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Garmin Vivomove HR Review!


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Garmin Vivomove HR Review. In this video we discuss what you can expect from the vivomove HR, including price, wrist heart monitor, activity and sleep tracking, and more. We didn’t get a chance to do a full garmin vivomove review so we’re pretty stoked to post this video. Additionally, this will be featured on our list of the best fitness trackers 2019 and best activity trackers 2019. Sure, it looks like an analog watch, but like the Withings Steel and Nokia Steel, it is a full blown activity tracker and heart rate monitor. With an MSRP of $200, it’s on the expensive end, but we’ve done plenty of garmin reviews and fitbit reviews of various activity bands and fitness bands…this is a pretty good one, though we do worry about durability.

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22 thoughts on “Garmin Vivomove HR Review!”

  1. Well no gps I guess my next garmin will be vivosport. I currently have vivosmart hr, had it for about year and half and want to upgrade to something with a gps. I need something small.

  2. Well now disappointed, 4 times my hands have got out of sync, so makes this device not a reliable time piece so unacceptable. I love the design and loved it, but when your hands get out of sync from time to time is no good

  3. I swim with the watch no problem

  4. Хотел такое но у меня Samsung gear

  5. Hello I have a question. Does it have a dual time features? I mean can it shows two different time zone

  6. Great watch. I have it myself in black/rose gold and LOVE it. I wear it all the time even at night for sleep tracking. My left arm feels empty without it 😂

  7. CH Lee says:

    Vivomove HR is ant+ certified. But can it pair with ant+ sensors like Garmin HRM Run?

  8. alienm34 says:

    Less talking shit and get straight to the point!! No bloopers!!!! This ain’t Hollywood beatch

  9. C. N. says:

    This guy could sell eternal life and I still wouldn’t be interested. I love my watch though…

  10. Adam Bull says:

    If you get this do you need a phone

  11. SrK cLk says:

    can you compare hearte rate sensor with schosche hrm?

  12. Michael says:

    Yo beard be crazy, but you knowz yo tech. Thnx!

  13. How does this compare to the withings steel hr sport?

  14. Well I have one. A nice watch and a good fitness tracker also, but as a sleep tracker it's not very accurate.

    Hr tracking is hopeless for at least the first 10-15mins, won't track anywhere near an accurate hr for some time as I mentioned.

    I was disappointed, and thought i would go for the Withings Steel sport HR. Hr off the bat is accurate, much better than the garmin vivomove. With the steel sport, no warmup needed for correct hr. I use a hr chest strap connected to my edge 510 and the steel sport compares well with the chest strap.

    It does not have GPS onboarding the watch, but uses your phone and bluetooth. GPS is very accurate.

    Trouble is GPS in a watch can be very slow to connect to GPS, so think the phone is a better solution.

    Sleep tracking is accurate, feel step count is more accurate then garmin, which like most far overrate the steps. There is no way in the morning going to bathroom I am doing the ammount of steps my garmin says.

    Mentally counting and comparing my steel sport, its spot on.

    However compared to Fitbit and garmin the steps seem low, but maybe more accurate.

    Pushing a mower, shopping trolley steps are not counted, so in certian situations it's not good there.

    To many moan about how steps are lower with the steel sport, but counting mentally its spot on.

    Think it gives people a buzz seeing high step counts that dont accually ammount to reality as they overestimate by far to make people feel better.

    Think the steel sport is a far underrated watch and now their customer service is a lot better, email with questions and get replies within 3 days at least. I feel the hr tracking on garmin now has become worse. See all kinds of hr issues now with garmin and not tracking hr for the first 10-15 mins is one of them.

  15. Aiman Nazri says:

    Which one would you prefer? Vivosport vs ionic vs vivomove hr?

  16. Hi there, thanks for your article.

    I just do not understand one topic, the GARMIN MOVE IQ works for cycling even if the watch does not have the cycling feature? So if I would like to select a cycling activity i can not, but if I just get my bike and ride to my university the watch will understand that i cycling and will calculate the calories and time spent on the activity automatically? Thanks in advance

  17. Things that let this down are poor battery life, plastic unless you spend more, and no GPS.

    How about doing a review on the new Withings Steel sport hr?

    I am getting the steel sport because a 25day battery life using the smart tracking features and another 20 days just as a watch.

    The steel looks a lot more class and not plastic, puts the garmin battery life to Shame, which I think for a hybrid is poor.

    The steel sport has the V02 max also and GPS ability and think it's a better watch than the Vivomove.

  18. Could you review the G Shock GBA800?

  19. Waceman says:

    Any idea when a new version of this will come out? I wanna go for it! 🙂

  20. Dean in BNE says:

    Be nice to be able to see the hour hand

  21. reza fath says:

    You show yourself much more than the watch

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