Watchs SALE All about watches Flamethrower Olympics of Fire! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep 115

Flamethrower Olympics of Fire! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep 115

Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Today we are using the new Flamethrower from the Modpack BETA to create the most lit version of the Olympics ever seen. We have the flaming dash, the flaming long jump, and the flaming high jump! The goal is to basically not get destroyed by fire. But somehow we keep ending up getting destroyed by fire. Don’t play with fire. You will get destroyed…

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What is Scrap Mechanic?

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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26 thoughts on “Flamethrower Olympics of Fire! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep 115”

  1. Okay help me figure out what happened to camodo

  2. Kornél :D says:

    PLS LINK the flame thrower mod

  3. Dylan Taylor says:

    Could you make the volume louder I use a Wii U for media and the volume didn't have much controller and everyone can turn volume down but not everyone can put it up

  4. Danny Xiong says:

    I like your video's <3 <3<3

  5. Danny Xiong says:

    Hey scrap man make a planes wing on fire please

  6. 0 2 says:

    how did you get the flamethrower?

  7. Carlos Munar says:

    13:58 KaNs car connected and looked really cool

  8. Dubsmax Jr says:

    Do flame thrower battles!!!!

  9. Scrapman you are the best!

    You make my day when I’m depressed…

    Thank you and keep up the good work

  10. Remember when the devs fixed the multiplayer? Yeah, I think they need to try again…

  11. I was kinda low key hoping one of them would just suddenly pop a nuke out at some point.

  12. You could make an extending scissor mechanism using bearings to jump. Technically not pistons.

  13. Fire Eyes says:

    Was the flamethrower added in an update or is it a mod

  14. 3:00 Just to be clear: combining a piston with a lever.

    Legal or illegal?

  15. Kan 13 Scrap Man 12 round 2 Kan 0 Scrap Man 1

  16. Eggs Gaming says:

    What mod did you use?

  17. I can feel the intensity

  18. Adam Brown says:


  19. Make a laser tag game with the spud gun

  20. Check out RoboCraft. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Steam! Like if you remember roblox

  21. hey, scrapman, i was looking at one of the community build showcases you did and one of the builds had a furnace or smelting chamber, now with the flamethrower, could use it to build a sort of wood-creation destroying furnace or something. just a build idea.

  22. Panzer 999 says:

    fight with flamethrowers on some vihicles please

  23. Kan’s vehicle was so heavy and yours was pretty light

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