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Fiberglass Hull Repair

The experts at Metan Marine Restoration show how to repair a small section of damaged hull, right down to the new gelcoat application. Check out the full article at

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44 thoughts on “Fiberglass Hull Repair”

  1. Gypsy Paz says:

    I think you need a bigger trailer

  2. I keep reading comments about the cost.  BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand. Especially at a marine shop.  I'm redoing a early 60s MFG from the hull up, and so far, after doing a complete transom replacement, new floors, some body work (a few small rot-thru areas) and paint,  have spent less than $500.  Why?  How?  Doing the work myself.  No offense, but boat repair shops are like auto body shops…rip-offs.

  3. The fiberglass mats must be in opposite directions. the small first and then the mid big and finally the big one. and do not use that much mix it will make the repair poor

  4. Ham Bone says:

    feels like I have fiberglass in my eyes just from watching.

  5. dats the price up there in bwoston.

  6. Shit When I was a welder, for me to supply everything from consumables to welding rig my boss would charge 80$ an hour. 100$ an hour for fibreglass repair seems pretty steep, but if I was loaded I would want my investment fixed perfectly and then the 100$ wouldn’t seem like much.

  7. Noam Pitlik says:

    Cargo shorts convention.

  8. Ugh, the New England accent… vomit

  9. Marley Klein says:

    Omg! Ever heard of Cabosil??

  10. drawing looks like a vagina

  11. camel sellam says:

    Thanks for the good work .

  12. Easy Fix says:

    Hey everyone! If anyone has any need to do a Seacast transom repair on a large boat with a v8 I/O Mercruiser, I made a video about my repairs. I had a really hard time finding information on how-to repairs for transoms. I watched this video a bunch of times and learned how to fix a hole in my boat. I just thought I would drop a hyperlink here, maybe it could help out the next guy. 🙂

  13. Tyler Jensen says:

    Well, Glade I went to school for composites, figured my 88 bayliner with 12 spots for me to repair-thought it be difficult…guess not. same as school.

  14. Don Ching says:

    this repair is not correct, you are supposed to add the smaller layer first, then the bigger pieces. the layers need to bond to the hull separately over lapping each other. if you put the bigger piece on first it is only one layer bonding to the hull all other repair plies are on top of the large piece.

  15. CK_32 says:

    Does this guy even realize he put the layers on backwards? The biggest layer is on top not bottom. That's what lost the most material. IMO this is kind of a shit repair job. Not the worst but a lot of things they did weren't the best.

  16. God in heaven where did that horrendous accent ever come from?

  17. i'll do that repair within 1 to 2 hours in 110 degree weather, talking about it takes 4 hours and with this heat of 80 degrees please

  18. Metan marine does awesome work. They turn old whalers into brand new works of art and also make their own whalers. 👍

  19. No Name says:

    fiberglass remains stronger when pulled from the mat vs. cut

  20. Excellent viewing for a newby.

  21. ArT2Oo0 says:

    thanks for showing us how its done

  22. ArT2Oo0 says:

    100 dollars an hour yeah these guys are out of their minds

  23. Great video on Sunfish hull repair. Just what I needed. Finished product looked amazing. Am also looking for info on how to find hull leaks on a Sunfish.

  24. Wouldn't want your dingy to sink sitting in the habah

  25. Yea I have been working on my boat for 4 days now but I did put in a new floor lol

  26. John Morgan says:

    It is a 30 year old boat.  Learn to do it yourself.  Do your best and let that be that.  If it comes apart again, no big deal…do it again.

  27. mrkrharris says:

    Why didnt he add the patch pieces from small to large to have the last one cover the entire patch?

  28. scotie dosent now that fiona and me do it in my van every sunday..she tells him shes at church but he dosent that shes on her knees every sunday..
    scotie dosent now

    great job scotie 🙂

  29. James Swan says:

    thank you, great job on the footage.

  30. Great step by step, EXCEPT… I don't think it would've taken more than an hour for that particular repair. If it were a big boat, and required a lot of handling to flip the boat over etc., but reality is it couldn't have taken more than 30-45 minutes of actual labor, hardening/drying etc. Maybe another hour, but that's not manual labor. MY BIGGEST concern in that repair was that he didn't wet the repair itself. You should ALWAYS apply the resin to the repair before laying the glass, or you can bet there are voids under the first sheet. There just wasn't enough resin on the glass itself to adhere to that repair. Even if there was, ALWAYS wet the repair down first for proper bonding. It may be the most important step after grinding/cleaning the repair area (which was a good job). Overall, the video showed most of the important steps, it's really just the wetting of the repair before applying that first piece of FIBERGLASS that had me yelling at the screen LMAO! I'm looking for some video tricks on how to properly repair the STRAKES on a PWC after about ripping it completely off. Problem is, it's not accessible from the inside, as the hole is under the motor mount, which is epoxied on VERY THICK. I'm thinking this needs to be removed, which will quadruple the time to repair, and be a huge job due to re-aligning the motor mount plate properly, as well as sealing it down. Was hoping to find a "trick of the trade" somewhere, to see if something could be a solid repair from the outside of the hole, with only the hole size being the access to the inside of hull otself… hard to explain…

  31. PrimeLyfe says:

    He mixed up so much resin for "sech" a small repair.

  32. Luis Haro says:

    lmao 4 hours for that repair??? I'll do a repair like that in 1 hour lmfao even tho i make 40 an hour, respect the customers, stop ripping them off assholes

  33. Thanks, thorough demonstration. Appreciate that you edited this to be a clear and detailed help.

  34. 2manysecrets says:

    Excuse my ignorance, new to boats, however i would prefer to work with wood any day over fiberglass…I hate that stuff..I don't care how much maintenance wood requires.

    And any fool that would pay $500 for this should not own boats..ah, perhaps they should..the industry needs cars and everything else I suppose.

  35. Excellent video, I will follow these steps to make my repair. Directions and printed material are too complicated to follow and keep straight without experience and knowing which products to use.

  36. junk can says:

    $500 is a lot. The quality of work was great, but how do you justify $500?

  37. Tony Stark says:

    0:45: "…go about fixing sech a problem."  sech?  really?

  38. Thanks for putting this video up. Good to see how the pro's do it.

  39. Yeap these are the steps a fiberglass guy taught me years ago when I left school
    nothing to hard about it just technique as always
    Skim coat is just a fine car bog or talc and qcell mixed with polyester resin

  40. ny isles says:

    this might just be the worst iv seen yet. I understand not giving away all trade secrets. but. non informative at all guys. and by the way. even in video color was was off. should have started with straight white and added yellow ocra and red ocra and. always always always. wet out the surface with resin before you put your Matt down you need a chemical as well as physical bond.

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