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Different Types Of Fiberglass Repair


This second video outlines the different types of fiberglass repairs needed to prep a surface before Awlgrip painting and applying a non-skid texture. Small holes, larger holes, chips and voids are covered in detail using West System Epoxy. Next video will cover stress cracks.

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48 thoughts on “Different Types Of Fiberglass Repair”

  1. Carl Kahler says:

    wish you were close to me I got work for you it's so hard to find quality workmanship these days.

  2. Bruce Lance says:

    This is THE BEST fiberglass repair instruction on the Web!

    He quickly explains the "Where", "Why", "What" and "How". His productions have vastly improved from his first videos….this is very well done and very helpful….thanks Boatworks guy!

  3. topbanana188 says:

    I saw a west system video and they recommend laying up the larger piece first. Do you think it's a bad idea?

  4. MrFruitstick says:

    Great vid! Now I feel a lot more confident to repair my boat for the first time! 😁

  5. Rex Dale says:

    Question should have asked West 105 and "205". Fat fingers hit wrong keys occasionally!

  6. Rex Dale says:

    Express Composites, Inc., on their website concerning CSM, says: "This mat is not suitable for epoxy resins." Do you still recommend CSM with the West 105 and 206 system, or another fiberglass type of fabric? What fabric weight? Great video help! Thanks

  7. Your the best man I’m using all my acquired knowledge rebuilding my pilot house back wall and a side rail. A lot of work but satisfying when done.

  8. Vassi 0815 says:

    dude….. why there is no "epoxy" counter?….

  9. TDF Bassin' says:

    Bob Ross of Fiberglass right there!

  10. You can get csm for epoxy I have some on my boat and it works well round corners 😊

  11. Great demo! Needs more succinctness in explanation.

  12. very informative. great job!

  13. Very instructive your videos! I like it!
    What advice would you give me for a wooden mast of a spray 40 gaff that is lying on the boat more than 10 years out in the open?
    keep it up!!!

  14. i have to do some fairing around my keel on my pearson p26 – it was cracking and bit of rust from the keel. I have west systems with 410 but i'm concerned about how thick it might get in spots. how thick can i lay up the 410 reinforced resin when its 'peanutbutter' consistency? also – i'm working over my head – i'm worried about sagging and such. Appreciate any insights!

  15. you should use peelply over your repair. it takes the amian blush off and helps level out your repair.

  16. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  17. Tuan Tran says:

    High quality instructional video!

  18. redwood1957 says:

    did you do the stress cracks or spider cracks

  19. Trout4trout says:

    Would that ad tech be good for drift boat dings and scratches

  20. Great! Really great videos, I've really enjoyed them.

  21. Dave Larson says:

    Love the video, can you get me a link to the "Adtech filler" and Cream hardener

  22. i have a little 12 ft fiberglass row boat from 73' still in solid shape!! My question is there anyway to further reinforce the hull?? outside or inside?

  23. splash says:

    Love your vids!
    I have to fix some damage on a large truck with fiberglass hood. The hood was smacked with a piece of equipment. Its all intact still, but lots of cracks. I realize you are a pro with marine stuff, but fiberglass work can be applied to so many things…
    I have good access to both sides of the hood, so i will taper back both sides and use CSM to do my repairs. I would like your opinion on whether or not to use poly resin or epoxy resin. I already have poly resin on hand, but do you think id have a better repair with epoxy?
    I will do final repair on finished side of the hood with body filler, primer, and paint.
    Thank you kindly, hope your enjoying your Friday!

  24. ll ll says:

    eeeer…is it me, or at 10', you're filling a…hole…with resin…shouldn't there be a part of the video explaining how you plug that hole from behind the panel? (unless you've filled up the boat with resin…;-p)

  25. Hi Fiberglass Guru, I'm looking for some straight shooting from an expert. I just bought a 1970 Grand Banks trawler (wood hull). The hull is in good shape so I thought it would be a good idea to let it dry out and fiberglass over the wooden hull on the outside. I have been told by lots of people that this is a great idea and by the same amount of people that this is a terrible idea and that it can't be done. I see lots of boats on YouTube that are plywood and glass over and then painted. Is it because my boat is wood planks that this can't be done? Or can it? Please give me the straight poop! The boat arrives this coming Monday and I want to get it into the water. It's been hauled since last season. What do you suggest? Thanks!

  26. Rick S says:

    When would you use a polyester resin instead of epoxy ??

  27. Rick S says:

    Why not use a roller for bubbles ??

  28. diastoleny says:

    Awesome. Thank you!!!!!

  29. Jus Bamathy says:

    cool 🙂 lol Beautiful im like walking around my place looking for things to patch XD

  30. Great presentation, good pace, solid instruction. Can I send a picture of a fiberglass aircraft fairing with a missing piece from the manufacturer?

  31. Paul Friel says:

    How would you repair a couple of cracks on a shower tray?

  32. Cody Ranew says:

    Can I use flex m seal…

  33. Would these materials be okay for use on my Corvette?

  34. efren181 says:

    Would you recommend MarineTex white for chips and voids? Thanks! Love your stuff.

  35. Hi Andy, I found you from Mads from Sail Life, if I can ask a question.. For filling a small self tapper hole could I use thickened laminating polyester resin and then finished flowcoat? Many thanks Tom

  36. john jay says:

    @BoatworksToday thank you so much for making this video! there aren't many good people like you anymore! I am a beginer at these things and got here after cracking the front bumper on my 1990 BMW E34 520i and couldn't find a decent replacement! there were all cracked even worse than mine or downright unuseable… THANK YOU AGAIN, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN AND EXCELLENT CRAFTSMAN!

  37. Tim Kraus says:

    Love your videos… I am looking for video to solve a problem.  I had a hole in my top deck allowing water into the coring which became saturated.  Can I fill the voids with structure foam?  Do I need to remove the deck, re-core and re-glass and gelcoat?

  38. Mr MEMé says:

    One thing I'm Confused about is that he says there olde Screw Holes, then he says they Dont go through ????, Does he mean as opposed to Bolte Holes ¿¿¿

  39. Mr MEMé says:

    What's csm, and why do u need a mask, are fibreglass cancerous

  40. mr zif001 says:

    really great videos. my engine hatch core is rotten. should i attack from the top or botyom.

  41. Fisher nick says:

    Brilliant mate ! Thanks 👏👏👏

  42. Ainstain K says:

    Thank you for this great video! Very detailed!!!

  43. J T says:

    Great find with this channel!

  44. Wes Hamstra says:

    could you use a torch to remove the bubbles?

  45. Luis Lopez says:

    Very good tutorials, congratulations. Would be already perfect with the subtitles in Spanish. Greetings.

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