Watchs SALE All about watches Giant Sea Turtle, Shower System, Huge Shack Raft, and More! [FW 16] – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay

Giant Sea Turtle, Shower System, Huge Shack Raft, and More! [FW 16] – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay

Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Gameplay! Today we are back in the Flooded World checking out a variety of awesome creations! We are taking a look at a large variety of creations today including a crazy helicopter, shower system, sea turtle, shack raft, and more!

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What is Scrap Mechanic?
Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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49 thoughts on “Giant Sea Turtle, Shower System, Huge Shack Raft, and More! [FW 16] – Scrap Mechanic Gameplay”

  1. 10:11 to 10:16 is the 7 th duck left side between stairs and first support beam

  2. You should call the yin yang island lin land

  3. Hitmanprice says:

    I have enjoyed your series' and like the fat that you get your viewers involved. I think the hext series should be something like a post apocalyptic type world.

  4. the cardbourd on the stair walls for the shower thing

  5. Wait, why doesn't the person who made the flooded outpost cut it up into pieces so you could piece it together instead of dealing with the lag

  6. One duck was on the stairs on the left

  7. Cesar Uribe says:

    The corruption is back for more

  8. Replace the guy in the speed boat with mary Jane

  9. Arcticfox 53 says:

    Without the nazi symbol.

  10. Arcticfox 53 says:

    Hey scrap man the next world should be a WWII World/ nazi base

  11. Does anybody know how to get mods?

  12. hey, Scrapman! could you please check my work in next episode? It's named SM copter and avaliable in the workshop!

  13. Sea turtles are NOT slow.

  14. You should make a creation in trail makers that can grind the big rail

  15. hi scrap man I have an island name idea I don't care where it goes I call it the land of spiral

  16. Joel Neudorf says:

    Do another loot crate race!

  17. Reminds me of ready player 1

  18. Make a glider slingshot in sm or tm

  19. SMOOP ARMY says:

    The little fishing floaty thing is a bobber

  20. Cool Sheldon finally had his day I think you have put all the sea creatures I have made so far in videos guess its time to make some more

  21. Asher Danger says:

    I'm going to annoy you all

  22. Liam Swisher says:

    You have to press E
    on those Dynamite

  23. Fw is going to end how fmb ended

  24. The new world should be about the legends of old. Dragons, hydras, griffins and other creatures dwell the land, eating anything that comes by. This world unlike other worlds will have more wandering ai that either fly or walk. The buildings may be a small castle or a tower in the middle of the lands with a wizard or to mark the kingdom's territory.

  25. END Studios says:

    Do a apocalypse world!

  26. Chuchu Morah says:

    Scrap man you were supposed to delete the box xd

  27. TonyGamer says:

    the dynamite explodes instantly with logic and after 10 seconds if you use it as a player

  28. TonyGamer says:

    could you supply a download to the map with just the tiles? I would like to make an AI boat for it that goes between some of the more developed islands but I can't do that without knowing the GPS coordinates

  29. Ryan Kennedy says:

    Whatever the next series is it needs to be something that doesn't lag constantly and actually involve builds you can keep in the world.

  30. multiplayer Monday multiplayer Monday multiplayer Monday

  31. Here are some random parts of a rap cuz why not (i made these)
    1.yo wassup do you even know who you're dealing with right now? doesn't matter….So let's turn the heat up cuz im the top i am crowned and i have the record of a master, the rap of a gangster and you have the looks of a dumpster
    2. Don't worry i know what you are hiding, we all know you can't pass grade 1 you can't spell, you can't read you can't even do simple addition, i know when your mother saw you're face she abandoned you in a dumpster
    3. I ain't about this ur kids games this is a rap are you even a gangster cuz my ears are bleeding when i hear your voice trying to come you will always stay at the bottom of the food chain

  32. Life after the flooded world (so basically the flooded world but no flood anymore)

  33. SilverWolf says:

    Dark theme finally came to YouTube

  34. Scrapman you should try evertech sandbox, it is a mobile game that is almost exactly like scrap mechanic

  35. Beth Carter says:

    Do a roleplay on the island

  36. Cap'n PC says:

    WOW! Only 1 dislike!

  37. TheRealYam says:

    Scrap Man, I have a creation that would go in your world, it is called the FW Wrecked Plane. Please put it in your world, I worked hard on it.

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