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How a Top Fuel Dragster Works

On this episode of How’d They Do That, we take a look at how a top fuel dragster makes all its power and barrels down the 1,000-ft race track.

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31 thoughts on “How a Top Fuel Dragster Works”

  1. In5aNeGuY says:

    when she says she's home alone

  2. Peterfixit says:

    so rockets use nitro methane ? i though most use liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen?

  3. Z W says:

    I don’t see it shifts gears. Only one gear to the top speed?

  4. Sherley won her 1st nhra intro  here this track is made to run.

  5. race way park was the best bring it back

  6. Has anyone took one of these motors and just put twin turbos on it same car same motor no supercharger but twin turbos

  7. So many engine components destroyed after just one run. Sounds like a typical modern car.

  8. No wonder your shit fail! Dude building the supercharger just drops the torque wrench on the table like a used condom!

    F**king idiot!

  9. not a mini earthquake, it is a giant vibrator, for 7 foot clitori

  10. Yay it go straight really fast

  11. petrol devo says:

    It always amazes me. But it's interesting how nitro methane makes it's own oxygen as it burns increasing horsepower.

  12. C Martin says:

    Older vid but ya gotta see one of these brutal machines at least once in your lifetime Amazing Power…#addicted 🙂

  13. Sambo Hambo says:

    Who the fuck still uses feet and miles?

  14. Silent Jay says:

    Iv never understood how they make profit. When they do a engine and tray swap after every run almost. And the fan base seems small

  15. Doug Webb says:

    Exessivness has all but ruined the sport. A lot of the older established driver's share My point of view. Don Garlets is very vocal about it. Unfortunately, very few top fuel teams exist because of cost. Fewer teams mean less spectator attendance, sad death to a once great sport!

  16. DedSec says:

    4:04 lol that HTML in the lower left corner xD hacky stuff

  17. There is a lot of distortion on the in-car runs shown. Are the magnetics recording those images distorting the imagees that far, that often? Whew

  18. Taylor Black says:

    Lol, what's with the random HTML script during the interludes?

  19. im surprised his face isn't on the back of his head

  20. Soooo…a new engine for every run…..sounds fun…id rather buy a ferrari

  21. Aaron Ye says:

    Never understand why dragster would exist but holy crap it’s fast.

  22. Tyler Reis says:

    It's actually angular momentum not centrifugal force. That doesn't exist

  23. D Allen says:

    On a related note I wonder if there are any health risks/side effects from breathing in the fumes when their on the track?

  24. Will Burke says:

    8,000 HP, HAHAHA. CUTE. TRY 11,000 HP

  25. Naluskay says:

    This is an expensive hobby

  26. Sally Hillal says:

    It is like the best sex ever but it lasts longer !

  27. But why? Why would you watch a motorsport where you literally watch cars try and go as fast as possible in a straight line? What skill is involved here others than the engineers? Looks so dull to me

  28. proton says:


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