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Halsey – Colors (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Tim Mattia

Music video by Halsey performing Colors. (C) 2016 Astralwerks

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44 thoughts on “Halsey – Colors (Official Music Video)”

  1. This plot twist was brilliant

  2. It's 2019 and I still can't get over this plot twist.

  3. Blink8533 says:

    sorry, you're an Ellie Goulding copy!

  4. Hit the like button to make it Blue

  5. Misakii .l. says:

    Qué hace ahí Scott? volvé a Teen Wolf que quiero más temporadas :c

  6. Is that Scott mccall ! Whattt Allison,Kira,malia and now Halsey !

  7. Taylor posey is hot, but she choose the dad by seing everything is blue…i am done with this girl!! but the song is good, un this vidéo looks like a movie !!

  8. Pinxz Kitty says:

    IK IM late but check this out!!
    2:04 Click pause then click the time..

  9. selena Gomez says:

    That boy is Scott from teen wolf

  10. Did y'all realize that the house "murder house" From AHS is in here

  11. Harriet says:

    When your daddy is an actual daddy XD

  12. Luna Parver says:

    Hasley becomes Alison Agent?!?!?!?!

    Only teen wolf fans get it.

  13. Niya Mathew says:

    Woooah that blonde hair is cool 🤩

  14. This is the opposite of marooon she will be loved

  15. Who is here thanks to tik tok’s videos ?

  16. Hailie Davis says:

    so the boy likes the girl, the girl likes the dad, the dad likes the mom, and the mom likes the boy

    makes sense

  17. nati rivera says:

    a ella le gustan mayores esos que llaman señores

  18. This is so sad. It reminds me of the day I said something I shouldn't have and than it all some how was better.

  19. jordyn blue says:


  20. Everything I blue. Who else thought of reverse falls (will)

  21. its that The boy from teenwolf?

  22. Sugoi Okok says:

    So what's all about?

  23. Tyler Posey 💜💜💜💘❤❤

  24. Ray Ball says:

    Would have been awesome if Tyler/Scott would have shifted into a werewolf and scared Halsey’s character.

  25. A ella le gustan mayores ahr

  26. Felt like a Taylor Swift song

  27. Alison Neese says:

    I feel like if lil peep was still alive him and Halsey would make a great song together😂

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