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FIX Kia and Hyundai Flip Key HOW TO repair

This video is made to help you. We’ll show you how to repair your own key, but be warned. The transponder chip is normally glued well into the key. On this video is comes out unusually easily, so don’t be fooled.
***WARNING*** If you break the chip, the car will not start, so only attempt this if you have a spare, or you are really brave. We use a soldering iron to melt the plastic, so please be careful if you do this. A hot soldering iron touching the bone after slipping with it, really hurts….
If you would like us to fix your key by post, follow the link to find out more..

If you have an American Rio, you may not have a chip in the key.

Good luck!

47 thoughts on “FIX Kia and Hyundai Flip Key HOW TO repair”

  1. Bag Man says:

    Thank you so much you saved me exactly $746.00AUD. The ripoff Kia agent was going to charge me $275.00AUD for each fob and $117.00AUD to reprogram each fob.That's $784.00AUD. I purchased two fobs for $9.00 each + $20 postage and handling.that's $38.00AUD + 2 minutes to watch your video and copy the steps. Thanks again Great stuff

  2. Could I just get the new key blade cut then keep old remote this with transponder on same keyring?

  3. Raj Sandhar says:

    How can I get a transponder? Do I have to go to Hyundai or is there another cheaper option?
    Didn't know that you had to take the Hyundai badge of the key first and then un screw that little screw before opening it because I ripped opened my key fob.

  4. I'm stuck at 4:21 how do I put the old key into the new one? (My old 'key flip' system one is broken so I can't just use that).
    I don't know how to get that pin out so I can get rid of the flat key and put in my car key.
    Hope that makes sense…

  5. What if we lose the plastic cover over the chip? Will it mean we won't be able to star the car?

  6. Rob Frankel says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great video. One thing I was wondering…. does doing this affect your warranty in any way?

  7. Shaun K says:

    Kia Rio 2011 – Had to cut/snap the old outer casing as it was glued shut! and the transponder was glued to the little removable part which was great. thanks for the video!

  8. Thank you very much for the help…

  9. Łukasz says:

    Opening the case was easy on my key, removing the blade wasn't that's hard – i used a nail. But I'm afraid of removing the transponder. Is there any other way to do that instead od melting the plastic?

  10. Dee Johnson says:

    Great video, took me 6 hours to open the case because some bright spark (cretin) glued the whole case together! Two blisters and three stab wounds later, I have a perfectly functional key! Thanks!

  11. Jim Randall says:

    HI, Can I just replace the blade. My fob is in good condition but the blade holder has broken.

  12. My original key was super glued shut, had to take a mini saw blade and carefully cut it open. Also no transponder in 2013 KIA Sportage.

  13. Sean Bailey says:

    How’d u take the pin out of the blade

  14. Thanks a lot car key man! I didn't have all the tools you've had at your disposal, but I was nevertheless able to change my two keys having watched your video at least 3 times. Very clear step by step explanation and very clear video. Saved me something like 250€ each (in France) + reprogramming (labor expenses). Net estimated gain: 550€ for the two keys.

  15. Nomad Nomad says:

    Great video. Prying case open with pliers helped and I would have missed the chip altogether, thinking it was inside the cover thingy that comes out easily.

  16. We have a car type Kia Rio 2013 has its key Is there another key inside the car to run it

  17. هل يوجد مفتاح احتياط لكيا ريو 2013 وشكرا

  18. Thai Dzung says:

    thanks you very much!

  19. Rory Hopkins says:

    Thanks, my case broke in two when I tried using the snap ring rings. It appears it was glued or plastic welded at Kia factory, but the chip came out easy though. FYI 2013 Kia Canada has transponder chips, identical US version do not.

  20. Jenspa says:

    Thank you so much! This was super helpful. I got lucky, once i finally got the case opened the chip and the transponder flew on the table. That felt like a miracle after i saw how difficult it is to get the transponder from the old case. Awesome!

  21. BRILLIANT. Just done this for my 2010 Cee'd, worked a treat, am off to get the new blank keys cut (blanks cost £3.50 each off Ebay) – opening the old keys was a nightmare, they'd been glued shut so the case broke, fortunately the transponder wasn't glued at all! Fantastic work, guys.

  22. Don Paulos says:

    Wonder what models and years have the chip. My 2015 Sorento does not. I am trying to replace the key on that model year fob that broke. I still have the key and a replacement fob coming. Key works fine without the fob so I know it does not have need a chip.

  23. Hello, I ordered in aliexpress for very less price. While changing I burned the chip as well. Now I have only one spare key with chip. Now how do I make a new chip which works in my car? All I have now is the metal key.

  24. Strange thing is happening. I changed but my car doesn’t start. What’s went wrong?

  25. gabrielwhite says:

    hi so now ive replaced everything and let a key maker copie the key. When ive put the key in the ignition hole and turn it the car want turn on. It only tries to start like ihihihihihihihih…… When i try the old key it starts flawelessly. Do i have to lear the new key? Ive took out the batterie once. Is it because of that?

  26. Thanks for posting. Thumbs up from me. I was having a tough time trying to open up the fob. After watching your video, I used some regular pliers and forced it open (feeling lucky I didnt break anything). I did not have the reverse pliers that you have.

  27. john Gaffney says:

    Thanks for your help, it was a bit fiddly but I got there in the end and now have a brand new key at very low cost.

  28. When I took the old remote apart (2011 Kia Soul), there was no chip in it.  I put the circuit board and battery in the new shell with the blank key and it works fine.  How can the remote work with no chip?

  29. Wow you make it look so simple! I haven’t been to Kia to ask how much it will be yet as I feel like I already know they are going to charge loads! Where can you buy the new key bit?
    Do you ever the repairs for people yourself if they are local?

  30. Steve thanks for the video. Can you not just replace the hinge part from an aftermarket key on the existing key? Your advice would be great as I have this issue. This way the chip can stay?

  31. Sir i want job i am key meker

  32. Thank you sooo much, you just saved me $330.00 Plus Taxes. I had never done anything like this before, you just made it look so easy so I ordered the case & now it's working Great, Thanks Again I am so happy I have my remote working again 🙂 . Have a Good Day!

  33. adam davis says:

    Thanks for this. The blade came out of my key as you demonstrated in the video but the rest of the fob was all good. There was no need to transfer the transponder and circuit board to the new fob, I simply put the old blade back into the old fob just using the new button and blade holder

  34. Gagan Jindal says:

    Remote matching video make with sbb silca machine

  35. hey mate, you have saved my life mate, thank you.

  36. omg this was SUCH A BIG HELP!

  37. Stiguel says:

    What's the metal thing he is connecting the key to called at 4:47 mine broke and I was wondering if they sell those

  38. went to Timpsons and the guy did it all. wonderful service for £35.

  39. f0ggy2006 says:

    Great Demo thank you very much.

  40. Thank you!!! This video helped me replace my 2011 Kia Soul case. The key broke just like in the video and the dealer wanted $400 Candian for a new key! I initially glued the key back in with Gorilla glue until I realized I could purchase just the empty shell. I purchased one for $2.99 USD from China off ebay and was unsure if it would ever arrive, but once it did I searched and found this amazing video!!! The hardest part was opening the original KIA case. I think my key was actually a solid mold, so I had to heat the plastic and cut it open! The 2nd hardest part was removing the pin for the key. I actually had to take it to a Jeweller, who had to heat the metal to get the pin out. He put my old key in, and replaced the pin with a new one for $5. I was so thrilled when I put everything together and it worked!! I was afraid I might have damaged the circuit board when I was trying to cut the case open, but everything works like a charm! THANK YOU for making this video and putting it out there.

  41. Lakhbir Gill says:

    My remote sancer is loss wt I do ? Help me

  42. c0uchsl0uch says:

    Can a key cutter cut the key while its still attached to the fob?

  43. Do the American models not have the black chip inside the fob?

  44. Thank you. Perfect step by step instructions.

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