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Hearts of Iron IV | Man the Guns | Fuel Mechanic #3

Learn more about HOI4 Man The Guns:

Man the Guns is a new naval themed expansion that brings you closer to the swelling waves as you train and command large battle fleets or smaller flotillas better designed for your coastal shoals.

From the Battle of the Atlantic and convoy escorts in the west, to the island hopping and carrier battles in the east, the course of World War II was shaped by fighting on the seas. Men and women filled the dockyards of the world, making the mighty warships that would prove decisive in humankind’s greatest crisis.
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40 thoughts on “Hearts of Iron IV | Man the Guns | Fuel Mechanic #3”

  1. Aspect Memes says:

    Seems like the dlc cost too much

  2. Johan S. says:

    28 februari 2019 boys and girls 🙂

  3. Javi says:

    where can I get a discount on the new dlc!!

  4. Lukek says:

    Looks complicated

  5. Where is the Russian translation

  6. Samu a Raj says:

    I'm very curious about their config because the game runs pretty good without lag.

  7. I'm really not happy with the way that you fools teased all the features with the update and waited so long to publish the release date! Please do better next time concerning HoI.

  8. Dark Shield says:

    So. The Soviet Union. No changes since the release of the game… Wtf paradox?

  9. Hikmet Alev says:

    Republic of Turkey, Hatay was annexed in 1939, but this has been put into the game, please fix it

  10. Why are you playing the evil germans instead of the kind and political correct japanese?

  11. Trifler500 says:

    Daniel, out of curiosity, do you get a flu shot?

  12. Darmixdoes says:

    Tommykay, Tommykay, Tommykay

  13. Hey Grips says:

    hoi4 is so broken. naval warfare is among the biggest. we'll see if they improve it

  14. John says:

    You guys actually play testing your content this time? That would be nice, but I'm sure the fuel system will be broken for the first few weeks. Hey, here is an idea, make Hoi5, instead of sucking more money out of us for asset flips and reskins.

  15. Nathan says:

    What's the headset there wearing??

  16. Sean says:

    Love how they have split the Baltic naval zone.

  17. Nein Niemals says:

    HoI4 is dieing out…… So realease it already.

  18. Jack Ozbloke says:

    I want an air war remake after this

  19. JayJay5244 says:

    This entire DLC has become a meme at this point…

  20. Tom Amundsen says:

    28th of February on steam

  21. Turkey focus tree please

  22. Raipela says:

    Just recalled a commercial from eSports streams a few years ago "Välkomna till estrella life hacks". Sour cream and onion tastes good also in Finland.

  23. please for love of god, make the air zones a lot smaller.

  24. change vardarskas flag please

  25. Are they Paradox crew or not?

  26. Slav Emperor says:

    Danzig really should be named Gdansk. It was free city but still polish in Poland under polish rule and law.

  27. Daniel pls stop talking to him like you're better than him

  28. It'd be cool to see a dev clash.

  29. Karl Leonis says:

    56:24 "We're gonna push into the Soviet Union and we'll see what happens" – Adolf Hitler, 1941

  30. The release date is 28th of february!

  31. M1SZ3L pl says:

    Everyone here complaing about how they play, its just a preview, if you want to see him tryharding go to his yt channel.

  32. ´I hate this game sometimes, i really do´ – Daniel

  33. did daniel just dunkirque the french and british before even invading france???

  34. Simply Matt says:

    its never a good sign when the dev is playing a new expansion for the navy, but the thought of reorganizing the navy makes him audibly groan

  35. Jon Stevens says:

    Wahooooo!!! Feb 28th!!

  36. Pls include in the normal theatre window the option to minimize it like at the naval theatre

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