Watchs SALE All about watches How to buy or sell watches without getting ripped off – Part 1

How to buy or sell watches without getting ripped off – Part 1

In this first part of a series Tim explains how to buy watches on the used market without getting ripped off, without paying over the market price. Topics are security, certainty, Paypal, prices, research and more.
Also useful for buying other valuable items.

Good addition to this video: How much is my watch worth? How to figure out market prices

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12 thoughts on “How to buy or sell watches without getting ripped off – Part 1”

  1. very good info, thanks for sharing

  2. A reputable watchmaker is essential because unnecessary repairs or other forms of chicanery can take place after you purchase the watch. Watches are sometimes Frankensteins that are worth little but look like a bargain. Good information, thanks Tim.

  3. Daveyboyz says:

    Rarity means nothing without demand. What you want is a supply lower than the demand or something may be rare yet worth little. On the other hand you have some very common watches like a Rolex which has a high demand and yet it has good value.

  4. J SHANGHAI says:

    Not long discovered this channel and working my way back through the videos. Tim you have frightening insight into the conspirators mind. Great vids

  5. Chris Binks says:

    When dealing with a stranger why not exchange personal attributes from your YOTI #getyoti

  6. Helldorado says:

    I cannot imagine any potential buyer or seller sending a stranger a copy of their passport or drivers license. I surely would not.

  7. DG B says:

    Interesting points Tim, I never buy from EBay expensive watches, I need to see, touch and feel it, before I buy.
    This logic will probably make me miss some opportunities but it want no problem.
    Unless I agree with the buyer for a pickup to see the watch. Thanks for sharing.

  8. subie_frank says:

    Great video. I had no idea about the “eBay buddy” thing.. good to know 👍

  9. Dawn Keebolz says:

    bottom line skip fleabay and buy from chrono24 when you get buys protection from chrono24

  10. Great video quality and great content! Keep it up! Would be nice if you did a wrist check in the beginning of the video just showing what watch you're wearing 🙂

  11. Thanks for the great content! Good points.

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