Watchs SALE All about watches Horizon Air hijacking: ‘pilot’ performs stunts before crashing

Horizon Air hijacking: ‘pilot’ performs stunts before crashing

Alaska Airlines has confirmed there was an ‘unauthorised take-off’ of a plane at Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington State. Officials said the jet has since crashed after it was followed by F-15 fighter jets

A “SUICIDAL” airline mechanic stole an empty Horizon Air plane from Sea-Tac International Airport and was chased by military jets before crashing into a small island.

The crash occurred because the 29-year-old man was “doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said.

Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, said on Twitter the man was suicidal and there was no connection to terrorism.

Video showed the Horizon Air Q400 doing large loops and other dangerous maneuvers as the sun set on the Puget Sound.

There were no passengers aboard.


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20 thoughts on “Horizon Air hijacking: ‘pilot’ performs stunts before crashing”

  1. The Deans says:

    This kid was playing way too much GTA

  2. Adolf Galand says:

    Super flying skills, he did an inverted role in a 400 which up to know was thought to be impossible.

  3. He actualy did a looping whit an plane that was probably impossible to do it. And R.i.p

  4. Chris Funky says:

    Funny ONLY THE SUN uses the phrase ‘Air Hijacking’ don’t they love to exaggerate

  5. Surferant666 says:

    Taking off is the easy part.
    Lining up to land and landing unhurt is the skill.

  6. Who left the keys in the ignition?

  7. bdd1469 says:

    Lol. The mocking bird media at its best. Thats one hell of a pilot for a mechanic…lol The plane did not crash. The recording is a joke at best… All REAL airline distress calls go to a secure frequency , but this one didn't… The explosion and "crash sight" are both way to small for that plane. If you look at the flight path , you will see a pefect Q, just like on the tail of the plane… The explosion was the fighter jet taking out the deep state missle silo that launched a " unautorized missle " at airforce 1 last month. The plane was nothing but a distraction. The Q on the plane and the Q on the flight path is just the QAnon team trolling the mocking bird media.. lol. Do some digging on the name of the guy who they claim killed himself, then research the name of the decomissioned navy ship he was flying over…They are one in the same…. QAnon is 100% real and Trump along with the Q team are masters at trolling the media…

  8. Why would he do that

  9. OMG i just whatched it in newz

  10. Navy XA says:

    Thats SO RAD!…. Legend!

  11. Brock Samson says:

    RIP. You will always be known for not hurting anyone. The act it self brings questions up that will not be a normal tone in the news but we all feel from time to time. Wounder if the airlines is laying people off to save money and now he does not have a 401k? Frontier CEO had no shame and layed off the whole Denver hub of over 1200 people. This could be totally different but I wounder?

  12. Can someone tell me what the fighter jets following him would be able to do?

  13. Mike Carr says:

    I don't know why everyone is shocked flying isn't hard to do its landing that's difficult. Hence why he is dead. Flying is easy . Landing is where you need skill.

  14. Fuzzy Was says:

    The guy had some talent for flying! with no experience he went out with a bang! literally.

  15. TANGO DOWN says:

    Yah well the whole video reeks of BS. Here we have another story that we are supposed to believe hook line and sucker. Doesn't anyone feel this doesn't add up ? His calm demeaner, his Top Gun flying skills learned by playing video games..?.uh huh and his supposed crash, not being shot down by the F-15. Could it be possible that the plane was remotely operated ? And the guy was already dead on that plane ? People need to think outside of the box. NICE GUY GOES ROGUE ? Doesn't add up..just saying

  16. Chris Mate says:

    Was he shot down-?

  17. What a badass way to go out. He had a fun time and he also exposed just how incompetent the security at our airports are.

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