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Future – Rich $ex

NEW album “FUTURE” available at: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon Digital: Deezer: Soundcloud: Tidal: Download “DS2” at iTunes: Amazon MP3: Spotify: Google Play: (c) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment/A1

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50 thoughts on “Future – Rich $ex”

  1. Future you are really a champion like that, I love you so much

  2. goof song but very sexy 💋😘😂😂😂

  3. eww this needsto be age restricted its nasty id you asked me

  4. Jenny Jones says:

    I wish this relationship would’ve worked out both of them are the same 😩🤦‍♀️

  5. Barbie Slays says:

    Hey welcome too chillis

  6. Ewwwhhh…I hope future washed his lips with bleach..

  7. I listen to this all the time

  8. TSM King says:

    Who here in 2018???

  9. X4NDY X4NDY says:

    man ! i love the vibe on this shit ! HE IS THE BEST !!

  10. Pas De Nom says:

    i'm sorry but sex with chyna isn't rich but yes cheap sex

  11. Annie Moore says:

    This is trash
    0/10 would not recommend

  12. Her ass looks too heavy for her . He was literally tugging on her skin her ass didn't move 😵

  13. Lonnie Ross says:

    This kind of music is the reason people are retarded….thats What I call RT

  14. Such a good song to smoke to

  15. THUG US Tv says:

    I'm here after watching LEVEL UP big S/O to CIARA

  16. Tony v33 says:

    Diaper butt nuff said 😂😂

  17. Who always listens to this music in 2018? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌


  19. I am in love with that song


  21. Just trynna figure out if I was watching a music video or if I accidentally logged into my Porn Hub account 🤔..

  22. Reeal Evans says:

    That boi future a fool for kissing blac chyna in this video and amber rose in the mask off video. He pretty much kissed half of los angeles.

  23. Alanie C says:

    They looked bomb together

  24. Seth Brown says:

    h. yr fb S.A. VIDEO ETC. address

  25. Oh shit i thought this was a porno shoot chyna did, and it turned out to be a video. I got scared i thought i was caught watching porn.

  26. Aaron Smith says:

    her fake ass looks a bit saggy maybe it's just me

  27. Lil Vape says:

    anyone from 2018? who still loves this music lol

  28. That's why all these herpes going around in the industry😉

  29. Kayjay Jay says:

    I love💕💞💕 this Reminds me of my Ex

  30. Is that a transgender with future

  31. Nissie Scott says:

    old or new this the very first time I seen this great video I love it Future and Blac China great job y'all 👌😍

  32. Where can I find that red sexy lingerie that she has on at?

  33. Chyna looks so different now…

  34. Диз за стремную телку

  35. Cree K says:

    Felt so good got boffa us dizzy..yes🔥🔥

  36. John Reid says:

    Still love fuckin to this song💯💯💯

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