Watchs SALE All about watches FOR SALE – Patek Philippe World Time 5110J – Just back from Patek Factory Service US$26,000-

FOR SALE – Patek Philippe World Time 5110J – Just back from Patek Factory Service US$26,000-

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25 thoughts on “FOR SALE – Patek Philippe World Time 5110J – Just back from Patek Factory Service US$26,000-”

  1. Brendan Long says:

    Damn Arch, cant you just hold on to it? This is terrible.

  2. Sam Sam says:

    4:30 yeh but I bet you do though.

  3. Tom Mayberry says:

    If I never see your bare ankles again, it will be too soon. That was horrific

  4. You can buy this in a Singapore maxicash pawnshop for US$13,500. It is not such a great collector's item because the world time cities are all outdated. The PP manufacturers are lost in ancient history. Most of the cities mentioned like Dakka (Dacca), the Azores, Bangkok and Denver are politically unimportant anymore in our new geopolitical landscape. They should be replaced to reflect the power/financial centres in the respective time zones. Like Singapore instead of Bangkok. You want to sell these excellent watches? Go market to new cities of power and influence. A time piece is supposed to mark the passage of history as well as keeping excellent time. Time – a commodity so precious to successful and distinctive people.
    And yes, don't sell such a great watch wearing shorts with gaping hole. You're down in the dumps? You want to attract a roadside towkay from Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur or a moneylender from the heartland of Singapore?
    Hesitant, half hearted presentation Arch, and cheap too. Have a bit of panache and Pay the full return fare. It looks better for you. And you don't have to wear a tux.

  5. Roamy360 says:

    I'll trade you straight up: your Patek for my Squale. And I'll throw in a good MVMT, Daniel Wellington, and NTH just to make you feel good about yourself.

  6. Alison Smith says:

    Rolex GMT. Far more practical. Don’t see the point of a world timer.

  7. Chad Francis says:

    Will give you $18,000 USD cash

  8. JDave Foster says:

    Grande Phistique by Patek Philippe!

  9. maximous4520 says:

    I’ll give you a bucket of KFC chicken I’ve already half eaten for it.

  10. Polar Roller says:

    Archie……do not sell your Patek!

  11. Kevin Smith says:

    Put on my Patek to eat KFC

  12. Jack Black says:

    it took 15 min for patek to lube the watch, and 3 months to get all the ladyboy semen and fecal residue removed from all watch crevices.

  13. Bee Whoop says:

    I’ll trade you 5 Alpinists for it.

  14. I have a Casio which does more than this PP and it's more accurate

  15. The Gorn says:

    You never actually own a Patek Philippe – you just bathe it in KFC grease until the bank threatens repossessing your carpet beetle dunghole of a home.

  16. Drew Smith says:

    He don't wanna wear that strap on ..ok we see

  17. 0 08 The face digits are out of alignment in Rotary fashion Is that normal?

  18. So the grail watch that you would never sell is now up for sale. Brilliant.

  19. Les Gourlay says:

    on 29 Nov ( the day after this one ) you put up a video " you are not a wrist watch guru until you own a Patek Philippe"
    are you losing track of time ? have you more than one of these PP's ?  or are you taking the p*ss ? c'mon Archie give
    us some consistency or explain please……………..26,000 dollars or F**k off , I can just see you working behind the
    counter of a high class jewellers on a Saurday afternoon…….. PS this is a great vid for your CV……………….

  20. GR8FORU says:

    Knowing that Archie has owned a particular watch devalues it by 30%!

  21. mrg1911 says:

    Who would even want that bad acid trip of a dial?
    I don’t giph a phuk iph it is Patek Philippe.
    What a mess….

  22. chigimon says:

    Phuck me dead, Arch doesn’t want to pay his debts to Dave, why pay debts when you can pawn someone else’s watch to pay for your own shit. He’s selling to fund another Rolex he can get 20 videos of content out of. Arch will just be telling us about Rolex from now on phuckers. By the way, shorts with phuck off big hole are a sure sign of luxury, has he got socks and Jesus sandals to go with his ensemble?

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