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Exposing China’s Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

China is marrying Big Brother to Big Data. Every citizen will be watched and their behaviour scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history. Matthew Carney reports.

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29 thoughts on “Exposing China’s Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent”

  1. Getta Petta says:


  2. XGN Pizza says:

    So in other words… I can kill someone and then go put a bunch of toilet paper in my cart and I'll be fine?

  3. bad boy says:

    If China and all those countries that want the <<best>> for their citizens were spending that money for schools education e.t.c there wouldn't be a problem with crime..but maybe they just want frightened controlled sheep than thinking healthy people..

  4. Eddie Dagher says:

    This episode of Black Mirror looks great…

  5. MrVangassen says:

    And in 1k years China will still be China and Australia is going to be Pakistan's colony.

  6. elaineg60 says:

    Before you criticize this program; please read and learn about China’s historIES, cultureS and current make-up. I have gotten to know much about these things, as well as the wonderful citizens of China, over the past year and a half. Like most Westerners today, I had also been misled and misinformed by Western media and corporations. I’m an older American lady who hopes to be at least going for a long visit to my Sons new home. My Son became close friends with quite a few Chinese students while he was an “Asian Ambassador” at his university and later worked at a Non-Profit helping students and new immigrants to the US while he pursued his MS in Asian Studies, then his MBA. He had dreamt of returning to China after visiting with his friends 10 years ago. He is moving to China this month to live and work with some of his old friends who know run their own companies.
    I won’t say everything is “perfect” in China-but please, show me one country that IS. The Chinese Govt, WITH the a
    Proval of the majority of its citizens, is only doing what they feel is best for their country. In a country with China’s history, population, differences in ethnicities and cultures, and such rapid expansion; President Xi seems to be doing an excellent job of everything from “opening up”, to poverty alleviation, combatting crime and corruption, advancing faster than any other other country this rapidly in conservation, preservation and restoration of their environment.
    Are there still going to be problems and bumps in the road? Of course. It’s a country of 1.7 Billion diversified people. And their economy has so rapidly grown over 30 years with an aging population; they will have more than their share.
    But, as I said, BEFORE adding to the demonization of these wonderful, hopeful people; do your own research FIRST! AND PLEASE, if you’re an American and immediately want to point out the segment of this piece on the Uighur’s; you’re NOT paying attention OR willing to be honest about how our OWN country is not only treating immigrants like the DACA kids and adults; but how our own minority citizen groups are being treated. Yes, China sends those who show affinity to more extreme forms of Islam to “re-education camps” in the US? If you’re an unarmed black man in the wrong part of town, you may find yourself DEAD. The so-called “Christian prosecution” in China? China has seen an influx (and you can see their videos here on YouTube if you look), of what WE call “Dominionist Christians”, Prosperity Gospel Christians, and other extreme groups of so-called “Christians”, trying to get a piece of China’s new prosperity whilst preaching dissent and very ANTI-Christian policies. My own friends in China have seen some of these people move into poorer villages and exploit and blackmail the people for their own sick propaganda. There are many mainland Chinese on US sites like YouTube who see firsthand how many of these frauds have brainwashed millions of Americans. I, personally, don’t blame them one bit for shutting down and kicking these “Profits” (sic) out of their country.
    You can slam me all you want, I won’t reply to ignorant Westerners who don’t know WTF they’re talking about.
    祝我的中国朋友新年快乐! 祝你今年的爱和繁荣! 😊❤️🎊🎆

  7. Cj James says:

    Same thing will happen in America. Ugly part of digital revolution is inevitable.

  8. Not sure if the comments are filled with Chinese people who are stupid/brainwashed enough to try defending social credit scores and concentration camps or if they are just fake accounts paid for by the Chinese government, either way, reading the comments makes this even scarier

  9. Kinnish says:

    I hate this but muslims are a danger in every society they live

  10. Ben Cheong says:

    Nothing wrong. China is not the first country to monitor its citizen. So don't be envy the advance of China

  11. Kwokman Lam says:

    China will be an orderly society. If you are law abiding citizen there is nothing to be afraid of…..

  12. MI LEMIN says:

    He can still take the normal train dude, and it's not a lot slower. Some people actually owe a lot of money, and they pretend they are innocent.

  13. All 'good' social behavior is interpreted by the state.

  14. This reminds me of Psycho-Pass and Black Mirror lol.

  15. Jedi solo says:

    For people who are ignorant : China is not a normal country it's a dictatorship. The most dangerous the world has ever known in its history. This video can't be watched in China because China blocks youtube and western media. The Chinese cyber army trolls all over Youtube and posts hate comments towards the west . Chinese nationalists and wumao are the worst enemy of the world. Don't let them fool you and the world.

  16. Beer Brewer says:

    Bots, bots everywhere.

  17. michael lu says:

    A debt beat with a re-creation, very credible. That is what democraps use to blackmail others.

  18. My's XoXo says:

    This is scary considering I just watched a whole documentary on forced organ harvesting in China. This is a great idea but humans and greed for power can not be trusted.

  19. V M says:

    Amazing how Dan, Dan is so ready to allow her life to be completely taken over by the state.. Brain washing is truly evil..

  20. lol can u imagine f muslims in a state like this ?>?? ahaha credit score 0 and imminent danger to the society ahahaha

  21. michael lu says:

    Only the democrap countries like guns roaming on the streets so their politicians will be looked upon as Saviors.

  22. Time to watch the governments that want privacy. Not a Gunrunner or Crime Cartel like some governments
    Who cares if they know what i eat.

  23. Total Transparency fixes this and US abuses. Watch the Watchers Cameras and AI catch criminals and politicians want privacy. to hide bribes

  24. The Chinese system is much better then US privateo FICO score used by Banks to control people. People are Blacklisted in the US as Well by private companies and government

  25. (如果他们有一个黑名单,那么我已经在它上面了)
    (if they had a black list then I was already on it)

  26. Ahmed Samhan says:


  27. michael lu says:

    In China the cameras are working against the criminals, in US the cameras are working to control people.

  28. Pooooooor Fandandan. Little is she aware that she can not live forever, but during her years she will do her part to enslave all those who come after.
    In the West she would be known as a liberal.

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