROLECKS is making the rules?

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  1. Priv Info says:

    Bought dozens of watches from David, sold him some too over the years … never EVER did me wrong.  All legit, with box/papers and warranty cards, just a great guy and place to buy from.

  2. The Explorer II never did much for me. I regretted buying it. But Clyve, the jubilee bracelet really changes the look. That was a really good idea.

  3. Sam says:

    Hey Clyve.
    I think the guy got a good deal!
    To him, it’s about having it now – which he has. Money is probably not important.
    Ok so the watch maybe worth 60% of what he paid, but what happens when you buy a new gold watch?
    The only downside to this purchase would be if he’s skint and borrowed the money. But I really can’t see that being the situation.
    So investment – no, but he has it on his wrist and we don’t!

  4. You look great in this video.

  5. You live in one hell of a Drumpffanzee bubble, jerk!

  6. Fuck that high over priced cunt grey dealer.

  7. Looks like shit, Jubilee (dress) band on a Sport Rolex.

  8. You are still buying watches too small for you

  9. That's absolutely ridiculous..what is wrong with rolex fans? 10K can buy you another amazing watch….When will this silly bubble burst?

  10. Big Boi says:

    Rolex pepsi the hot chick

  11. David Plon says:

    People people… Simple solution to this 1st world problem stop buying Rolex watches and go buy some other brand! Lord knows Rolex isn't the only game in town! Screw Rolex sports models!!! Enough! They make a Shit load on everyone they sell and if people keep wanting them they'll keep up the bullshit until folks revolt! I like the brand but honesty next Rolex i buy will by gold day-date no shortage of them because of the price!

  12. Danny says:

    We don’t know DavidSW’s actual cost for the watch, and David may not have turned a 100%-plus profit. If the watch was never on display — and essentially went straight from the supplier or AD to DavidSW, there had to be some serious strings attached.

    BTW, great look on the 16570! I wore my Polar on a jubilee and now I wear it on my 16750 Pepsi. Jubilee has decidedly made a comeback!

  13. I completely agree with you. If any of us had a Pepsi, we too would sell it for a stupid profit. The person who bought simply is rich. Again, if we had a shit load of money, why not spunk it on a watch that we want, regardless of its actual value.

    Hell, they buy Hermes belts for £1,000 with near zero resell value and they probably cost about £10 to make.

    PS. Explorer II on jubilee looks awesome!

  14. Andrew Mark says:

    nice jubilee / explorer II combo – very cool look. Clyve, I'm a crypto trader, you mentioned that you are getting in to crypto? do you have any questions I can help with.

  15. Joselo Aero says:

    For sure Rolex don't want this to happen but it is the side effect of screwing with the production numbers, holding them back to remain a exclusive item while the other brand known to the ignorant, Omega, keeps selling "un-LIMITED" editions of their counterparts. Marketing things

  16. It's reality check time now Rolex watch wearing wankers. 22k for a small pile of stainless steel on ur wrist. Rolex own ur asses😂

  17. Ugly watch. Great bracelet

  18. The01t says:

    Imagine that you are a defendant in a important trail on a trail recess and find your lawyer doing YouTube videos about watches….

  19. BBRebozo says:

    The question for Rolex is do they want to make David SW happy or do they want to keep the masses interested in sticking with Rolex. As the games the ADs play get worse, and the delays get longer, some current Rolex fans will drift to other brands. And $20k for a watch someone else might get for under $10k is just plain dumb…no impulse control whatsoever.

  20. For that money he could of bought a gold Rolex sub or GMT.

  21. Insanity knows no limits…it seems to be out of Rolexs hands by now…but the bubble will burst like the housing bubble (remember the insane price increases just a few years before the crash?) did…everyone said NEVER…it sure as hell did as sure as hell it will with Rolex and any other hyped product that doesn't justify its pricing anymore and relies solely on what people project onto it…the Tulpmania is also a good example…it is history repeating itself…anyone with half a brain can see this one coming in the (near?) future.

  22. Lycosa says:

    I ain't hating on him either…. It aint his fault. it's Munniiihh…. The seller isn't dumb, it's the one who buys it, if anyone. I don't blame anybody on this… It's all good… Free business

  23. Dan says:


  24. Amintas Neto says:

    Nice thoughts Clyve.
    It's amazing to see how people gets brain washed by Rolex marketing.
    Yes, it's a nice watch but far from worth $22K from whatever angle we may look at.
    Give it 3-5 years for the market to self regulate and them buy it.
    The keyword here is patience!

  25. Hendra Gouw says:

    Whats in the fucker head to buy 22k usd for pepsi ss? U can get AP RO, VC Overseas brand new..

  26. ONBOOST says:

    He's just playing the supply and demand game, i say well done. He's not ripping off the buyer as the buyer is 100% aware of it's original retail price from Rolex. The buyer is only buying it because they are rich and more than likely too impatient to wait for a new one to arrive from Rolex directly ! I say it's win win as both parties to the deal are happy and both are 100% aware of what is going on ie there's no deception. If someone is smart enough to read the market and make a quick and honest profit then they deserve it !

  27. James Adams says:

    I think the purchaser of the Rolex Pepsi clearly has more money than sense. I would never pay over MSRP for anything..a watch …a car… anything. Clyve love the channel, and the live streams…keep up the good work.

  28. Issues are crooked AD! Slimy resellers are just slimy

  29. More Barney Rubble voice please 👍

  30. Nice one clyve, great vid!

  31. 22k is just insane. Someone with ‘fuck you money’ pulled the trigger on that. Only way I could see anyone doing that. An explorer ii for 3.4k is almost as insane though.

  32. Btw the new Rolex Pepsi and the Tudor Pepsi are NOT blue and red therefore not really Pepsi

  33. Patrick Chip says:

    Could’ve bought a white gold Pepsi for a phew K more.

  34. Rolex isn't responsible. They do not make the rules. The people willing to pay the price make the rules and control this.

  35. Yesterday i saw a unknowledge watch purchage kid video. He bought a rolex only because you know its rolex. And if kids wanna show off theire watches and have the money. Rolex will be sold for those prices easly.
    That kid in the video buys everything that is hyped. Clothes. Sneakers. He pays all above retail due to the over hype demand. A pure show off to others. And a pure waist of money and way of living in my opinion.
    But if you do like a thing that is overhyped you will need to pay the costs unfortunally. I do sometimes. Not to show off. But to aquire a thing that i need or want to my own pleasure.

  36. DavidSW is good, I bought my explorer from him

  37. Logan Smith says:

    Hey Clyve! How much would it cost to get Archie/Paul to read out my watch collection of 94 pieces? I think he'd give up 1/3 of the way in 🙂

  38. 4000, not one penny more. Never buy when the price is high, and any market does come down, always, especially when the gap between intrinsic value and market price widens. One big financial crisis and Rolex prices will tumble. Sell now. Just saw the Tiffany share prices. Same story, unhealthily high, and dangerous. Mmm loves my couple of Facebook shares, much more potential than Rolex… 3400 for the Explorer is great !

  39. John Doe says:

    Clyve, you trendsetter… You mix and match like a boss.

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