Watchs SALE All about watches Gear Fix – Wiper Motor Repair — Silecek Motoru Dişli Tamiri

Gear Fix – Wiper Motor Repair — Silecek Motoru Dişli Tamiri

I fixed an old wiper motor with a broken tooth. Use of epoxy adhesive for gear repair. I finished the broken teeth of the dentin with epoxy. The gear has returned. Gear is good now i try to force the motor. The engine is stopping. It’s a way you can try. Good looking.
Eski ve dişlisi kırık bir silecek motorunu tamir ettim. Dişli tamiri için epoxy yapıştırıcı kullanım. Dişlinin kırık dişlerini epoxy ile tamamladım. Dişli eski haline döndü. Motoru zorladığımda dişli atmıyor artık. Motor duruyor. Sizin de deneyebileceğin bir yöntem. İyi seyirler.

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31 thoughts on “Gear Fix – Wiper Motor Repair — Silecek Motoru Dişli Tamiri”

  1. How do I make my wipers only move up to screen from rest position and only come rest and not pass the rest position downwards. The motor is fine I might have forgotten something during dismantling.

  2. You sign up for your channel to register again for your thanks

  3. Allah senden razı olsun.

  4. very very good idea BOSS

  5. The Men – Yes ! thanks! came to me for prise!

  6. smart 🙂 boy
    keep it up

  7. mike horr says:

    you should have used much more grease than that as it will need it when it heats up from use .

  8. 123kkambiz says:

    That was great idea, thanks

  9. Good for temporary use only.

  10. 1000 Pqp says:

    You are a genius! Greetings from Brazil 😀

  11. Hard 7 says:

    nick trick awesome

  12. mai mike says:

    good job for re pair thank

  13. и что это баран бля

  14. LOGICO, una fuente de computador para las pruebas. ME GUSTO ese prodcuto apra reparar el engranaje de plástico.

  15. The epoxy trick is wonderful, thanks

  16. How many times you want to fix that 3$ wiper motor??? It seems it has been fixed many times before so please let it go.By the way you succeeded to destroy all the efforts you did by holding it back and epoxy is broken that's why it started to generate noise again dummy

  17. abi dikkat et elini kaptırtma, kopartıratar

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