Watchs SALE All about watches How to Close a Sale – 5 Reasons Clients Don't Buy – M.T. N.U.T.

How to Close a Sale – 5 Reasons Clients Don't Buy – M.T. N.U.T.

How to Close a Sale – Close a Sale by Understanding 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy. Sales motivation speaker and sales trainer Victor Antonio gives you a simple sales model to understand why clients won’t buy your product or service.

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How to close a sale depends on your ability to overcome the sales objections of: No Money, No Time, No Need, No Urgency or No Trust.

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48 thoughts on “How to Close a Sale – 5 Reasons Clients Don't Buy – M.T. N.U.T.”

  1. This man can sell Meat to vegan people

  2. My personal opinion is that the decision is actually mad very early in the relationship. It could be subconscious, but the decision is made very early. If done right, the close should be a very natural process.

  3. Felix Stäb says:

    I have one asking – what exactly is the difference between time and urgency? Is it not kind of same, as when they don't have the time, they don't feel the urgency??

  4. Vikas Verma says:

    thank you Viktor. Great work there.

  5. Arun Deep says:

    Really very helpful..

  6. Abhishek H says:

    Nice one, I read sales theoretical in 3 months but this video explain in 5 minutes

  7. Simon White says:

    A great video, thanks for sharing. I would also add that Confusion. A confused mind won't make a decision. It's often the case that sales people use too much technical jargon or aren't able to articulate their proposition well enough, resulting in a confused prospect.

  8. sir….. how to create a trust?

  9. Ashen Gamge says:

    The Way you teach is so lovely and inspiring keep on great work sir

  10. FlatTimes says:

    Andre Agassi is awesome Sales Coach now

  11. Hi Sir! I need your help I'm a telemarketer we are calling from a pharmacy and we have to sell pain cream or metformin a tablet to diabetic patients what's the best way to grab a customer???? And we have to know first that customer is suffering from pain sometimes bkz only in that case he will b interested how to get yes on it???? Note we are just sending prescription to their doctor first! Plz guide me plzzz I will be thankful to you sir

  12. Got to put this one as a Screensaver on my computer. Add "No authority" ? (got to identify the person actually has authority to buy)

  13. hi sir i want ask if this strategy in you Chanel stil work in 2018
    in e commrce? if yes i want wath all yur videos

  14. Davvi E says:

    This guy deserves more followers, more views more everything. Amazing videos and pieces of advice. Whoever put a thumbs down needs to be prosecuted.

  15. ImaxQ says:

    I will use your idea, thanks for share with us

  16. This is gold. Than you

  17. ahsan khan says:

    5 star for this awesome knowledge

  18. Great Guide, Of Course!

  19. Alexandr says:

    In other words you teach how to cheat people in order them to buy.
    To push them to buy crap,drain their pockets. You are big piece
    of scam.

  20. The Trader says:


  21. S Pol says:

    you mtnut idea is cool i need money and a job

  22. KeepOnRecord says:

    why am I being recommended this video? the thumbnail keeps showing up.

  23. Why customers don't buy form us…Money is the number one reason, trust is the number 2 reason…Everything else is just an excuse!!!
    (1) No Money
    (2) No Time
    (3) No Hurry
    (4) No Need
    (5) No Trust
    Customer say, "Let me think about it"…. we say, " Other than money, if we can work out the money, would like like for us to go ahead and get it ordered so we can get it installed TODAY?"

  24. Salwan Toma says:

    Trigger event is the key 🔑 make honest urgency with education the clients

  25. 3rd Hub says:

    it should be ordered as M.U.T.N.T , like in x-men movies , more memorable 😛

  26. wa ja says:

    Id love to see a video with example of this

  27. Auxemplary says:

    This is a very valuable meta-analysis on sale that definitely improves anyone's technique. This is very much based on timing of delivery. You need to create that trust immediately as you are approached. The Urgency is created the minute you express the price/promo. "This weekend/ Today we have this great offer…" The Need AND Time is translated the moment interest is expressed towards your product. Money… Money is the basics.

  28. Hi, So how about if, let say the problem of the buyer is the design, example incase of accessories or watches, as a customer I do not like that design and may be I want to have a look into another design and this may not be available in the current shop, in this scenario what can the sales team or associate do, in-order to not to lose the sale or business.
    Appreciate your feedback on the same.

  29. You said that sometimes, prospects don't know that they need something and that you need to make them see they need that or that. Yet, do you think that people buy because they need something or because they want something? I have seen a video in which the speaker says that people buy what they want, not what they need

  30. PIRTEKM3 says:

    One of my biggest problems. Closing.

  31. .41 sec "bladradawadle" lol

  32. Nice video. The most important thing a sales person should address is the NO TRUST issue first. NO Money is not really a reason, it’s more of a condition. If they trust you, they will listen to you. It opens up the door for you to create the need and make that sense of urgency. So it’s Trust, Need, Help, Hurry. Money will always be last 😊

  33. Very good 🙂 All I needed for my business !!! Thank you 🙂

  34. Very interesting video

  35. AkmaTravels says:

    you gota be special to be in sales, i know it by my own experience:)

  36. I am one of your biggest fan 100% I love The gems you teach you are AMAZING MENTOR!!!! I will absolutely follow your tips in growing my business and I have a good Feeling Victor Antonio, I'll be one of Your Successful student CRUSHING IT!!!

  37. Awesome representation Fascinating information

    Thanks Victor !!

  38. Li Wen Tee says:

    Best Sales Video ever see 😀

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