Watchs SALE All about watches Fitbit Blaze vs Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3 Review (Best Fitness Watch Comparison)

Fitbit Blaze vs Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3 Review (Best Fitness Watch Comparison)

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Fitbit Blaze vs Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3 Review (Best Fitness Watch Comparison). In this video, Jeff covers the Fitbit Versa vs Blaze and Fitbit Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3. He discusses the features for all three smartwatches and how they compare. The Fitbit Versa offers on-board music storage and playback as well as the Fitbit Coach app that provides personalized training plans and workouts. The Blaze is a little older than the Versa but is still a great sportwatch. The Blaze’s big advantage is price. The Garmin vivoactive 3 has GPS built-in as well as GLONASS. Overall, Jeff likes all three fitness watches. We’ll see if they land on the list for Best Fitness Watch 2019 or Best GPS Watch 2019. Thanks for watching.

Fitbit Versa Review:

Fitbit Versa Review

Garmin vivoactive 3 Review:

Garmin vivoactive 3 Review

Fitbit Blaze Review:

Fitbit Blaze Review – The New Fitness Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa vs Blaze vs Garmin vivoactive 3 Comparison:

Fitbit Versa vs Blaze & Garmin Vivoactive 3

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42 thoughts on “Fitbit Blaze vs Versa vs Garmin vivoactive 3 Review (Best Fitness Watch Comparison)”

  1. Sophia Rose says:

    Fitbit Versa! Love these videos they helped a ton when deciding what watch to buy!

  2. dobb 78 says:

    which the best … u think

  3. Totally getting the Garmin.

  4. Dallas Dal says:

    I like the Versa's Charger, it's easy to connect the watch, just pinch the charger and drop the Versa in it. Garmin is a pain, my Vivoactive HR+ is a pain to connect to the charger, you have to hook one side of the watch and then snap it in on the other side and I always put it in backwards the first time and have to flip it around. The Touch screen is messed up on the Vivoactive HR+ sp I got the Versa for X-mas, all around it's better than the Vivoactive HR+ but the Vivoactive HR+ is still a good watch but not much use with a bad touch screen and it costs 99 buck to fix or replace it(I assume Garmin just gives you another Refurbished one) and I can get another refurbished one for 50 bucks more. Like the Versa I also had connection problems with the Vivoactive HR+ to my watch more so than the Versa which the App will run slowly from time to time and like you said the watch is sometimes sluggish, but not so bad that it 's frustratingly unbearable.
    I do like how the Vivoactive HR+ has built in GPS including the Russian technologist GPS and will last 5 to 7 days on a a charge I got the Special Edition. I wish the Versa had the ability to chose on the watch more than one watch face lie the Vivoactive HR+, it's a pain having to use the App every time you want to change watch faces on the Versa, having to wait for it to download and then install on the watch. On the Vivoactive HR+ you install the watch faces on the watch and then can quickly switch between them without going through the Phone App..

  5. I owned three Fitbit products and all of them stopped working properly within a year so I got sick of taking them back and switched to Garmin. My forerunner 235 has lasted 3 years without any issues and is way more accurate than any of the Fitbit products I had. Fitbit would either over or under estimate my steps by a lot (I don’t mind a bit of error but they were really off sometimes ). Fitbit have probably improved a lot since then but I won’t go near them again. Interesting how personal experiences shape your opinion. Some people swear by Fitbit, but not me. I have bought Garmin as presents for family and they love them too.

  6. Flo Wood says:

    These videos are so useful , I was considering getting the Fitbit versa and now you have really told me some good things about it 👍

  7. Joseph Eagan says:

    Bought a brand new versa device only on eBay $80 then a band and charger separate. New versa total = $95 USD

  8. I ❤️ my Versa. I have GPS on my phone so I can do without it on my wrist lol.

  9. TYPICAL Solo says:

    Why doesn’t he do giveaways

  10. Which of these has the highest screen contrast / larger font – found vivoactive he 2 hard to read without reading glasses unless in bright conditions

  11. I think versa bc if I go on a run I’m bringing my phone just in case of emergency and the music storage is good for working out in the gym where gps is not needed.

  12. taylor lupa says:

    Fitbit because you can actually buy it without going bankrupt

  13. Mr Man says:

    I think just get the Garmin and versa, one for each hand !

  14. Caitlin Park says:

    Thank you so much for doing videos like this, they have helped me choose what Fitbit I would like to get.

  15. Ilove dancy says:

    If i buy the regular fitbit versa , do i have starbucks – payment also ? Like dis? Bc thats only i looking for .

  16. Rene Spector says:

    I've used a few FitBits, most recently the Charge 2 and they always stop being good, or the algorithm just doesn't seem to work as well. I do a daily 2.6 mile walk, the same every time, and my steps are off by 1300-1700, so I have to manually enter it. Tired of all that. I've heard the Garmin is more accurate, hoping that is true. I also love the lightweight & round design of the Garmin. Since this video was made, Garmin released the Vivoactive3 Music. Thanks for the video!

  17. I have the Garmin and well worth it.

  18. Kenny G says:

    I think the versa is the best, but it's too expensive here in Canada. It's $250, which is out of my price range. Guess I'll have to wait to see what the next tracker will be.

  19. Sounded like you are very pro towards Fitbit… and heres a really nice big picture of Fitbit at the start… with you saying you think its the most popular- I'd personally stay away from being so bias and not vouch your opinion other wise it looks like your being paid by Fitbit… but personally I'd have a Garmin FR235 it has just about every thing…. or the Fenix5 if you have the pennies

  20. Hey Jeff, what about phone compatibility? Because I used to own fitbit flex and it stopped working after my phone got updated to Android Marshmallow. Also, which one has the best endurance? I am looking at an upgrade from vivoactive. Thanks.

  21. 74beef says:

    Switched from versa to active, couldn't be happier. Garmin app takes some getting used to but there's considerably more information provided by Garmin for running

  22. I just bought the Mobvoi TicWatch S and it's doing well so far…pretty detailed info on fitness, connects to all Google services and I'm liking it!

  23. Keith Fogle says:

    I was really leaning towards the Versa or the Vivoactive3 but Walmart has the fitbit blaze on clearance for $124 had to grab one at that price point.

  24. There are loads of 3rd party wristband suppliers for Fitbit typically £10 or less

  25. L ours says:

    No gps on the Fitbit! So why local music storage if you have to take your phone with you to run? I’m looking for booth gps and music. Still no smartwatch for me

  26. I’m getting a Fitbit versa today

  27. I'm wondering how following programmed workouts compare between the vivoactive 3 and the versa? In your review of VA3 you mention you can create custom workouts and I know you can get Fitbit Coach on the versa. I'm not sure if you can create and follow your own workouts on versa and you didn't cover in this video which is the better option on that feature. I currently own the VA3 and have a lot of issues with it, but it's definitely worth the $300 alone to have my workouts on my wrist. Wondering if I should switch to the versa?

  28. Fredrik Lax says:

    Fitbit does have compabillity issues with android phones.
    Is it the same with Garmin?

  29. Rocker says:

    Riz, I want to know the name of your shirt's company.

  30. Used your app and picked up a Vivoactive 3! Love the videos btw! I love the GPS, all of the extra stats and for me the way Garmin puts your Activities front a center is much more motivating to me 🙂 . (Fitbit kind of hides them away) I really love looking at my activities on the Garmin monthly calendar :), especially when training for a race. There is only one thing I am missing from the Garmin app… I can't for the life of me figure out how to properly track a Bodyweight, CrossFit style workout 🙁 on the Garmin. If you have any tips, it appears a lot of people are having this problem 🙏 Huge fan! Keep kicking ass my friend!👊💪

  31. I have had all three of these watches, in my opinion Fitbit Versa has been the best out of them.

  32. Hey Riz, can you comment on the “always on” display on the Garmin vs. the “need to wake” display on the Fitbit Versa, especially during running. I have a Garmin Forerunner 230, and really like the “always on” display and am wondering if I can give that feature up.

  33. What’s the point of having on board storage for music if you have to bring your phone with you to get GPS anyways.

  34. Josh Calhoun says:

    A Blaze with true GPS would be perfect.

  35. mnpyton says:

    Review all about the Versa..

  36. Drrck11 says:

    The Versa doesn't have built-in GPS. That's a deal breaker for me. For serious runners, recommend the Fitbit Ionic.

  37. I don’t want to run with my phone, yet I only have Spotify so it’s a pain in the ass.

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