Watchs SALE All about watches Homemade T.A.S.E.R. STUN Glove 1.0 Iron-Man Mechanic Inspired

Homemade T.A.S.E.R. STUN Glove 1.0 Iron-Man Mechanic Inspired

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[✓] Blue 800 Type Stun Gun:
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So if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3 you’re not missing much. The movie kinda sucked but there his scene where Tony Stark go to the hardware store, buys a whole bunch of stuff and then dismantles it for parts to build weapons. One of which includes a “Stun Gun Glove” I may not be Tony, but I did my best to recreate the ingenius invention through my own interpretation.


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39 thoughts on “Homemade T.A.S.E.R. STUN Glove 1.0 Iron-Man Mechanic Inspired”

  1. Kitsunemura says:

    Damn you could do some vigilante shit with that.

  2. Francesca says:

    Very Nice & a good job, You better not hold my tites in your hand!!! hehehhehe

  3. We didn't know then, but GGG was necking us all back in 2014.

  4. Tyler Allen says:

    can you show how to build it

  5. Obito Uchiha says:

    Can I replace the studs for claws and can i switch out the glove

  6. Cool I can only imagine making a suit and use that system to it

  7. Would youe sale one of those?

  8. Nice but next vid actually show us how you make it bro, but it's chill af

  9. Φίλε πολύ ωραίο, όμως όταν το έχεις στο ON χωρίς να αγγίζεις κάτι, δεν καίγεται ο πυκνωτής ή ότι έχει μέσα; Πολύ ωραίο, μπράβο!

  10. Sure nonlethal if applied anywhere besides the head

  11. no offense but I realize you're missing the entire concept of the Tesla Arc the Tesla coil which is what the stun gun technology is based on! In other words it seems to me you have to actually touch your electrode positive negative together to physically touch, and a regular stun gun taser there is an arc the Tesla Ark! That is the quarter inch air space between the two electrodes so the two pieces of metal are not touching! you don't have that in this because it seems to me you have to touch the two pieces of metal in order for it to happen which means every touch a person in a fight defend yourself as you defending yourself it might not work to get the electro voltage and amperage to their body if you don't have the ark!

  12. Your Iron Man glove as what I like to call it, is awesome but I would like to add one thing, the electronics and battery pack is too close to your wrist which inhibits full motion of your wrist and moving your hand up and down especially if you're actually in a fight, just re- adjust it by a quarter inch or half a inch and also have more than one strap on it cuz if you're in a fight shit would happen

  13. You're saying is non-lethal, ! But if you grab someone's neck with it or put it against the chest where the heart is I think it has a big chance of being legal depending on the person! I like this though it makes a very good personal protection device this is for if someone comes up to you and tries to start shit with you , or you have a big gang walking up to you on the street, specially if they're twice your size and that has happened to me!

  14. That is badass! I saw a part of the Netflix series " Dark matter" where she has some badass taser glove and put someone out, I've been looking for stun gloves I guess they do not sell it on the market it might be against the law to sell but I took two years electric wiring and I took two years Electronics so I'm going to make my own but yours are awesome! Just to let you know I'm going to make mine better though, Lol

  15. Amazing!!!! But How gonna Make one?!

  16. David White says:

    Don't know if you've upgraded yet, but did you consider putting the taser into a guantlet or bracer? That way you wouldn't have to keep adjusting it on the underside of your arm.

  17. taser from camerajust started filming and needing your support

  18. hey man!! this is super awesome.. i would like to have your contact… super awesome… i would want to make this too!!

  19. Please add a how-to-make!

  20. am i an awful person for wanting a demonstration on a live target?

  21. are gloves like this legal?

  22. How did you not get shock? How thin was the insulation between the probes and your finger?

  23. Cognizance says:

    Can you please make a tutorial on this

  24. Mysstal says:

    These are so cool to make but it’s not like you’re ever gonna use it

  25. Gary Epps says:

    do you have the schematic for anyone to make one or do you sell this product

  26. Tim Brody says:

    It's still a weapon…

  27. Kakeru kun says:

    The sound of the electric, rapes my ear so hard.

  28. Brad Horner says:

    Neoprene (?) and industrial strength velcro attachment to make battery completely stable and without ways to get caught on anything. As cool as this is, if the metal prongs were sharp I could imagine it being much more damaging but i can't imagine how that could work.

  29. hue57 says:

    do how to make SAP gloves

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