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Halios Seaforth sunburst gray

Halios must be doing some things right, these are well received in the watch world. Many sell above the original price as a normal thing. Eta 2824 movement and great colors matched up with perfect case size is the formula used.

22 thoughts on “Halios Seaforth sunburst gray”

  1. Evan Spivack says:

    Really nice watch…it has an understated elegance and I can see it being worn in almost any situation. My one criticism would be the choice of a high-sitting crystal…I would go with a flat sapphire crystal here. Thanks for another great vid.

  2. Красивые часы.

  3. Roamy360 says:

    I think the appeal to the Halios is that it is a fairly plain looking watch when you just a take a quick glance at it. But the longer you look at the details the more you appreciate it. Not unsimilar to just a plain ole Rolex, just less money and without quite the detailing. Oh my god, did I just make even a tiny bit of a comparison between a Rolex and Halios? Please, I didn't mean it! Don't burn down my house and kill my pets! I'll take it back!

  4. james wilkes says:

    For that money, I will take Hamilton.

  5. I have the pastel blue dial with the 12 hour rotating bezel. It has the same "secondary pop" after unscrewing the crown as you described at 2:00, then beginning to turn it the other way to wind it a bit, the crown pops out another half a millimeter. Mine also has a very slight crown wiggle when its unscrewed. It's an awesome watch.

  6. Jim L says:

    I have an abyss blue gen 1, 12 hr steel bezel. Got it while it was relatively new to the market and held on to it since then! lol It's been in my rotation constantly with my Halios Delfin which is a funky diver. Why does this sell out so freaking fast? You really have to hold one and wear it to have it make sense really. It's simply a pleasure to wear.

  7. 27madnoor says:

    Soon you will resell …plz consider me buying this when you do )

  8. Very nice. I love how the Seiko-esque seconds hand matches the indices perfectly.

  9. You’re killing me.
    That’s the exact version I looked at when Jason brought them to Windup. But I JUST PAID MY TAXES! 😿

  10. I think Halios is way over priced and the design is very plain with no wow factor. Now the Raven Endeavour has a design that definitely has the wow factor or the Boschett Harpoon or Cavedweller has more presence than this Halios Seaforth. Just my .02. YMMV.

  11. Great watches but the hype and resale are purely the creator's marketing skills. Like most microbrands he does small batches, but the difference is no preorder. Either you get on the site the day it drops or sorry, guess you missed it. Seaforth went through 2-3 series' before he took preorders, and he seemed somewhat reluctant to do it. The 2 new models coming out soon are going back to the no-preorder style

  12. Raymond Li says:

    I preordered a Hamtun Nanok, hardened steel version with bracelet and leather strap, all for about $500. Similar styling, but Nanok comes with a day complication as well.

    So based on specs, Nanok kills it. So that premium on the Seaforth is a little inflated. Of course I have not handled either watches yet, but want to put it out there!

  13. Paul.w w says:

    Looks like it used to have a rotating bezel and they just popped it off

  14. Chrono24 has a couple for sale at a high prices!

  15. GEARY says:

    Nice but does not live up to the hype. Looking forward to more from Halios in the future but this was a pass for me.

  16. nccivilwar says:

    Please stop making theses great videos, I want to buy everything and my wife says I can't blame you anymore 😎

  17. F Poynton says:

    Love that design. Case is industrial, angular, precise, unique, dial is spectacular giving it true versatility. I love it. 2824 to boot. You Just Cant go wrong. Its a keeper.

  18. Very elegant yet still kinda sporty. 👀

  19. Scott SJ says:

    That's a nice simple watch. Nothing to fancy but can be used for dress or casual. Nice dial too.

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