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How to Blend Car Paint (Spot Repair)

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This is a spot repair (blow in) on the front of a dodge bumper. This is a metallic blue being blended and partially cleared. The tape on the edges is known in the auto body repair trade as a back mask where the clear is blended on the roll of an edge. This is in no way a top quality repair, it is an economical repair suited best for used car lots and lease return vehicle. I must say they do still hold up pretty well when done properly. The bumper was polished with a coarse compound for the blender to adhere while the rest of the area that was cleared got sanded with 3000 grit paper, except the primer was 600.

This was a scratch originally that was feathered out and primed. For more information check out our website at

37 thoughts on “How to Blend Car Paint (Spot Repair)”

  1. Alex Deutsch says:

    better if u pait the entire bumper.

  2. Tarik Kadic says:

    what am I doing wrong if every time when sanding and buffing I end up with two islands between old and new clearcoat.. was thinking maybe Its not cured or something..

  3. Pedigree jajjajajajajjajja

  4. Taran Navy says:

    Damn that boy tunde trim that bumper at all these aren't I the bumper and take off the different trim pieces

  5. Whiskey Fire says:

    The only thing missing from this video was a purple harbor freight spray gun. Love the dog food bag though.

  6. Everyone who is commenting here because they feel their expertise exceeds the author of this channel should, well, start your own and produce your own videos and see if your viewing audience grows to nearly 90K subscribers, with a half million views on this video. Hijacking another to do nothing but throw rocks is not helpful.

    If you are inclined to pull and repaint this bumper, there are a few things to consider. First, the chance of the rear fender and trunk matching the bumper in color and texture is not very high. And yes, because the bumper is plastic and the fender/trunk are not, there really never can be a perfect match. But try getting the customer to buy this fact, and complain and insist the job be redone even though the color match is better than it was out of the factory. Now you end up blending into the fender and trunk.

    Second, this bumper will need to be repainted in under 5 years either way if you want the car to look new, or even above average always. So spot repairing between full repaints is appropriate.

    Giving the customer options is good business practice. I don't doubt that the customer was given options, and that the pros/cons of each were explained, and the customer arrived at an informed decision.

  7. Shane Hedley says:

    What's with all the thumbs down bullshit. Looks good from where I sit. You guys must have better computers or some fucking thing. Good job bud!

  8. 04av6 says:

    What blend is that called in the can? Can I buy it to use on my car ??

  9. Ric Anderson says:

    Hi mate, I have a repair to do on my own car & I need someone to explain the steps that are necessary for my repair, I have fractured paint & I need to spot repair but I’ve never done it before & im looking to learn
    I understand you probably won’t care to much about this, but if you are looking to help I’ll show you some photos for feed back

  10. rngriff1 says:

    Good video, what was the blender product you used? Is it simply a can of clearcoat sprayed on to cover the rest of the bumper?

  11. MM says:

    Nice job- people dont want to pay too much for this job it`s just a car……

  12. johnpuccia says:

    did you sand well beyond the repair area?  with what grit?

  13. Looks good! Especially after the clear coat and hitting it with the light to check. I made the mistake to wetsand metalic paint and now I gotta do another sand down and blend. I'm probably going to follow this via spraycan, clear coat and follow up with wetsand + polish. Short and sweet

  14. Dylan Odom says:

    The rattle can at the end was blender yes?

  15. James Parker says:

    Agree with mhunkler. Great demo of how to do a quick paint job for cheap.

  16. Pedigree wrapping tho 😆

  17. People have no idea how many cars are on the road that have had spot blends, or other paint work done in a parking lot. I know because that's what I do for a living and nobody except for other painters can tell what I've done. My only criticism was there didn't seem to be a reason for dumping that much color on and you probably have a hard edge because of it.

  18. Lit up says:

    Am I missing something or did he just lay base and clear over an almost entirely un prepped surface other than the actual repair area. It looks good .. I may have to experiment on my next beater to test longetivity. I've always done edge to edge w my clear on spot repairs or burn ins on body lines only. And for those asking, its just clearcoat blender in the can. Hot solvents. Same as a fast reducer really expect the blenders smell sweet like fruit for whatever reason.

  19. before you clearcoated, u said you used 1500, now do you spray clearcoat over the scratches made my the 1500.. or do you buff that prior to spray of clearcoat?


  20. Blair Wise says:

    what was the last product you sprayed out of the can?

  21. Nice gloss – no protective gear then?

  22. thats not smart repair!!!!!….mug!!!!!!!

  23. silverbird58 says:

    I'd been wanting the Fern valley rd ford plant To computer spray my sixty bird . They won't do it
    If they did It would make news

  24. scarface says:

    bullshit to the max

  25. jo sa says:


  26. Mark Marvell says:

    I do spraying in a bodyshop and the panel beaters take the panels off but if it's a cheap car and a cheaper job we do axactly this but with blender out of spray gun n turns out shit hot, so stop winging ✌

  27. hunkydude322 says:

    chit, if the car dealer can get away wiht leaving the bumper attached they'll do it. im sure this guy can out paint any high end dealer painters. and  llike Clint Eastwood said, opinions are like azrso's  everyone  has one.

  28. kino mace says:

    What would be the cost of a fix like this one?

  29. Matt says:

    Their is going to be a lot of over spray. Hope they had fun buffing it.

  30. Super Cars says:

    you have your " way better spot repair video " set to private my friend 🙁

  31. omg I had a free bag of dog food in my car this whole time?!?!?

  32. hammed510 says:

    how long do you need to wait before putting another coat when you blend the color together? im awking cause im going to do the samething basically. in need of your help please and thank you.

  33. _Suburban_ says:

    +Refinish Network Newer, better video linked is private.

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