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Headphone Repair No Solder (Easy)


This is another installment in my headphone repair series. This tutorial shows how to replace the typical TRS 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) plugs, which are the headphone plugs most headsets use. However, I use a plug that requires NO SOLDERING! This makes repairing them a lot easier. Simply use the screws to secure the wires.

Here is a link to the RadioShack website so you could purchase the plug:
1/8" Stereo Plug Gold Audio Connector – 1 Pack

Any questions, please ask. I check my comments often.

Thanks for watching!

47 thoughts on “Headphone Repair No Solder (Easy)”

  1. 06cpurdue says:

    Hi, I just bought a gold connector but it came without the screws to attach the wires. Do you know where I could get the screws by themselves?

  2. thanks man hope it will work on my headphone

  3. xX Xx says:

    Triggered. Mine has one blue amd one green, but no red.

  4. Oxinerwi says:

    Does this work with mic also???

  5. Will this fix a gaming headset that has a mic?

  6. Have you got a link to buy the same one please? ……. don’t worry found the link in your description but sold out and I’m in the uk 👎

  7. Rich Marsh says:

    Nice job mate thanks

  8. Can i use candle instead of lighter?

  9. I can not find this fucking thing anywhere FUCK!!! not even Amazon or Ebay

  10. I can get 10 earphones in 5$

  11. Piece of shit video because there is no such thing as a magical solderless jack with screws.

  12. jake bob says:

    The things you need to fix em cost more than the actual headphones

  13. LOST RHYMES says:

    Hey check out some EDM on my channel …Really U'll love those

  14. Javed Ansari says:

    I can literally buy a new good quality earphone in 5 doller…

  15. Abhay Rai says:

    1:10 hi kitty! How are you?

  16. I need help on knowing if the problem is the jack or the earpiece. Pls help me fix my 2 earphones.

  17. My pro tip You just need 7 layers of duck tape works for me rofl

  18. Needs more duck tapes.

  19. Thanks dude. I can definitely manage this.

  20. Raph says:

    yeah this is cool and all but have you ever fixed broken soldered headphones

  21. Lyle Yazzie says:

    Where can you find a RadioShack?

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  23. Nice cat:) oh,sorry for 2018;3

  24. The cat distracted me

  25. Your voice is similar to a bollywood star names "Hritik Roshan"

  26. What if there are only two connectors? I don't know what to do

  27. Venu Gopal says:

    What about if the ear pieces connected wire is damaged or broken ? How it will be repaired?

  28. Can you connect the red and green together? I bought the wrong one with only 2 conductors.

  29. Yes after looking at that wine collection you do look rich 😂

  30. how the fuck does this video's audio work while any other audio doesnt work

  31. Jared Luce says:

    there's this design:
    never tried it. i guess you would want to cover with tape where your wires go into the plug terminals.

  32. valiant rose says:

    hey handsome , is that same thing we need to do for mic pluck ? because mine mic didnt working now but headset speaker just good.

  33. Alap Arslan says:

    How to connect mic of headphone

  34. BodhiZaffa says:

    Cat and a wine rack. Doesnt get any gay'r than that. Edit: oh wait, I just saw he was sitting on the floor indian style. It got gay'r.

  35. Hettow223 says:

    Okay so bit more of a problem… the short is inside the rubber "casing" of my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I cant get inside it after I inspected that it was "molded" on, the second problem is that the fob works in a very awkward way now, at some point on the chip, wires, or solders a signal was lost and now it only plays incredibly quietly. The "proper" volume only plays when one of the buttons on the fob are pressed, however, pressing the pause/play button causes google to pop up, causing any signal at all to be cut from the earbuds and thus not powering them which then causes a high frequency to be emitted when any of the buttons are pressed but nothing else happens, vid doesn't keep playing no volume adjust either. I can press down volume but that eventually mutes it killing the signal with the same result of the pause/play button, I can only hold volume up to get it to work but then it makes it unbearably loud. Lastly, I tried wiggling it around but regardless of where I wiggled it (after going over it three times every half inch or less) it cut out both ear buds suddenly and now I can't hear anything out of the fobless (left) earbud. However, I can faintly hear whatever's coming out of the fobbed (right) ear bud. Also, I can't get any of the supplies mentioned because of my location, I have possible substitutes but they're unfavorable. Other damages previous and thus not contributing: Frayed/ wire shielding opening due to constant usage of ear bud holder (small rubber ring meant to hold the ear buds wires together to hold the earbuds together), fraying just below fob (for same reason), both sound filters/ shields inside earbuds gone (due washing machine but they still worked until now), fob casing opened (while checking for what causes fob phenomenon with volume), along with other minor damages not significant to add.

    I apologize if this is a bit of an inconvenience but you know what you're talking about and I can't exactly just go to an electronics store, so best of luck!

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