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How to Ace an Interview: 5 Tips from a Harvard Career Advisor

Learn how to prepare for your next interview with these 5 tips from career services advisor Linda Spencer.

Spencer discusses the following strategies in-depth so you can feel more confident throughout the interview process:

1. Do your research.
2. Practice your responses.
3. Make a good first impression.
4. Prepare for different types of interviews.
5. Determine next steps and follow through on them.

Linda Spencer is the assistant director of the Office of Career Services at Harvard.

Visit for more Career Services resources available to Harvard Extension School students.

48 thoughts on “How to Ace an Interview: 5 Tips from a Harvard Career Advisor”

  1. Noah Homyak says:

    1. Do your research about
    the position (what does it do?)
    the company (history, current news, advancements)
    the industry (competitors)

    2. ez job

    this is a bit of an understatement, i know, i'm just joking. good luck to everyone watching this video tho!

  2. Joe Smoe says:

    Bull shit, they know who they want half the time already.

  3. BesteKanaal1 says:

    thank you for that last tip it's really useful!

  4. Friend of mine sent this to me because I just sent my resume to a Vet Clinic to become a Vet Tech!

  5. This is a very powerful and truthful way to have an interview go in your favor. I could not have stated it any better or professionally. However, one of the major aspects of the Career Advisor's tips, is trying to make yourself comfortable with the interview, which would contain being yourself, and this helps by collecting the research data she advised (most companies do not mind if you have little notes with you for reference / i.e., 3×5 cards or a neatly typed sheets, in a little business folder, etc.). In other words, you will be ready to answer questions knowledgeably or a bit more informed, resulting in more of a smooth transitioning through the interview, and be in a better state of comfort on your part, that would minimize the stress level or nervous feeling/appearance (simply because you psychologically have a feeling of being better prepared, which makes a huge difference). Good Luck, You Got This!!

  6. Tully .Cripe says:

    She could have at least given some case interview examples. I just feel like she didn't interpret or explain enough examples in certain areas.

  7. As soon as she said 'behavioral' I died a little…those are the worst.

  8. Kellie D says:

    Good tips! There are some more interview tips here that people might find helpful:

  9. This is an excellent video for anyone preparing for a job interview. Worth watching several times and making a checklist too. More than 5 tips!

  10. I’m watching this for a lifeguard interview. It’s my first job, anyone have any tips?

  11. suki love says:

    I’m intimidated by this woman, and she’s not even interviewing me!! She’s so intelligent 🤓

  12. There is a great deal of valuable insight in this video. I hope you could offer advice on an individual who is entering the work force after a long unemployment +-5 years.

  13. Edward Watt says:

    Watched this for a contract IT role at Ascension Healthcare. First IT role since military retirement and college graduation.

  14. Definitely gonna ace the interview for a position as a dishwasher

  15. John Doe says:

    what should you do when you're smarter than the person interviewing you and they wont give you the position out of fear that you will take their job?

  16. kendia1972 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  17. KARL SUELLO says:

    I got hired as a customer.

  18. John Smith says:

    usually they've decided who gets the jopb before the interview.
    That way they keep pillocks like her in jobs.
    Not so true for more snr positions, but definitely so for grad trainees and all that BS.

  19. Dislexual says:

    lol. I'm watching this for an interview I have with homelessness. Wish me luck!

  20. Right off the bat this is bullshit. Her words are:

    "You want to know how you can meet the employers needs, how you can add value, and what you bring to the table"

    Isn't that three different ways of saying the exact same thing? No wonder women go into this career coaching bullshit!

  21. JoseJalapeno says:

    Did the lip slurping and editorial cutaways discourage anyone else?

  22. damn this bitch sucks

  23. Casey5693 says:

    Man, I can't remember all of this. No wonder I've been underemployed/unemployed since I graduated college a year ago.

  24. Kendy B says:

    Preparing for a phone interview with Southwest airlines

  25. Momin Nz says:

    This is all utter rubbish. 1. have a good eye contact. 2. Good hand shake and 3. know what you are taking.

  26. more7337 says:

    Great in-depth article. One additional item I would add is to pick an ideal location.

    Make sure you set up in a place where you can comfortably talk.

    Coffee shops are only acceptable if the place is empty – the background noise level of your average Starbucks is too high for comfortable conversation. If you’re taking the interview from your current workplace, don’t take it at your desk. And never take a video interview from inside your car.

    The ideal location is a room in your home, in a library, or in a private conference room. Pick a location that is quiet, private, and well-lit.

    Pay attention to what is behind you! Hide anything you don’t want the interviewer to see – pets, children, laundry, or clutter. If you don’t have any better alternatives, swivel the camera around to show the wall behind you as a neutral background.

    You can find other tips here:

  27. Josiah says:

    Watching this for an interview at H-E-B 🤞🙏

  28. Mas Mac says:

    I would also recommend taking a lot of mock interviews in order to get yourself comfortable with a couple people interviewing even if he don't know about the job star BS in your way through it just so that you can get comfortable with talking to from one person till like fried people because 5 people might be in a interview panel interviewing you and you want to make sure that your confidence level is stared and you're not nervous because of the amount of people

  29. M S says:

    I got a full time job at American Museum of Natural History in NYC as a Tour Guide, Thank you so much for your advices!

  30. M S says:

    You were on Survivor

  31. 240 people don't know how to say thank you.

  32. Logan Lebleu says:

    haha fortnite pizza

  33. Howard B says:

    i did not pass my interview, thats why i came here. to learn, move forward and succeed

  34. Andrew Lee says:

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  36. I’m watching this for Delta Airlines… wish me luck

  37. workhaveart says:

    We would like to correct the captions for this video in order to use it in a college course. Please turn on Community Contributions in your settings so that we can add the captions. If you don't want to do that, please give us permission to caption the video and use a service such as that uses the YouTube embed code to embed the video and adds an overlay to add captions.

  38. TruckerJulio says:

    I’ll use these tips for my interview at McDonald’s.

  39. i have a job interview at publix in 3 days im so nervous lol but i feel confident

  40. Jane Kemner says:

    Will be interviewing for a school district.

  41. Dali says:

    Watching this to apply at Hollister in the summer lol I need months of practice.. by the way does anyone know if Hollister will accept 16yr olds?

  42. watching this for my interview at my dream college! Wish me luck !

  43. This is very helpful. Thank you.

  44. Dress for success even if a Skype interview.

  45. Watching this for a call center job paying 13$ an hour. Someone comment so I can tell you guys if I get the job or not. I’m going tomorrow!

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