Watchs SALE All about watches DeWALT Polisher Repair – Replacing the Power Cord (DeWALT Part # 330078-98)

DeWALT Polisher Repair – Replacing the Power Cord (DeWALT Part # 330078-98)

Do you need a replacement Power Cord for your Polisher? has thousands of replacement parts for a variety of Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Appliances. To purchase the part shown in this video (Part # 330078-98), click the link here:

The information in this video is specific to DeWalt and Black and Decker Polishers. The replacement process for different brands may differ slightly from the one you see in this video. To find more Polisher repair videos, check out our Power Tool Repair playlist here:

If you need a replacement Power Cord for a different model number Polisher, simply enter your Polisher’s model number on our homepage here:

Not sure where to find your model number? No problem. You can find tips for locating your Polisher’s model number on our website here:

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Replacing the Power Cord can help solve the following issues you may be having with your Polisher:
1. Won’t Turn On/Off

Here are a list of the tools required for this repair:
• Torx drivers
• Long-nosed pliers
• Small pick or screwdriver
• Wire cutters
• Wire strippers
• Soldering iron/solder
• Flux

At, we think that Fixing Things Makes Sense! That’s why we’re committed to providing you with high-quality parts quickly and easily, and helping you save time and money on your repair. We only sell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, so you know that the part you order will be compatible with your Polisher. We also provide Same-Day shipping, so your manufacturer-approved part will arrive FAST!

Buy with confidence with of our no-hassle return policy. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return your item within 45 days for a full refund of the product price.

For more info on our shipping or return policy, or to speak with a customer service representative, visit our website at:

Stay safe during your repair! Be sure to check for proper safety procedures before you begin. Use of this video is at your own risk, without liability to

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