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Dr. Morrigan Bug or Intended Mechanic? | Hearthstone

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Dr. Morrigan Bug… or is it? Can someone confirm?

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44 thoughts on “Dr. Morrigan Bug or Intended Mechanic? | Hearthstone”

  1. I wish it were a bug! Would love to be able to do this combo, mainly just to get some use out of the card. The only problem is that probably makes it not a bug is the fact that if you didn't have any knife jugglers on board it would still infinitely loop, and the game would never end.

  2. It's obviously made on purpose to avoid getting stuck in an infinite loop, even tho it is not logical at all and breaks the rule of the card and the game. This just shows the poor design of this card and globally the hole extension in my opinion. Mec'thun is another example : a card that kills every fatigue deck by auto-win and makes games incredibly boring, even when you are the one playing the deck.

  3. Remy Lebeau says:

    I got this pos legendary too. IDK wtf blizzard was thinking. Who would even play it for 6 mana?

  4. I got that crappy legendary too as my first one, later i got subject 9

    End me god

  5. Juanan 21 says:

    Can you show your deck? i don't see any deck with Dra.Morrigan

  6. It activated three times, and you have 4 minions on board, therefore I can lead the conclusion that Dr. Morgan swaps before the minion-count changes, so if you were to dark pact Dr. Morgan with just Umbra, you’d have it activate 6 times

  7. Tudsamfa says:

    "Is this intentional? I really want it to infinite, and if it doesn't, Blizzard is clearly in the wrong."
    Let's see: "Defile" has a cap, because they didn't want an infinite Loop. They even nerfed Dreadsteed so the Loop is harder to perform.
    So, Blizzard doesn't like infinite loops in their games, and putting a cap there is to be expected from them.
    If you were arguing that the cap is way to low, I would agree. BUT since you think that it stops AT ALL is a bug, you are just complaining that they don't let you break their game.
    There are enough real bugs you can call them out on, or argue that 3 Times is way too low, but this is just petty.

  8. Jason Luu says:

    I'm not dusting mines just yet. I don't want to pull another one and waste 1200 dust, plus Dr Morrigan might get the Hadronox treatment with the addition of witching hour in a future set.

  9. LRAStartFox says:

    It is 100% intended
    They can't leave infinite loops in the game. What if someone just played umbra then dark pack on it, then the loop would never end. The game would break

  10. Daniel Suh says:

    Wait how is there 2 morrigans in the first place?

  11. It’s stops for same reason they stop shudderwok battlecrys go beyond 20.

  12. I tried the combo aswell… looking at the trigger of the juggler.. it only procs 3 times for each cope of morrigan. I then tried to add the augmented elekk in the deck to see if I could increase the amount of times it would go off. I ended up with 60 Dr. Morrigan and a dead opponent. The problem is that when I did add 4 copies in my deck the juggler didn't trigger 12 times like I was expecting it to do so it isn't very clear to me where the problem comes from or if it just happened to be a random 3 times the first time I tried this out.

    To clearly explain how I combo'd with the elekk.
    you play the elekk when you got all pieces.
    You then play the combo as you explained in your video.

    Every time you swap the count of morrigan's in your deck goes up by one since the elekk counts the swapping as a shuffle. This doesn't happen right away wich means your set up is over 2 turns and you need 2 elekk to get it done other wise it kinda fails very quickly..

    Hope the idea of the elekk gives you an idea how to work around this little bug that morrigan has ^^ since I really wanna try to make this work since it is simply amazing to see people surprised by it when it actually works xD

  13. Almost certainly a safety feature. I mean take the knife juggler out of the equation for a moment. That loop makes an impossible to end match. It's LITERALLY infinite unless there is some built in cut-off. Considering they just patched Shudderwoci to have some sort of restriction after the abysmal launch week of Witchwood where 'wock turns were taking 5 and more minutes at a time, it's obvious they would want to avoid infinite loops. They also altered shadowboxer so that a similar affect isn't available in wild and that ALREADY had a cut-off.(you being at Max health)

  14. Of course it stops. They learned they're lesson with long animation combos with shudderwock, it must have a limit to the number of times she can activate her death rattle in a single turn off of one 'chain'

  15. Shuhister says:

    Everything is correct. Even if card is shuffled into your deck it is still the same card so Deathrattle on it was already triggered.

  16. Crazy Cat says:

    Noooo Morrigan will already see few play as she is now.

  17. Definitely intended. The jugglers enable an OTK, but without them, morrigan just loops and breaks the game. Maybe make her cap a little higher? Any OTK with her is hard enough to set up

  18. It looks like Umbral doesn't trigger infinitely.

  19. Top Svapo says:

    Looks like breaking shudderwock combo. This is unfair..

  20. Oscar Memo says:

    fuck you and your infinite stupid combos.

  21. Alyx33 says:

    Nice work Blizzard, maybe next otk combo might close the game for the player, that would be similiary good way to fix problems.

  22. fal1026 says:

    before shadow boxer was nerfed if you had more than 2 copies on the board the same thing happened where the triggers just stopped functioning & that was not infinate.

  23. It's probably intended, not so your combo doesn't work, but so if someone did it without knife jugglers they wouldn't softlock the game.

  24. Isn't the rule that there are up to 20 triggers now? Umbra tick +1, jungles +2, Doc 8 +1. If it's not doing it 5 times then it's a bug.

  25. cool combo 🙂 unfortunately it seems blizzard, our favourite indie dev, have a few kinks to sort out! 😀

  26. If I'm not mistaken, they limited the Tess interactions some time ago and capped them to 30. Keep in mind that they didn't do it for shadderwock though.. Maybe they did the same thing with Morrigan or maybe Knife Juggler for stopping infinite combos from happening..

  27. Shy Kaiman says:

    It's a bug, after u kill'd a minion the effect stops…but that's wrong cause they are two separated minions.

  28. alonBRmc says:

    Its intended. Imagen what would happen if there werent any knife jugglers. its like defile

  29. Verylongman says:

    man i got her too from the free legendary,one of my friends got electra stormsurge and another got boom master flark

  30. Tuxedosam says:

    its intended blizzard puts hard stops on cards like this to stop this from happening (defile is another example of this)

  31. meaturama says:

    If shudderwock is capped at 20 battlecries why isn't this card capped 20 deathrattles?

  32. I got her as my guaranteed legendary within 10 first packs, and now I find out the only thing it should be good for is broken.

  33. Pinkametal says:

    Please no shudderwok 2.0

  34. FlerFlegma says:

    Okay. In my opinion it is intended in order to prevent the infinite loop (e.g. without knife juggler). However, the number of allowed ticks of that deathrattle is so small it looks like something goes wrong instead.

  35. Is it just me but it feels like almost everyone got morrigan as the free legendary

  36. Trung Nguyen says:

    Is it a bag or is it intended

  37. It is intended that nothing is infinite in Hearthstone. For example defile with Grim Patrons eventually ends

  38. Random Dude says:

    damn it! here goes 400 dust

  39. Adric Mosher says:

    Honestly it should have been obvious that the combo wouldn't work. If for instance, you did the combo WITHOUT knife jugglers it would cause the same problem as dreadsteed did with defile, in that it would go on and on for a rediculous amount of time accomplishing even less. It should absolutely have a limit, and it being as low as they made it is reasonable. It's a shame the combo doesn't work but it's better for the game.

  40. LegionLeague says:

    Don't you stream? You really should put link to your stream either in your video descriptions or in the About section of your channel.

  41. DevilVocano says:

    You copied toast
    At least admit that you thief

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