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Fiber optic cables: How they work

Bill uses a bucket of propylene glycol to show how a fiber optic cable works and how engineers send signal across oceans. More info at You can translate captions at

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32 thoughts on “Fiber optic cables: How they work”

  1. can you do something on black bodies

  2. lobomuerto11 says:

    I shoulda gone into engineering…


  4. Could this work with water?

  5. Chamsou says:

    Amazing video and explanation, great work, thank you so much.

  6. any body has idea about OM6000 NC4000 fiber nodes?

  7. Bill, I must have missed a couple weeks of school along the way. You got a new subscriber.

  8. This show should be in discovery channel!

  9. Tech Beats says:

    My name is ameer abdulvahab..
    Can you please provide me your email address?

  10. @2:35 The audio says 1600 meters / second, but the captioning says 1600 meters per minute. I'm interested to know which one is correct – either is really fast, but obviously one is way faster than the other.

  11. Science is the biggest leap to humanity

  12. Total internal reflection

  13. stewie3128 says:

    This is a phenomenal explanation. Subscribed!

  14. Harun rashid says:

    Here in India every child learns this in school but seldom sees a fiber optic cable in real life.
    It might as well be made out of cheese.Whats the purpose of such education i wonder?

  15. troy millay says:

    I have always been facinated by fiber optics. I remember when faxing came out . That too blew my mind.

  16. But it is harmful to human tissues, is that true?

  17. The world is getting dumber because of less of this educational videos.

  18. brehhh. this is awesome

  19. Shroom Duke says:

    You know, I put creamer in my radiator too!

  20. Ken Heart says:

    Brilliant explanation, intelligently presented – Thank You

  21. Then those sharks with their electroreceptors were like “mmm, look at those yummy cables!”

  22. Always Smile says:

    You are awesome keep it going,with interesting and new topics

  23. Matescium says:

    Why this phenomena don't happen with water instead of propylene

  24. I love it. But I need an ELI5 version. Lol

  25. Cherian Jo says:

    Wow i am learning about this in 11th and this gave the whole idea vividly kudos!!!!

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