Watchs SALE All about watches Exclusiv­e – Repair iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass In 3 Minutes With The New Separator

Exclusiv­e – Repair iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass In 3 Minutes With The New Separator

iPhone X back glass is fragile and difficult to repair because it is connected to the housing with welds and glue.We have already released a video about how to repair iPhone X broken back glass with a special dispergator. Whereas, it is inefficient and the dispergator has not been put in mass production yet. Today we are going to introduce a new separator to fix iPhone X back glass in an easier and more efficient way.Let’s check the video to see how to fix iPhone X glass back with the new arrived iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass Seperator.

Tools and Products Used:
iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass Seperator:
Anti-cutting Glove:
Air Compressor – 30L:
iPhone 8 Back Glass Assembly Replacement:
iPhone 8 Plus Back Glass Assembly Replacement:
iPhone X Back Glass Assembly Replacement:
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30 thoughts on “Exclusiv­e – Repair iPhone 8/8P/X Back Glass In 3 Minutes With The New Separator”

  1. The most common methods for repair techs to fix iPhone 8/8P/X back glass are freezing, heating, dispergator and the new way we introduced today — iPhone Back Glass Separator. Which way have you tried? Which way do you prefer? Leave us a message.

  2. # hondas says:

    its not 3 min beacuse you need to remove all parts and main board so that will be 30 min.

  3. PHONE RUSH says:

    Do you have a machine where I can leave the phone as it is and melt the back off slowly over time?

  4. PHONE RUSH says:

    If I have to take the whole phone apart I'm just gonna buy a new housing anyways, since I've already done the very work I want to avoid ," taking the phone apart"…

  5. Hut Cha says:

    can you make the video How to change the whole back housing please?

  6. 渣渣辉 says:

    那个 用激光烧胶的那个设备有吗.

  7. R.I.P wireless charging :c

  8. How much does this product cost? I couldn’t find it on your website.

  9. iServiceNS says:

    does it work with original housing? this is not original housing

  10. RoNi Ahmed says:

    My Iphone 6s battery problem??

  11. Great Video On iPhone Repair. It's nice to see a good POV to further my knowledge

  12. how much is this machine?

  13. Fried Air says:

    Nice work love you guys!

  14. Pinoy Boy says:

    Best fix ever, don’t break your phone.
    Second best fix ever, get a case.
    Third best fix ever, get insurance.
    Fourth best fix ever, don’t buy expensive phones you can’t afford to insure or fix😂

  15. this is use for only refurbish, not suitable for regular work because this process time consumable assembling n disassembling.

  16. FUG says:

    I went at Apple with my iPhone 8plus to replace the rear housing , 350£ and 1hour Waiting FOR it

  17. SPL PuroOne says:

    Your video is awesome! Even the youtubers [JerryRigEverything] in here! Nice work!

  18. Nadir Iqbal says:

    So when Apple released new models we can get new mold for every model ?
    Or we can only use current models

  19. Андрей says:

    Гениальное решение сзади делать стекло)))) А хрусталь будет?)))))))))

  20. tony chu says:


  21. Alien Fix says:

    Bro just replace the complete housing. Stop making it more complicated than what it actually is

  22. Do you repair the phone or i have to purchase machine?

  23. mm mm says:

    shit, but u still need to remove all the internal components

  24. Carl Rietwyk says:

    Pointless machine if it takes an Hour to disassemble the housing, then having to reassemble, you'd be better off with a heat gun and razor that takes 1 hour tops to remove glass piece by piece

  25. tokekkk says:

    Apple: “that would be $500, thank you.”

  26. Why did you not show the X glass remove? Awesome machine

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