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Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video

Climb aboard Blue Angel 4 in the “slot” position. Situated at the back corner of the Angels’ signature diamond formation, you’ll see the F/A-18 Hornets flying inches from each other as they execute breathtaking maneuvers. (
Blue Angels pilots are renowned for their flying skills and physical fitness. Their bodies endure as many as 8 g’s during the demonstration. “It’s very hard forces on your body,” Frosch said.

USA TODAY caught up with the Blue Angels at the Great Georgia Airshow in late-October. The Blue Angels agreed to mount one of USA TODAY’s specialized camera rigs, designed to capture video in 360 degrees, inside the cockpit of one of their jets. The Blue Angels released the video exclusively to USA TODAY after it was reviewed by the pilots and team.

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So grab your VR headset and buckle in! You’re about to take a ride with the Blue Angels that few have ever experienced!

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44 thoughts on “Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video”

  1. Spot.Golf says:

    You are SuperHeroes! Or Robots 🙂

  2. KS Myth says:

    This was great apart from the fact I had to sit really awkwardly on the toilet to see ahead

  3. JaysZed says:

    yep thats close enough to scare me 🙂 superb skills

  4. Diana Rose says:

    can't play it; just installed Windows 10. WONDERFUL!!!

  5. Glen Towler says:

    I am sure the RAF Red Arrows don't get as close to one another as these guys amazing flying

  6. Aldren Dean says:

    I makes me feel anxious like im really flying ittt

  7. Eric S. says:

    Awesome video. I salute the gents and woman who do this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. James Heslop says:

    And now they're filming themselves deploying chemtrails!!!

    … but seriously, incredibly fantastic video! The future is looking to be something incredible!

  9. hey try to slide rhe video on full sceeen and see what happend next

  10. Was the guy in the back taking selfies?!

  11. Caitie M says:

    its so cool how you can movie the screen

  12. Waouh … Encore plus impressionnant avec la caméra 360 degrés !

  13. Kariboss Lee says:

    You seriously are taking a selfie while flying..loosely hanging in there? oh wow!!

  14. Carl Tyler says:

    This is an absolutely amazing video.

  15. coma13794 says:

    it's getting' real at 2:30 with the wingtip to wingtip separation there.

  16. J. Kehler says:

    Where was this filmed? Would love to be on the golf course when this happened…

  17. Josy Tenger says:

    What camera did you use to film this?

  18. X DeaD4EvR X says:

    this is so awesome 😍

  19. jeff p says:

    That is just way to cool.

  20. Tell to the guy in the back!! NO VERTICAL VIDEOS!!!

  21. t6oberts says:

    What was the camera setup used?

  22. Wow… pretty amazing 🙂

  23. ImSteevin says:

    Make sure to grab the video with your mouse and look around!

  24. How the hell you did this O_O

  25. C G says:

    Absolutetly stunning

  26. This is really cool I always wanted to know what it was like to fly with the Blue Angels, let me pull out my old VR kit now lol

  27. Wayne Povey says:

    I knew they get close but I had no idea it was that close! Wonder if they ever touch?

  28. Nice, cool to see Falcon Field from that angle!

  29. zetec says:

    This is the coolest thing I've seen all week.

    And Fallout 4 came out this week, so that's saying something.

  30. -knock knock
    -who's there
    -my left wing

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