Watchs SALE All about watches Dr. Time’s Clock Repair-Part 1-Antique Clock Overhaul

Dr. Time’s Clock Repair-Part 1-Antique Clock Overhaul

Part 1 – “Dr. Time” a/k/a Dave Dettmann begins the restoration of an 80 year old american mantle clock in an attempt bring it back to it’s original beauty. Dave has been repairing clocks like this for over 30 years, and in this major overhaul which he calls the “Presidential” repair, what was once a bunch of wood & metal parts sitting in a box for years becomes a fully restored part of american heritage. In part 1, the parts are layed out, the movement is dis-assembled & run through an ultrasonic cleaner, and preparations are made for bushing work to begin

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38 thoughts on “Dr. Time’s Clock Repair-Part 1-Antique Clock Overhaul”

  1. Andrew Burns says:

    How much do you charge for a overhaul on a mantle clock

  2. 👍nice video.
    Want to see my Clock with just one hand ??
    It works perfectly.

  3. FIns to the left… Thanks for the vid!!! Parrothead also!

  4. SEVENCORSA says:

    After watching your videos I've determined that you are very condescending towards other clock enthusiasts and do not want to help others. As far as throwing your 1st clock movement away because we are too incompetent as you insinuate is really not true. I only had about 80 hours in a clock class and disassembled a mantle clock, rebushed and reassembled and the clock runs fine. Fortunately there are many clock enthusiasts on You Tube that ACTUALLY want to help other clock collectors and I appreciate their willingness to do so.

  5. HI,MY HUBBY WAS WONDERING ITF THEIR IS ANYONE WHO CAN HELP WITH A PROB. HE IS HAVING WITH A 100 DAY…oops, New Master mantle clock…he has cleaned it,changed the springs,it is working but losing time badly??? any tips please?? tia

  6. ejcsds says:

    Dave please contact me regarding my clock you just repaired. Its not working correctly. Not sure if you are getting my emails or not or if something else is up? Please contact me, I paid you my hard earned money.

  7. sue moore says:

    show off and extremely careless. I'm glad to see you on YouTube because I wouldn't bring my shit to you to be repaired. STOP SHOWING OFF, YOU'RE A BRAGGART

  8. Bill Dodd says:

    is there a seth thomas repair shop in western new york?

  9. Kef103 says:

    Glad my guess to use the sonic bath was correct. Lol

  10. Alan Sklenar says:

    I have a Hamilton Mantel clock,I am sure it was overwound.When I try to wind it the hands keep going around.It has three winding ports.Alan Sklenar

  11. Tay Nancy says:

    Hi Dr. Time, I have a question. If a mechanism need to be tilted 20 deg to get it going, what is wrong with it? How to fix it?

  12. Mike M says:

    Hello Doc time. I have Miller mantle clock. need to be oiled. how I can remove the movement from the case. thank you for your help.

  13. Dr. Time, I have an antique carriage clock that got dropped many years ago and recently I've been working to restor it. Currently it's assembled but the pendulum stops singing after a minute or so. When it came to me the pendulum and the rod it hung on had broken off. I have reattached the pendulum and lubricated the entire mechanism. I'm reluctant to disassemble and clean the mechanism since I lack decent tools. Also I can see that the time train functions when wound, and I move the ratchet attached to the pendulum. Is the weighting on the pendulum off? Have I over wound it? Please help!

  14. Desanius says:

    Hello Dave,

    I am contemplating to get an ultrasonic cleaner. Would you be kind enough to tell me what brand of ultrasonic cleaner did you use in this video? And also the ammonia solution. I appreciate your reply. Thank you!

  15. Tay Nancy says:

    Hi Doc Time, what can I do if I don't have a ultrasonic cleaner?

  16. Thanks for your response.

  17. I have a Hermle Westminster Heritage mantel clock that operates on two 'C' batteries. It suddenly stopped functioning. It only chimes when I move the hands manually, and then its dead again. Any suggestions and/or advice will be appreciated. Shahzad

  18. DA B says:

    Basically he is looking for more business and WASTING a hobbyists n enthusiasts time. SHARE THE ART…this is a dying art that is being lost. Share, and help people to preserve antique clocks for future generations. : )  And take much more care in how you Handel all the parts wood or brass, set a good example.

  19. Why are you not using a soft material top work bench? Why do you rough handle parts throwing them down hard on the wood work bench? You may be the best repairman in the world but you treat clock parts with DISRESPECT! THOUSANDS of SCRATCHES are made on parts the way you handle them. THAT IS IMPORTANT TO VALUE!!! You do not have to prove you are A MAN by acting that way. INSTEAD you should proved your MANLY HOOD by DEMONSTRATING to your Audience the EXTREME CARE YOU TAKE IN PRESERVATION of PARTS!

  20. Luis Ramos says:

    hi i have a GE westminster electric clock 1940 (The Joy) is chiming 20 mins. ahead of time how do I fix this?

  21. I wonder how I can get in touch for a machine repair grandfather clock
    as I can send the thanks in advance

  22. Could you please look at my most recent upload and help me figure out how to remove the hour hand.

  23. anna M says:

    I am looking to repair a wooden Eli Terry. Any advice?

  24. thetvmn88 says:

    I have a clock that i bought NEW 14 years ago. It is currently not running and i'm pretty sure it's just dirty. What would you recommend for this? Since it's only 14 years old, can I get away with just taking off the face and applying oil to the gears and pivot points? Or does the movement need to be disassembled and cleaned? 

  25. Ich nix verstehen. Warum sprechen nix deutsch. Aber trotzdem schöne Uhrwerke.

  26. He seems to jump around without really showing you how to release the springs or any of the real details.  Not particularly helpful to the beginner

  27. R.B. Somers says:

    Excellent – Thanks!

  28. I can't believe that anyone would spend good money on a mass produced junk clock like that, no accounting for taste I suppose .

  29. 4077potter says:

    i work for a clock shop and i would like to talk to you in person call me asap 906 285 0941

  30. methevas2 says:

    I love your overhaul videos videos.You should make more if your up to it. Thankyou

  31. notpcone says:

    This clock was a BASKET CASE, how much was the resto on this to ?

  32. idrabmol001 says:

    can't we communicate through emalis? I am from Malta I can send you photos of the damaged parts and the whole movement. My email is Ty

  33. call me on my cell: 239-728-4016

  34. idrabmol001 says:

    where can I contact you through email please?

  35. Bruce Taylor says:

    how you let down the main springs??? look like that was skipped.

  36. Nash Ville says:

    I love watching your stuff. I recently started repairing clocks as a hobby at home and so far have been successful in all that I have done. Keep more videos coming okay


  37. Michael says:

    Some clocks I am seeing are being rebuilt with bronze bushing which are deeper and harder material, but wont this cause more friction or resistence because of the increased surface area? If I were to rebush the pivot holes and can't tell where the original hole was, I would use a depthing tool and start from the spring gear and then work my way up to the escapment, and align the plates and then drill through one plate to the other to make sure there aligned? Can you burnish/polish a pivothole?

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