Watchs SALE All about watches FOR SALE – Quality Wrist Watches FOR SALE from ArchieLuxury

FOR SALE – Quality Wrist Watches FOR SALE from ArchieLuxury

Omega Speedmaster MOTM – A$3800 US$2900
Comes with receipt from Brisbane Vintage Watches
Non-original Box (Suspect not Omega box)

Rolex Explorer II 16750 – A$5500 US$4200
Comes with reciept from Melbourne Dealer
Original Rolex Box

Rolex Ladies Oyster Perpetual 2 Tone – A$3650 US$2800
Complete with Box and Papers

Audemars Piguet Ladies 2 Tone with Diamond Bezel – A$2000 US$1500
Choice of Audemars Piguet Travel case or Large Wooden AP Box

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27 thoughts on “FOR SALE – Quality Wrist Watches FOR SALE from ArchieLuxury”

  1. Calicoe 313 says:

    Archie the Rolex women's do $3000 flat?

  2. Calicoe 313 says:

    Archie stop with the watches but get back to that Thailand shit that has ppl on the floor.And I'm interested in a watch I live in Sydney only watch I'd like to buy is the Rolex women's.

  3. tukandum says:

    You are a fuckin cunt and a fuckin retard

  4. Rolex are FAKE!!!!!💔 but I really like the collection

  5. craik says:

    get a citizen satellite wave GPS or a Seiko Astron GPS watch arch

  6. Chris says:

    I can get a brand new hesalite MOTM with box and papers for 1000 AUD more. The price for a non box non paper likely unserviced MOTM should be no more than 3000AUD tops

  7. boopdoop says:


  8. Chris Boulas says:

    MOTM price is too high. I can get full box and papers for the price of yours.

  9. iron wolf says:

    Watches without original documents, original boxes, presented in a shitty sleeping room, holding them without white gloves, and asking thousands of dollars… well… doesn't look to me like they are genuine… OK, could you please send me a man on the fucking moon just for inspection it in close, I will bring it to my watchmaker, and then will tell you my decision. If not buying of course I will send it back to you. Deal?

  10. TROY DONOVAN says:

    That is a good price for an explorer 2 in Aust

  11. pocopal says:

    For the man on the moon I offer 950. US dollars..thank you.

  12. Seamaster73 says:

    A few good pieces, but your pricing's a touch on the optimistic side, Archie old son. And that AP's a fucking shitter.

  13. Next up vids yelling at cheap nasty offers followed by hundreds of vids extolling the one watch JLC collection.

  14. Live from the master bedroom/bathroom

  15. Matt Adam says:

    This is all so over my head, this video (seem genuine, and kinda like a nice fellow, normally kinda harsh though in other vids) the comments (love or hate)… Idk, nice one Archie.

  16. Honestly it seems like these are all his own watches!!!

  17. Isn't the MOTFM his own!!! He's desperate for money now?

  18. lolhleplol says:

    How is the weight loss going, how many kilos have you put on?

  19. Is Arch getting google ad's now?

  20. Come on fuckers, all pieces come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Andy Hunter himself!

  21. Morris Nell says:

    The man on the moon is a bit expensive you can buy it new for about the same price the Explorer 2 is a fair price the womens watches who gives a shit.

  22. DanyBizzyD says:

    Nice vid! I like the Explorer 2.

  23. DajuiceMain says:

    Archie we looking at the bank vault where you keep your select pieces

  24. Polar Roller says:

    Archie is at least honest and full disclosure. I would have no hesitation purchasing a watch from Archie.

  25. Shute7 says:

    $2900 for a Man on the fucking moon….?  must be the actual watch that went to the moon right?

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