Watchs SALE All about watches Democrats are Collapsing Heading into Midterms!!!

Democrats are Collapsing Heading into Midterms!!!

Generic ballots, money, and Russia probe are all blowing up in their face!!! Join TURLEY TALKS on PATREON and support what we do!


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43 thoughts on “Democrats are Collapsing Heading into Midterms!!!”

  1. A video that sadly didn’t age well.

  2. Jon Day says:

    Oh my god only 87 dislikes

  3. Dissenter! This is the communication platform the left is freaking out
    about. Download and install this browser add on. Comment on any web
    site. FREE SPEECH! Its what they fear most.

  4. Ernest Imken says:

    The DNC is not so much collapsing as morphing into communism. Their frontrunners Sanders and AOC are now the face of the DNC.

  5. European union is MAFIA AND EVIL EMPIRE and responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes in the form of Muslims refugees.

  6. ISLAM IS CULT AND CURSE ALSO CANCER. Muslims refugees ARE coming to only gangrape the European female and enjoy the free welfare and housing benefit without doing any work. BAN ISLAM.

  7. R WARRIOR says:

    Rule America, America rules the waves, Americans never never never will be Left Wing, Democrat, Liberal slaves!!!!!!


  9. Well this was bull , the Dems took the house never to return

  10. Mary S. says:

    Wow were you wrong

  11. Tony Rowan says:

    Ooops! Someone misjudged this fact! The Democrats did not collapse – they triumphed! It's unrealistic that Christians and some conservatives let their wishful thinking about what they hope will happen influences their objective observation of what really is happening.

  12. We should have focused on the Voter fraud. Before this election took place.

  13. I hope the coming Red Tsunami is so devastating to the Dems that they won't ever recover fully!

  14. McCain,Romney,and the Bushes,were Democrat,moles,they were never Republicans,they were put there to disrupt the Republican Party !!!!


  16. James Peyton says:

    Be watchful for voter fraud.

  17. 10,000 ? Your already at 76,000. You mean the 100,000 threshold. Silly


  19. David M says:

    The Dummycrats are imploding before our eyes. I've been saying this since Trump was elected.

  20. The Zionist is a true magician: create two opposing parties so the attention is not on his 200 year Deep State Agenda!

  21. As good as this news is I'm not putting my guard down for one second. A simple rule I will vote RED in every election no matter what.

  22. They will ose but then they embark on major smear campaign. I expect much civil iscourse eruoting. They won't go away quietly. A lot of people will need to be jaied before they accept their fate.

  23. The #walkaway movement is their head stone.

  24. They did ineed look stupified. Some of them melteed doen in tears. It was hillarious.

  25. I used to be a solid eager Republican but between 2008 and 2015, I started voting for some Libertarians and for the Constitution Party candidates along with a few Republicans I trusted. I'm finally calling myself a Republican and voted all Republican in 2016 except for US congress because I cannot stand my current Republican congressman, Mike Simpson. So, I'm optimistic but cautious about the Republican party.

  26. joe dixon says:

    Read the book of Malachi and the gallows. That will be the fate of the Democrats and those involved with the deep state.

  27. Americans need to vote Republican en masse in acknowledgment of Trump's ability in 2 years to increase jobs and improve the economy. A vote to go back to the economy that was negative under Obama just does not make sense!

  28. Lugnutz says:

    The "Blue Wave" is not gone. When we think that it is gone we relax and become complacent, we get over confident. When this happens we, the Republicans, fuel that liberal BW. Not only do we need to get out and vote but we need to get our friends and family to go vote. Offer to give rides to them. You know who is conservative and who isn't, let the libs find they're own ride.

  29. Rockin Roll says:

    The tax payers desperately need an independent party so we can finally be represented and then have a full audit and investigation as to how the career politicians go into politics in the middle class and immediately shoot into the upper class and have more money in the bank than they earned the entire time if they never used a dime for living expenses.

  30. It is starting to look like a blue ripple.

  31. The Dems can thank Maxine Waters and her unhinged colleagues for their lead evaporating. That and the Kavanaugh outdated allegations and guilty till proven innocent mentality the Libs are perpetuating.

    Idiots are making things easy for the republicans. Americans aren’t falling for their bullshit and hateful rhetoric.

  32. How can you tell? Most appear to be a combination of Marty Feldman (Young Frankenstein) and Mr. Burns (Simpsons)

  33. Joe Helecki says:

    America. needs. a .spiritual . Awakening. Turning. Back..To ..Almighty. God. Also. .The. World. Pray. christians. Pray. Jesus. is. Lord

  34. Joe Helecki says:

    Praise. the. lord. gods .answeing..Our. prayers. . The. Demorats. are. going. Down. Obama. Was. unfit. Americans. Where. BLinded. And. Did. Not. Obey..Almighty. .God. .

  35. These fake polls reporting a higher number for dems then real numbers is just pushing Republicans to the polls. Bad move on their part.

  36. Hillary E Coyote…super genius!

  37. The blue wave is going to crash into THE RED WALL, turn into a blue puddle, and evoporate. Go Trump 2020! Trump is doing what he said he would do during his campaign. Trump has done nothing worthy of impeachment.

  38. us conservatives/Christians must not let up because it is all out war between the democrats….please vote

  39. The Democrats with all their insanity of false accusations, virtue signaling, and other bullshit are causing their own inevitable downfall.

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