Watchs SALE All about watches Diver Watches for Smaller Wrists | Divers/Sports Watches for Smaller Wrist (2018)

Diver Watches for Smaller Wrists | Divers/Sports Watches for Smaller Wrist (2018)

In this video, we look at diver watches and sports watches for smaller wrists. Please leave comments down below of other options people should be aware of.

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Watches Mentioned:
Timex Navi Ocean 38
Seiko SKX 013
Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600
Oris 65 Diver 36 mm
MeisterSinger Metris
Rado Captain Cook
Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial 36
Nomos Ahoi Neomatik
Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight
Breitling SuperOcean II 36 mm

39 thoughts on “Diver Watches for Smaller Wrists | Divers/Sports Watches for Smaller Wrist (2018)”

  1. Adam Kulbaka says:

    Hamilton Scuba Diver 40 mm

  2. C wards are outstanding value . The c60 often gains wrist time over my big hitters at ten times the price. Have been thinking that they have become surplus to requirements as I’m favouring pieces that I enjoy and no longer give a damn about brand recognition. There are such great watches to be had at great prices if we detach ourselves from marketing ploys and brand snobbery.

  3. Great video as always!
    Also nice to see some more coverage of the Captain Cook, more people should know about that watch.

  4. Andrew Steel says:

    I recommend my Breitling colt super quartz 500m . Second hand $1500 or less depending upon year and condition…
    It’s not technically a diver but it has the resistance….

  5. theuglybiker says:

    I'll have to add the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon
    Ceramic Midsize which comes in at 36mm

  6. Great video. I love your strap choices for the Nomos Ahoi – I have the same white dial version. Can you share the straps shown with it? That brown one especially looks fantastic.

  7. crazeazn says:

    Might be in the minority but two of your choices dont have bezels. Another great option is the Blancpain.

  8. Jerk off more it helps to make your wrist bigger.

  9. Tudor and Omega are great value.

  10. Doug Krogh says:

    How about a video on larger divers…..some of us have a 8 1/2" wrist… one's addressing the needs of us larger wrists

  11. check out the Armida A11

  12. Chad Waters says:

    Hi Teddy, I know where I will be buying watch straps in the future. I am ready to buy steady from Teddy!

  13. Dave Deckert says:

    Unless the case diameter is just outrageous (50mm or whatever) quoting the case width size alone is not helping as much as you assume. So many people do this as a kind of shorthand way of letting you know that the tip-to-tip distance (case length size) isn't huge. 

    And case length (i.e. lug tip-to-lug tip), not width, is what makes a watch look too small or too large in most cases. Think about what you look for first, when considering shoe size: length first, then width.

    It's why everyone mentions the SKX007 "wears small." It's why the SKX013 looks oddly "long" compared to it: The tip-to-tip length of each has barely more than 1mm difference, even though the 007 is obviously the wider watch.

    Keeping all that mind, here's one to think about: The new "bottle cap" Seiko 5's. SRPC61/SRPC67/SRPC68/SRPC65/SRPC63. They are "big" (45mm wide) but the case length, tip-to-tip, is only 46mm, or about the same as a 007's.

  14. Chris Con says:

    Very well done video. I really like that Christopher Ward. Not sure why…probably because it’s very clean & simple (besides the “Christopher Ward” on the left side of the face…). Reasonable price, too.

  15. eronavbj says:

    A Timex quartz for $140? Sorry, Ted.

  16. As always, great video and choice of topic. I own the Christopher Ward in black dial and find it amazing. I also own a 1995 Omega Seasmaster which was my first lux watch. I want the Oris and Tudor but hoping to find either at a slightly lower price point – primarily a Tudor. I see more and more comments on IG posts from others who seem to be tired of the huge watch sizes so it is great to know of brands that are keeping it down to a reasonable size.

  17. Oris Aquis 39.5 is wonderful for smaller wrists. I recently purchased one and It fits my 6.25 inches like a glove!!!

  18. I have thin wrists and I would like to point out that Oris 65 Divers thickness makes the 40 mm also suitable for thin wrists.

  19. eric thomas says:

    Hi Teddy l have not seen mention Tutima watches what’s your opinion
    Eric Thomas

  20. Good video. Nice list. The Meistersinger doesn’t seem like a real dive watch to me despite the water resistance rating. Still, I love the “risky” choice as it is a great looking watch.

  21. Great video. For future videos, how about divers for guys with XL wrists?

  22. Hi Teddy,
    Can you tell me what is considered a small wrist, a medium wrist and a large wrist?
    Love your video's.
    Keep up the good work.

  23. Tarek Rimam says:

    Teddy, you might be relatively new in the game but you’re sure knowledgeable about watches. How did you get so well informed? Any sources or books recommended?

  24. Love your vids. Would be cool though if you make some more laid back videos. You re following the same route.. try more spontaneous formats. Cheers.

  25. pippo702 says:

    The Citizen NY2300

  26. I have the Seamaster 36mm in the first Version with the wave dial. It’s also my first luxury watch and I love it, since I saw it at the wrist of Pierce Brosnan ^^
    Greetings from Germany ✌🏻

  27. Rob P. says:

    So, what exactly would one classify as a smaller wrist? I have a 7.75 in wrist.

  28. Great list. I would also recommend the NOMOS Club 36. A great watch, that I own. A little more "affordable" option getting into NOMOS.

  29. GenWivern2 says:

    Purely on the basis of appearance I like the white Timex as well as any in this selection … always did think they had a way with dial design.

  30. Teddy, what book would you recommend for someone who doesn't know anything about watches (specifically wristwatches)?

  31. jacc88888 says:

    Great choices! IMO the Christopher Ward blows all the others out of the water for bang per buck, it also looks nicer and just as expensive as some of the Swiss luxury ones. I really can’t believe the build quality of models like the Tudor and Breitling are that much better that they justify a sale price that is 4-5 times higher than the CW but maybe someone in the know could explain why (perhaps they really do cost a fortune in R&D, branding and build costs to produce compared to say the CW) As for the Oris and Rado, yes they look good but they are not dive watches if they only have 100m WR, if these timepieces are officially classed as dive watches then both companies are taking the P*ss big time if they are charging that much for something that is inadequate for the job. Rant over and really enjoyed the video btw!

  32. Hugo Worst says:

    My guess is you never scuba-dived yourself. Then you would have known the function of the 60 minutes-bezel, wich only moves counter clockwise.: a real livesaver. Good luck diving with your Nomos or the Meistersinger.

  33. Lisa Bradley says:

    Hi Teddy, What about the Tudor Heritage Black Bay that comes in sizes 41, 36 and 32mm!

  34. shero 0 says:

    i addict about watches after watch your videos

  35. Doc Milersky says:

    Hyped for those watch straps fam

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