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Essential Tools For The Home Mechanic | What Tools You Need To Be A Mechanic!

Here are the tools you need to be a DIY home mechanic! These tools are required for most mechanic work. The tools shown are of high quality and expensive. But here are some links if you want to own the same tools, or go a little cheaper!












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24 thoughts on “Essential Tools For The Home Mechanic | What Tools You Need To Be A Mechanic!”

  1. Orbit Days says:

    Is this pretty much all you need?

  2. Going to start doing my own car work. Did a search on diy mechanic tools and this one of the first vids that popped up and I'm like, dafuq is a spanner and a torch. Of all the lingo I have heard from the brits across the sea, I have to admit I have never heard tools/flashlights called that.

  3. prival fang says:

    You forgot a medium sized 2xaa flashlight best purchase ever, now I know you listed this but you need one that takes batteries, also throw a really cheap pack of Amazon batteries. Not the best but they work

  4. I feel bad for Alicia.

  5. spyralspyder says:

    Well if you don't have an oil filter wrench you can always take out your aggression on the filter by stabbing it with a screwdriver…… You will probably have more aggression later though when you have to buy kitty litter for the driveway.

  6. Isaac Fulton says:

    Truely easier to fins ratchet wrenches than no ratcheting ones

  7. gene ward says:

    The most important thing…… safety glassses.

  8. Ajs1287 says:

    no love for C clamps, Snap ring pliers, torque wrench, hydraulic floor jack?

  9. LoL don't buy tool sets with ratchets. I did and I'm still buying pieces either missing from the set or duplicates because the ones in the kit are too short to provide enough torque.

  10. cardsfanbj says:

    I find it funny that this is a video for DIY essentials, but so many of the featured tools in the video are Snap-on ones. Starting off, stick to the cheaper brands: Snap-on is for pro mechanics, stick to Harbor Freight, or Craftsman.

  11. cardsfanbj says:

    lol, silly Brits, those are wrenches, not "spanners"

  12. Yaa Ushriyah says:

    VERY informative, thank you!

  13. What type of socket set was that? I really like it

  14. Edgar Gaytan says:

    great video … just may be add to your list a rubber hammer

  15. Noggie says:

    Christ that music is fucking awful.

  16. Seth Higgins says:

    Long live Australia from Murica.

  17. Ridzky Asdi says:

    you miss torque wrenches

  18. John Maguire says:

    i just use glue and tape, i call it good

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