Watchs SALE All about watches Farm Girl and the Washing Machine Repair Man pump issue

Farm Girl and the Washing Machine Repair Man pump issue


Farm Girl and the Washing Machine Repair Man. This is the second pump repair Exoman has had to make on the Amana washing machine in the past year or so. He teases Farm Girl about sabotaging him by not checking the pockets of the laundry.

Exoman shows how to drain and open a front load washing machine tub using a wet vacuum. He then removes the pump and this time he finds some chewed up plastic in the impeller housing. He cleans the pump and frees it of debris. He replaces it and the washer works. It cycles and runs fine.

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37 thoughts on “Farm Girl and the Washing Machine Repair Man pump issue”

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    This is my most favorite repair video ever

  5. Goose Ganso says:

    she could as hot as hell but that house needs some real cleaning but maybe she's busy working out those abs theres no time for cleaning

  6. Craig Milan says:

    I would pay her to let me work on it

  7. taffyboy07 says:

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  8. I want a farm girl of my own. Either that or learn how to fix washers.

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  10. Don Warner says:

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  11. I Vote says:

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    Less washing machine & more farm girl.

  18. Gunn Burn says:

    Next episode: Farm Girl and the plumber man humping issue.

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