Watchs SALE All about watches Extreme Flamethrower Olympic Games! (Scrap Mechanic #361)

Extreme Flamethrower Olympic Games! (Scrap Mechanic #361)

Welcome everyone to the first ever Scrap Mechanic Flamethrower Olympics! Today we are competing in various flame competitions where each person has to use their completely flammable vehicle to battle the flames in different events!





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33 thoughts on “Extreme Flamethrower Olympic Games! (Scrap Mechanic #361)”

  1. ScrapMan says:

    This episode was LIT

  2. Kayden Lasko says:

    whats the mod called?

  3. Mini Kc123 says:

    Battle cars with flamethrowers

  4. werts18 says:

    Can you link the mod?

  5. Holy Armor says:

    Hi , I made very big flying ship
    May you see ?

  6. Finn K says:

    3:02 The quality of the garage decorations has been steadily declining…


  7. CreeperRoid says:

    300th like omg I loved the video!

  8. Job Ruijten says:

    Realy this is Some HOT stuff XD

  9. János Bohus says:

    1 have an idea! No Seat and no buttons (or switces) challenge! (sry 4 bad english)

  10. Kan Gaming? More like Kan Flaming
    *cue annoying spongebob laugh*

  11. MR Funkyy_P says:

    What's the link to the MOD they have

  12. The stairs coudnt handle the heat either

  13. what was the Mod you was using for the Flamethrower

  14. LUCA DINERO says:

    Do something where you equip hovercraft with flamethrowers and fight with those

  15. The jumping part was so intense

  16. The Rawhide says:

    Goodness gracious great balls of fire

  17. Wheres moonbo and comodo?

  18. kAN, can you try the Modular Tank Shells mod?

  19. this reminds me of a game that I think was called fire bug

  20. Does anyone else think his creation looks like the batmobile from Batman v Superman?

  21. Kan with the military armed vehicle

  22. 4:56 anyone else hear brownie?

  23. I'm sorry to say
    But I think both of you need to get a refresher on exactly how fire works

  24. Man, that was pretty LITTT 🕯🕯🔥🔥🔥

  25. Redo that mm where you destroyed a vehicle and built one to se how far it could go, but this time with spud guns and cardboard instead

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