Watchs SALE All about watches Early Colt revolver valued at £150,000 – Antiques Roadshow – BBC

Early Colt revolver valued at £150,000 – Antiques Roadshow – BBC

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An early Colt revolver brought into Antiques Roadshow has been valued at £150,000.

The “iconic” revolver, which is believed to have been made in 1837, was described by expert Bill Harriman as “the most important firearm I’ve ever seen on the Roadshow”.

The revolver, which was bought 40 years ago for £150, was brought to The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley in 2017.

Antiques Roadshow | Series 40 Episode 11 | BBC


38 thoughts on “Early Colt revolver valued at £150,000 – Antiques Roadshow – BBC”

  1. Not downfall for Native Americans. In many cases the Native Americans, as he calls them were able to purchase superior weapons and army soldiers were stuck with crappy government issue weapons.

  2. Reed Allyn says:

    Totally undervalued. This gun is worth over a million dollars now. Collectors in the US will pay it because of the rarity where only 1000 were made for US military and 100 were made for general consumption back in the 1830's. This guy doesn't know what he has and should not sell it for $150,000 pounds, which is about $193,000 USD as of May 2019.

  3. I know that the BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK, and this particular program is not currently available, but is the BBC Antiques Roadshow (UK) itself regilarly shown in any other countries apart from the UK, especially is it shown in the USA? Could US viewers have seen the original broadcast program, either live or on catch up TV?

  4. I'm amazed the BBC people didn't run screaming in terror at the sight of that fully automatic, belt-fed, hi-capacity assault weapon.

  5. Should have punched dude in the mouth for cocking it

  6. Open to offers, good on him. Pass it on and go enjoy your retirement.

  7. best i can do is £13.47

  8. 150 thousand thats a lot of money for me.

  9. A similar early Patterson sold at auction n the US for….$1,000,000._ Its worth a lot more in the US.

  10. Oh my god, I want it so bad.

  11. nick garner says:

    That gun isn't worth 150,000 pounds… You can see how bad the barrel is, the condition of the grips and the patina. The Colt Paterson came with 2 barrels, a 7.5 inch barrel and a 9 inch barrel (like this one) Only about 1000 were made before Colt went bankrupt. The earlier (and most valuable) numbers of these were made with the 7.5 barrel, this one is most likely the product of Colt's business partner. After Colt went bankrupt his partner wanted his money back, so he went into the warehouse, took boxes and boxes of parts and started cobbling these together without care for matching numbers. If I had to hazard a guess, without ever seeing this pistol in person, the numbers are probably NOT matching, and if they are it will be in the 900-1000 range. They are still very sought after as only 150-200 are still known to exist, but the figure is closer to the 25,000-40,000 mark, no where CLOSE to 150,000.

  12. The best I can do is 150 bucks and I’m taking a risk here

  13. Funny how the amount its worth takes peoples breath away #peace

  14. Dustin H says:

    get that rust off it

  15. sadtwat says:

    I'm surprised the leftie BBC showed this, all the delicate snowflakes will be complaining about a gun on TV.

  16. well played that man for buying it back in the day.

  17. Antiques roadshow, very civilized compared to pawn stars.

  18. He should sell it and buy a militia.

  19. Mike Loder says:

    What would he do with it next? CLEAN IT you savage. Rust everywhere.

  20. 梁惠鲤 says:

    Shit British Men of Letters does exist.

  21. 1:45 fucking CLONK, id slap him if he did that to my $150,000 gun

  22. Adrian Osler says:

    If that was a revolver of a certain age or less uk law states that you have weld lumps of steel on it to make it a certain length

  23. Crazy, £150,000 for a firearm that new off the shelf in the store must have cost no more than £5

  24. Sal ty says:

    Just a bit of correction if I may…At the Alamo, the US wasn't fighting natives per se, but they were used as infantry by Generalissimo Santa Anna. We were actually fighting Mexico. Brilliant find and wonderful firearm.

  25. Awesome. American history is so cool.

  26. Eli Foust says:

    One of the rare discoveries.

  27. paulo cesar says:

    the Colt of Supernatural

  28. Ian from Forgotten Weapons has two more videos on early Colt prototype revolvers, and much, much more expertise
    For a pair of Colt "Zig-zag" Root revolvers.

  29. Ramon Blackz says:

    Hey let's celebrate a Native American killer gun

  30. British parliament: WE NEED ANTIQUE CONTROL

  31. Robbie_221B says:

    With the right bullets, you could kill anything in the world give or take 5 beings or so

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