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Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting and Repair – How to fix common problems

Replacement parts for your opener →
Be sure to click “show more” read the full description below for more help and more detailed repair videos.
-First check the breaker switch
-If that is good you may have a burned out power circuit board

-Check to see if the ‘Lock’ mode is engaged

-Verify that nothing is in between the two sensors
-Make sure the sensors are aligned
-Verify that both sensors have lit LEDs
-Verify no dirt or spiderwebs are blocking the sensors
-Check the wires for breaks and follow them back to the opener unit. Make sure they are completely inserted.
-Sometimes snow can cause the sensor to trip. Even morning/afternoon sunlight shining into the sensor lens can cause it to trip.
-Override the sensor by holding down the button. If the door closes properly, you know you have a sensor issue. Sensors can fail but it is not common.
Watch this video for more info:

-If you need to push the remote several times to get it to work, that is a sign the battery is going bad.
-Most opener remotes use a CR2032 battery.
-Here is a video on how to test a GENIE remote battery

-Push the ‘Learn’ button and then the remote button to link the remote to the opener. The lights will flash.

-Replace the 9volt battery

7:12 How to set the HOMELINK built in car remote opener
Watch this video:

-If your remote only works when it is super close, the battery in the remote is bad or the antenna wire is broken or needs to be soldered.
Here is a video on repairing the solder joints:
-The main circuit-board may need to be replaced. Here is a video on how to do that:
-You may also be having LED interference. LED lightbulbs can emit a RF [radio frequency] that is in conflict with the RF that the remotes use.

9:54 Motor making weird noise or weird noise coming from unit and the door won’t open or close
-Check the capacitor. If leaking it definitely needs to be replaced.

-Check to see if the gear at the top broke. You cant reattach it, you will need to buy a new gear set. This is usually caused by a chain that is too tight but it could also be a result of a door that is not balanced. An unbalanced door is a result of a torsion spring failure.
-If the gear did not snap off you may have just a loose chain that needs to be put back on and tightened.

-Close the door and pull the safety cord. You should be able to open and close the door with not much effort. The door should also be able to stay half open by itself.

-Check to see if the spring has slipped off one end or broke in half
-You may need to adjust the spring. [not an easy job]

-Assuming the sensors have been checked, look to see if your tracks are out of alignment. I have a video on how to do that here:

-Loose chains can cause damage to other parts. Tighten it just to the point that it is not hitting anything. Don’t try to eliminate all the sag.

-Check for loose nuts and bolts. Try to find something that does not look right.
-Ask a question in the comment section about your specific problem and I will do my best to answer.

If your garage door is making a lot of noise you may just need to lubricate it or make some minor adjustments. Here is a video that addresses that:

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38 thoughts on “Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting and Repair – How to fix common problems”

  1. Kj Oommen says:

    Thanks Adam with your tip I was able make my Garage door function property.

  2. Neale Skauge says:

    Thanks! Great video. I replaced the weatherstrip on my door and now it goes down about 75% and then reverses to open. I removed one side of the weatherstrip and the door works fine without it attached.

  3. Thanks Adam. I recently replaced the lights on the opener for LCD lights. I couldn’t figure out the problem was because the remote would only work in very close proximity. I tried during off my Bluetooth on my phone but that still didn’t work. After watching your video, I swapped out the LCD lights and wowla works again like new. Definitely saved me some money. Thanks again Adam!

  4. Thank you very much for the clues. I found a loose/broken wire that prevented the door opener to open. Yea!

  5. Adam: Trying to get my Liftmaster Garage Door Openers to work. Potential Problems are:
    1) LED light on the motor unit does not stay off as in your video. It flashes 5 times then off for a few seconds, then flashes again. I press the learn button when the LED is off for a few seconds and it stays on – I press the opener and the light bulb goes off, on and off again. I think it has learned but still doesn'y work. When I trying using the opener I just get a click.

    2) One sensor has the LED light working. The other sensor LED is not lit. I tried adjusting a bit but LED still does not light up. appears the cord to the sensor is fine. When I interrupt the beam between the sensors, the lighted LED still goes off (indicating the sensors are working ???)

    I could sure use you help or best guess. Thanks

  6. Thanks Adam,my openers started not working sometimes, after watching your video I realized that Had recently replaced one of the light bulbs with an LED bulb. That was the problem, I removed the LED bulb and it works fine.

  7. Dale Hampton says:

    Terrific information, presentation great. Thanks.

  8. Bob Turner says:

    My 30 year old BlueMax still stops short and I don’t have any side sensors. Any ideas?

  9. Joe Hawk says:

    Hi Adam, Is there an easy way to temporarily bypass (jump) the reversing sensors?

  10. Brian Olivas says:

    What if after trying the force close, the door goes all the way down but still comes back up ? I just fixed the garage door spring myself by replacing them btw and I don't know if I may have over or under tightened them. I pulled the rope to disconnect the garage door to test whether it was some tension on the rails but It still did not close all the way. any ideas?

  11. Such a good job. Appreciated. Thank you for video.

  12. Ashar Khan says:

    Very helpful Adam. Can you do a video of changing the RPM Sensor on a Liftmaster? thanks!

  13. Gary Krueger says:

    Sometimes I will click the remote and it will stop a quarter of the way down. I have to click the remote again. When it's closed it might go up 2 feet and then stop. Any idea what could be the problem?

  14. dogsmumm says:

    Help! When i push the button (hard wired or remotes), the door moves maybe a cm. Push it ten times and it will move a fraction each time. Gears look fine. They are moving . Power is fine. Sensors are good. Sometimes it works. I took the light bulbs out and that improved it from working 10% the time to 30% of the time. When it does work it's perfectly smooth. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

  15. 14thetruth says:

    How could anyone give this vid a thumbs down – Oyvay!Where is the" How to program your car-equipped garage door opener vid mentioned at 7:13?

  16. Adam, thank you for such a helpful video! I was wondering if you had a video to address shorts in the wiring from a lightning strike? The wall opener on our Liftmaster no longer functions and I believe the issue may be the wiring. Unfortunately, my garage is semi-finished and the wiring runs through a sheetrocked ceiling. Is there any way to rewire the garage door opener by passing the older wiring and tack the wiring on the ceiling? Thanks, Maureen

  17. Debbie Love says:

    thanks for the help in keeping the garage door to stay down

  18. Thanks for the very informative video. Although it didn't cover the issue I'm experiencing, it was well done. I'm wondering if you have come across this issue? My door opens to a certain point and stops then I try to close it and it travels maybe a foot and stops try to open it again it goes back a foot and stops. I then tried adjusting the force limits with the blue dials to increase the limits and the door open and close properly. I waited for a period of time opened the door again and had the same condition occurred . Now I have gone to the end of my limits .
    Thanks Henry Schmidt.

  19. Аlex Nelson says:

    Hi Adam, my garage door opens sometimes randomly when we are not home. We will come home Abe it will be wide open. One time it was only about a foot open. Do you know how I would fix this? We are weird stuff will get stolen from our garage because we live in a condo which a lot of people are in the community.

  20. Having issues with controls no closing the garage door. They open but not close. I checked the sensors and they are fine. It opens and closes fine by wall button as well. We tried resetting the controls from unit but didn't change our problem. Do you have a solution we can try?

  21. Marie Freise says:

    My problem is only with the exterior keypad. I replaced the battery but still not working. Can anyone help?

  22. My wall control will open/close my garage. However, my hand remote will open the garage door, but not close it. What could be the problem?

  23. Matt S says:

    I opened my door today and it popped and sparked and threw a breaker….now it wont work it all its humming…its a new lift master 1 year old. Any idea? Could the breaker have caused it?

  24. My garage door opens sometime and immediately after it does not. The remote works and all I hear is a hum when the door does not open. What are the possible problems.

  25. Margo Torzsa says:

    my light stays on constantly. Also i cannot get my transmitter to work. Batteries good and i set it several times, erased several times and tried again. What else can i do?

  26. Paul Walnuts says:

    Good video, my old 1970s motor sticks when it’s humid, I’m in Tampa Florida, it makes a clicking sound when buttons pressed, so could it be the wall button?

  27. Lucky Cook says:

    Adam, great videos. I have the same door opener, however I live in the country and all of a sudden my garage door just opens on its own. Everything else works but can't seem to find the problem. I have been locking the door to prevent it from opening. Suggestions?

  28. Pat Waters says:

    my opener is beeping but seems to be working fine any thoughts

  29. vinny carr says:

    Adam, great video. Almost addressed my problem. Just started. Intermittent operation on same opener as in your video. Sometimes opens fine, sometimes will stop in midstream. Both in open operation as well as in close. Just lately just goes dead. Light goes out, no leds on wall or side sensors. Wait a while and again works again till it doesn't. Driving me crazy. It is like something is heating up and if you wait till it cools off again, it will work???? If you have a chance to get back to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Vince

  30. Mark S. says:

    Thought I was going to have to pay someone to fix my garage thanks a lot for this video it helped a lot

  31. my problem has not been discussed. The wireless opener at the house will close the door, but will not open it. I have tried and did align the green lite with the yellow lite, so at least it is being recognized. I can open the garage door with the hardwired opener. I can close the garage door with the outside wireless opener and I can kick my foot in front of the light to trip it and it does see my foot and go back up. BUT once the door is down, I CANNOT get the wireless opener to open the garge door. ANY HELP? ! ? many thanks in advance.,.

  32. my Garage door is not going all the way up,the light goes off then its stop what could be the problem

  33. Jeff Wright says:

    It would appear that the 4 small wires in the top right corner, that provide power, have come loose. How do you fix those/tighten those?

  34. Uncle Mike says:

    Think mine got a indirect hit by lightning. Learn lightbulb still on but nothing else works. Do you think its fried. Could I just get a new logic board. Thanks

  35. I just purchased a home and the door opener opens or closes by it self without using remotes. This happens occasionally. Damaged my car 2 days go . I am thinking a frequency problem. What might be a solution?

  36. kummer0485 says:

    My garage door opened fine yesterday am but went to close later in day and it won't close. It make a noise like it is trying to but it doesn't ingage the chain

  37. I have a new 2018 Ford Escape and can't figure out how to program the Overhead Door Home Link garage door opener. Does anyone know how this works. I would like to try it myself to avoid a service call but cant find proper instructions. Thank you.

  38. Rick Waller says:

    Thanks Adam.  I wish I had looked at the video before I attempted to fix my problem. I now realize I have a sensor alignment problem and unfortunately I have to recode my remotes as well.

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