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Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi

A Belgian commercial for VTM.

Do Re Mi… Let your body move !

Music track : A remix of “Do re mi” by Maria and the children.
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35 thoughts on “Historic flashmob in Antwerp train station, do re mi”

  1. marty3888 says:

    I hate that all of a sudden thihave no ads.s video is covered with ads, especially at the end. And NO, I'm not going pay to

  2. 신현구 says:

    i like this music~~~~

  3. lessen in levensvreugde, Zarija Clabatti (gnostic Christian)

  4. Kanaal_Z says:

    It's funny how my teacher showed this video as education. I'm Belgian and study Marketing and this was the first flashmob used as a marketing promotion for a tv show.

  5. So fake. Obviously rehearsed and choreographed.

  6. One of the best flash mob ever ot

  7. James LeLeux says:

    all of us older generation grew up learning this song in elementary school but it sur wasn't nothing like this lol

  8. Amazing what a brilliant video x

  9. Kane Sanders says:

    I have to admit, I got quite emotional watching that.

  10. George Styer says:

    Simply and utterly brilliant..

  11. EricLehner says:

    Hello from Canada. This is one of the great cultural phenomena of our time!

  12. These flash mobs were great. They just started doing too many. They even had some dumb show about flash mobs. Everyone got burnt out and tired of them. I still come back occasionally to watch these great ones cuz they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. Luke Talbot says:

    Dog is the only one I will get for her to get her to


  15. D . LEILA says:

    ……move up…..

  16. vir725 says:

    If only all humans were moved by this: the will to spread joy…

  17. Janet Dobie says:

    Love the Joy…. What a gift!!

  18. 박정임 says:

    아자르 루카쿠 덕배

  19. Skynet says:

    Best flashmob ever!!!!

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