Watchs SALE All about watches FAIL Blog: Trusting A Mechanic FAIL

FAIL Blog: Trusting A Mechanic FAIL

Walk in thinking you’re going to make an easy $5, walk out with a back injury.

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28 thoughts on “FAIL Blog: Trusting A Mechanic FAIL”

  1. Inge VS says:

    never trust your mechanic lol

  2. bon15914 says:

    "that was not worth five dollars"…. no shit bud

  3. dadavemyster says:

    You said Mechanic..
    That's Valvoline..
    That's like callin the guy grilling at McDonalds a Chef haha

  4. SkanMLL says:

    ow that hurt that was not worth 5 dollars

  5. BboyTetra1 says:

    you can use your email…

  6. Wildlife says:

    Must be Jiffy Lube…no business.

  7. jmings87 says:

    Hence him saying "now" i.e. not 4 months ago.

  8. Peter E says:

    Haha, that seriously seemed familiar.

  9. FlipAndLand says:

    The button order. 1 being green, 2 being red, 3 being yellow…

  10. MrDsaman says:

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  11. fyrebyrd301 says:

    Kids that change oil in your car can hardly be considered mechanics. As a matter of fact , you are likely to need a real mechanic after visiting one of those quick lube places.

  12. brian1984hb says:

    the laugh is funny! xDD

  13. GroovyShrek says:

    how did they get a laughing hyena to shoot this

  14. HuMuSuX says:

    could've gone a lot worse lol

  15. AvlisadSirk says:

    @callumskater1 Cool trick, works on the dislike button too!

  16. The Bossman says:

    @ClayMoreNoobs remember account details?

  17. jack rumore says:

    fucking love his laugh! 😛

  18. @callumskater1 WHOA! My mouse magically moved to the dislike thumb!

  19. Nathan Stone says:

    sure it was….. u did it for 5 dollars… haha!

  20. jorge10928 says:

    I bet this is at one of those Kwik Kar Lube and Tune places. They're fucking horrible.

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