Watchs SALE All about watches ford f150 transmission repair part 1

ford f150 transmission repair part 1

replacing the broken retaining ring on a 2004 ford f150 automatic transmission overdrive servo,

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  1. David Regan says:

    NICE the receipt has my last name on it! REGAN! LOL

  2. Tree Fiddy says:

    Wow great price.I am restoring some Ford Falcons,so I do not have to change a trans in my Saturn VUE,I hate that car.It only has 100 grand on it but the trans filter are non replaceable,from what I gather.

  3. apsuhead says:

    Just had this happen to my 2004 f150 stx with 120,000 miles. My broken ring was in 9 pieces. My buddy fixed it no problem, runs like new. Thanks!

  4. I guess I missed the part on how you injured yourself. What did you do?

  5. Is there anything you can’t fix ?Would love to work with you just for the knowledge…keep up the great work man.

  6. Followed all the steps carefully and put a new overdrive cylinder/piston back in. The bad news is it's STILL slipping into neutral the exact same way. Any help or advice???

  7. Just took mine apart and found the pieces of the ring but need HELP! The overdrive cylinder fell out, how do i put it back???

  8. David Cruz says:

    I know this a old post but can you please help…I'm having a problem with my 2003 Ford F-150 the truck drives fine with overdrive off & when I leave over drive on it Dosent go past 50 mph just revs

  9. Funny Money says:

    Does this fix apply for reverse a truck that lost reverse?

  10. John Wayne says:

    Awesome video…mechanic wants 500$ to change this 3 dollar part….gonna Fo it myself. Thanks for this great video

  11. KSMike1 says:

    I know this is old, but do you remember if that was a 4R70W?

  12. Thanks, I'm about to attempt this repair but have yet to actually drop the pan, I have no worries now thanks again

  13. 434vega says:

    Thanks buddy very helpful got one to check in the shop this will save a ton of time

  14. Ken Ingalls says:

    Are you from Haverhill ? I’m out of Chelmsford …. curious ?

  15. Wait a minute. Did I hear you correctly that the truck had 228,000 miles on it? The title says 99,000 miles. What's going on?

  16. K Got says:

    I have an 04 2wd and my OD doesnt work as well. im trying this!!!

  17. The trans shop original owner took it to for diagnosis probably "flushed" the transmission through the tranny cooler tubes with their little flusher machine. Probably why the fluid is so clean without the pan being dropped.

  18. Butch Ball says:

    Greatly appreciated,thanks

  19. Duncan Mac says:

    2.70 for the part 400 labor… I bet Ford did that on purpose to keep the techs. in dough. Thanks for the video and the great tips.

  20. Harley Man says:

    This Youtube format is so amazing……don't ya just wish we had this as kids back in the days.Say like even the 80s and 90s.No wonder the kid that designed Youtube is a Billionaire.

  21. Exporado M says:

    can someone tell me what the symptoms of these rings failing is. like what the truck will do when they snap and get caught up in the valve body like that? and did this happen with the v8 explorer 4.6 trans too or is this just an f150 issue??

  22. boat6868 says:

    Amazing…and judging from the comments you have helped a lot of people with this vid!

  23. AAR2VZ says:

    We call that part a lollipop.  It is tossed during the  first trans service.

  24. all alone says:

    what are the symptoms of a broken snap ring?

  25. Hi..I've watched your video series on this a couple of times, but in reading the previous comments, someone mentioned a part dropping down when the valve assembly was removed. I think I saw you reply that your video showed this happening, but when going back to review, I don't see it. As the video didn't actually show you removing the valve assembly from the transmission, what do I need to be looking for that may drop down? I've never worked on a transmission before, but have replaced wheel bearings, fan motors, brake jobs, etc., so fairly handy around the vehicle. My son's 05 is experiencing the same problem as many others have identified, and if I can fix it myself versus paying a shop $200 to $400 for labor, I'd rather do it. I just don't want to run into any unexpected hiccups. Thanks much…the video looks like it will help me with this job, just want to make sure I understand what to look for once I start taking the valve body loose.

  26. My truck has the same issue, thank you for the instruction. Next warm day I will geter done!

  27. I had the same problem and followed your instructions. Worked perfectly! Thank you, so much, for the post!!!

  28. my 05 silverado 1500 with the 5.3 had 325k on the original motor and trans, using mobile one and bosh filters..should've never got rid of it , and definitely shouldn't have replaced it with a pos ford

  29. Holy shit dude , thank God, u made this video, very informative ..please keep making videos of these pos ford's..I have an 04 f150 FX4 with 135k and it's the biggest pos I've ever driven ..goin back to gm, shoulda never left ..I'd rather deal with the lifter ticks and oil leaks over the cam phasers (just had to replace those) , what a shit design

  30. Thanks for the good tips on cleanliness or maintaining fastener location.

  31. My truck will make it to 3rd gear with overdrive on, then slips out of gear and wont catch unless i shut off overdrive and even then it wont shift up past 3rd but will allow me to drive at 55 with somewhat high rpms. This seem like the same problem?

  32. I just cant get over what thieves these mec. are and dealers just does not to seem right thanks for the vid keep them coming enjoy alot

  33. jeffflix says:

    Thanks for the videos about this repair. You nailed it, man! My 2001 F150 had the same problem and after watching your videos I decided I might be able to tackle the job. When I opened the valve body, I found a piece of the spring clip in the exact spot you showed. I pulled it out and voila! overdrive is working again. Total cost for spring clip, transmission filter, fluid and gaskets was about $150.00. Thanks again for the great videos.

  34. 3sidesofeve says:

    I have the same issue. One day I was driving and it started to slip. After doing some googling I found that turning the overdrive off(via the button on the gear shift) allowed me to drive the truck normal. all the mechanics around here want $2500-3000 to rebuild or replace the transmission. When I called the local dealership they didn't know anything about this servo ring.

    How did you find out how to fix this?

  35. Part is cheaper than a gallon of gas. Take it to a shop and it will be as expensive as a round trip to Hawaii.

  36. zcjonesy says:

    This video was an amazing tool. Thank you for posting. During my repair process I accidentally got a couple rips in the valve body's upper gasket. I pulled it off before the plate. Do you suggest ordering and waiting for a new one? Or is it not a big deal and can re use?
    Thanks again. Look forward to your response

  37. PNinja says:

    Thank you for sharing this video, I found the same retainer broken. I removed, changed piece and works well.

  38. knightcritic says:

    Thanks a million you saved my truck. There was a broken piece in the valve body. Great tutorial.

  39. Ryan Yates says:

    I have a question I have an 01 f150 an my overdrive light will blinking an I can't turn it back on an sometimes it will just turn off an not blink. please an advice

  40. Corey Dami says:

    hey guys i got a 2005 ford f150 with the 4.6 liter 4×4. the tranny has always worked great never had any problems with it at all and the truck has 296,000 miles on it and last night i was driving home and got stuck behind a guy doing 30 in a 55 so when i got to the first passin zone i passed the guy and when i did the truck down shifted out of overdrive in to 4th n then 3rd and it shifted nice and smooth like it always has with no noies or clunks n then as soon as it came outta 3rd to go to the next gear it reved like it was in neutral but if i turned the over drive off it would shift 1st 2nd and 3rd like a bran new truck. anybody got any pointers or have had the same problemShow more        Show less

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