Watchs SALE All about watches Hot Toys DeadPool – Wrist Repair Guide – Watch Before Buying

Hot Toys DeadPool – Wrist Repair Guide – Watch Before Buying

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Recently there have been videos and pictures popping up of damaged hot toys DeadPool wrists all over the internet. In this video, I will give you a guide how to prevent any damage from happening to your new DeadPool figure.

Check out more details about how to fix your DeadPool figure here:

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33 thoughts on “Hot Toys DeadPool – Wrist Repair Guide – Watch Before Buying”

  1. Seth Darque says:

    Yelp!…. I do believe DeadPool….aka…Ryan Reynolds would definitely say, "LUBE ME UP BRO!….I'm yours with.easy action!….."Just remember to bring your SEXY lady to the party!"….Peace out bro!

  2. Hi, I’m getting the HOMECOMING SPIDER-MAN figure and I was wandering if that lube would work for the back of the knees? There have been some reports that they fabric/pleather damages easily when you bend the knees
    It’s my first HT with pleather suit and I’m really worried, would you recommend using it for that?

  3. UncleDave330 says:

    All leather products, synthetic, or real, must be condition or you risk your item ,"DRY ROTTING". Especially those who have display cases with bright lights. My advise is to condition your item before you interact with it. A great product, "ARMOR ALL LEATHER WIPES". Simple and easy to use ! GOOD LUCK……….

  4. ctrda23 says:

    How is the wrist holding up? I just did mine and I also put it all around the suit to protect it.

  5. fak this!i just bought the neca with awesome accessories

  6. Hello boys and girls, don't forget to get yourself a bottle of lube before buying the Deadpool figure. The Deadpool figure and lube sold separately.

  7. LRL 1288 says:

    Would Modpodge sealer work too?

  8. Nick Shapiro says:

    would tape work some kind

  9. My wrist cuff was lose from the start. Do you have a suggest for gluing it back?

  10. Jose Arteaga says:

    Any leather conditioner will work?

  11. DarkAllenX says:

    Would mink oil work?

  12. DarkAllenX says:

    Hey Jon, how is the leather lube holding up?

  13. 영상 잘 봤습니다. 근데 왜 핫토이에서 하자를 양산하는데 소비자들이 그 해결책을 찾아 나서야 하는건지…

    참 아이러니 하군요…몽거 갈라짐, 셀리나 카일 고글 부러짐, 아이언맨 팬티 변색, 데드풀 손목 저렇게 되고..

    저도 핫토이 수집하지만 이런 하자품을 돈주고 산다는게 참…

  14. Bonnzi Dude says:

    i've been looking everywhere and I still cant find where to buy this so can someone tell me where I can get this

  15. I'd like to think Deadpool would approve of this lube lol XD I'm definitely getting him, he and Thanos are both on my wishlist 😀

  16. Cap Wurst says:

    Is it possible to use other leather gel? This stuff isn't really available in my country so I'd have to get something similar. :/ What do I have to look for? It's simply leather gel you'd use on shoes, right? It has to be transparent and for real leather and synthetic leather. Anything else?

  17. 遊戲狂派 says:

    Nice review, man. Thanks for the sharing. I just have a quick question.
    You didn't wait until the lube dried before putting the hands on. I see it wouldn't be a problem if you use the lube for changing hands and stuff, but what if I wanna leave my figure on the self. Do i have to wait till the lube dried before putting the hands on? If I apply it inside the hands and wrists wet, will it eventually damage the figure (because i put the hands back on the wrist when the lube's still wet). I hope you can understand my question. Thanks

  18. Ryan Reed says:

    I was just thinking, wouldn't Vaseline do the same? or will Vaseline cause issues with the fabric?

  19. bunny 47 says:

    good vid. mine has been delayed, so presume hot toys are trying to fix. Either way leather lube will be applied at unboxing. cheers bud

  20. cb2k761 says:

    I recently emailed hot toys about the problem and this is what they replied back with "Kathryn Ryan (Sideshow)
    Sep 12, 4:18 PM PDT

    Hello Christopher,

    Thanks for contacting Sideshow Support, we’re here to help! Unfortunately, we do not have details as to what problems are and are not being worked out specifically by Hot Toys' production team at this time. I know that there have been rumblings regarding this wrist issue and the figure was just recently delayed so we are hoping that any issues complained of are being addressed.

  21. Equos says:

    these figures should not require so much work on them. I'll wait for another wave, there will be a definitely another one.

  22. batsugun2021 says:

    My figure from sideshow got delayed so maybe hot toys is trying to fix.

  23. Lube, teeth, pegs, q tips, open, wrist action, and pleather… Sound like my German Sundays!

  24. jgtdragon says:

    Are you the spokesman for Leather Lube? haha

  25. Great solution! Gunna to get some and lube up : )

  26. LAMBY says:

    Topman thanks for the heads up video cheers matey appreciate it

  27. Sam Nacino says:

    Im gonna try ky jelly, got alot of those at work

  28. Thanks I'll have to try this

  29. kijimi says:

    Awesome!  I am ordering this before I even get my figure!

  30. great tip bro i was planning to use transparent tape for it but this is better. thanks and subbed too

  31. uxuq123 says:

    Awesome video man, i was worried about buying the figure but now after seeing how easy of a fix this is I'm definitely buying. Thx & Subbed.

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